Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 2, No. 168. Monday, 17 Jun 1991.
Date: 		Sun, 16 Jun 1991 23:55:00 -0400
From: 		Judy Boss <ENG003@UNOMA1>
Subject:  	News of Nebraska Shakespeare Festival
I've excerpted the following article from the Entertainment section of
the Sunday edition of the *Omaha World Herald* for those who may find it
of interest.
					Judy Boss
					University of Nebraska at Omaha
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From the *Omaha World Herald*, 16 June 1991, by Jim Delmont
     For the fifth year, the stylish, dramatic language of Elizabethan
England will ring out in the night air at Omaha's Elmwood Park as the
actors of Shakespeare on the Green strut and fret their hours onstage.
     The Shakespeare plays in the park--officially known as the Nebraska
Shakespeare Festival--are an annual attraction and this year's offerings,
as in the past, contrast a tragedy with lighter fare.
     The whimsical comedy, "As You Like It," with its fairy-tale air,
sylvan location, mystery and magic, opens Thursday night.  The dark,
psychological tale of deceit and murder, "Othello," opens a week later,
June 27.
     New York actor Casey Kizziah . . . returns for his fourth year,
this time as director of "Othello" and as Jacques in "As You Like It."
     He is delighted to be back.
     "For an actor to be able to play these roles is a continuing
treat.  It is quite a thrill to stand in front of 2,000 people, in a
Shakespearean play, and they are LISTENING," he said.  "We really get
the kind of public Shakespeare himself might have had at the Globe
Theater--all different kinds of people, some of them picnicking.
Children and dogs about."  . . .
     "We do it [*Othello*] straightforward," Kizziah said.  "In my
view, 'Othello' doesn't stand too much examination.  Iago represents
our darker side and when we succumb to this darker side, the world
becomes a worse place, the universe is askew.
     "We have a traditional set by Steve Wheeldon, a Italianate version
of the Elizabethan period, with pillared arches, a grand staircase and
costumes that are traditional, but in vibrant colors."
     The artistic directors of Shakespeare on the Green are Ms. [Cindy]
Phaneuf and Alan Klem of the Creighton University department of fine
arts.  The administrative director is Michael Markey, also of Creighton's
department of fine arts.
     All three are proud of the success of Shakespeare on the Green.
     "We are really happy with the support we've had," said Ms. Phaneuf.
"Over 27,000 people attended in our second year (1988)--a figure it has
taken other outdoor Shakespeare groups 10 years to achieve.  But community
and corporate support have been a key to our success." . . .
      Performances are preceded by an hour-long Greenshow of Elizabethan
entertainment, including juggling, music, dancing, and acrobatics
beginning at 7:30 pm.

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