Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 2, No. 204. Sunday, 1 Sep 1991.
Date: 		Thu, 29 Aug 1991 13:12:00 -0400
From: 		Kevin Berland <BCJ@PSUVM>
Subject: 	Joachim Machado de Assis and Shakespeare
     A very long time ago, in a discussion of Shakespeare spin-offs,
I mentioned that _Dom Casmurro_ has been considered an _Othello_ spinoff.
Somebody (who shared my enthusiasm for the book) asked "In what way?"
     Alas, I never answered; this morning I found the note in my
files, so if this isn't too much of a dead issue, I'll explain.  Helen
Caldwell, who did the English translation, wrote a book on _Dom Casmurro_
in which she discusses the parallels between MdeA & S, parallels that
help the novelist work out the opposition between love incarnate (Capitu,
Desdemona) and deluded self-love (Santiago, Othello).  Santiago himself
says he's just like Othello; he is *not at all* like Othello -- this is
all part of his delusion -- and his friend Escobar is certainly not
Iago... Anyway, if you're still interested, dig up the Caldwell book.
Yours on the hopeful principle that this is better late than never,
					Kevin Berland

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