Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 2, No. 177. Tuesday, 25 Jun 1991.
Date: 		Mon, 24 Jun 91  11:40:41 ADT
From: 		This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject: 	Notice for SHAKSPER
You may be interested in passing on the information I recently received
concerning a forthcoming conference on "Aspects of Renaissance and Baroque
Symbol Theory (1500-1700)" to be held at the University of Tennessee at
Chattanooga in association with The Society for Emblem Studies.  This
"International Research Symposium" will be held 1-3 May 1992 and is being
organized by Peter M. Daly (McGill and U of Tennessee at Chattanooga) and
John Manning (Queen's University, Belfast).
The major part of the meetings will be centred on seminars devoted to
the following topics:
1. Terminology and Definitions (chaired by Bernhard F. Scholz, U of Utrecht)
2. Cultural Specificity (chaired by Karel Porteman, U of Leuven)
3. Seeing, Perceiving and Meaning (chaired by Daniel S. Russell, U of
4.  The authority of Signs (chaired by John Manning, Queen's U of Belfast)
The organizers state:  "Current literary theory has emphasised the importance
of signs and symbols for understanding cultural history, yet the origins of
the theories of sign and symbol have seldom been considered and surveyed
diachronically.  Images and symbols were, according to Renaissance philosophers
and theologians, unique to humankind.  Angels directly apprehended moral
entities; animals saw an object only as itself; but men and women alone
used objects as a means to know and understand abstract concepts.
RENAISSANCE AND BAROQUE SYMBOL THEORY 1500-1700 will discuss the foundations
of this essentially human activity."
In addition to the seminars, there will be some sessions given over to
twenty-minute papers.  Enquiries for more detail on the seminars, offers of
papers, etc. should be sent to either of the following:
	Peter M. Daly, 310 Holt, U of Tennessee at Chattanooga,
	615 McCallie Avenue, Chattanooga TN 37403
	John Manning, School of English, The Queen's University of Belfast,
	Belfast BT7 1NN, U.K.
Offers of papers should indicate whether the paper is intended as a twenty-
minute presentation or as a contribution to one of the seminars.  The deadline
for offers of papers is 1 October 1991.  The full text of seminar papers
(10 copies) should reach the organisers by 1 February 1992 so that it can be
distributed to other participants.

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