Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 2, No. 128. Wednesday, 8 May 1991.
	[I was flattered by the recent cross-posting of my review of
	Peter Blayney's *The First Folio of Shakespeare* from SHAKSPER
	to FICINO, and still more pleased that the cross-posting
	brought a few new SHAKSPEReans among us.
	The following response was generated on FICINO, and it seems
	appropriate to redistribute it here.
	I repeat my invitation to others to describe, however formally
	or informally they wish, their own recent reading in and
	around Shakespeare...  -- k.s.]
FROM: Ficino, 6 May 1991: Blayney on booksellers
Date: 		Sun, 5 May 91 16:01 -0300
From: 		Daniel Woolf <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject: 	Re: Ficino: review
	Those interested in Peter Blayney's work might be
interested in the tour de force paper he give at the recent
Shakespeare Association of America meetings in Vancouver last
March.  Using an impressive array of colour coded maps, he
presented his case for knowing exactly where in Paul's churchyard
all of the late 16th early 17th c. booksellers were, and the
dimensions of their shops, using information about them
from reconstruction plans after the Great Fire.  This is to
appear in print in the not too distant future.
					Daniel Woolf

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