Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 2, No. 214. Thursday, 12 Sep 1991.
From: 		This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Ken Steele)
Subject: 	Tokyo Conference Retrospectives?
Date: 		Thu, 12 Sep 91 8:29:19 EDT
Dear Fellow SHAKSPEReans;
First of all, let me welcome 20 new members to SHAKSPER, and a number
of familiar faces who have recently returned from vacation.  September
usually brings a rush of membership applications, but this week has
come as a surprise even to me, and SHAKSPER now totals 188 at 150
nodes in 9 countries.  Recent queries have come from Germany,
Switzerland, and even Fiji!  To those of you familiar with HUMANIST, which
now has over 1000 participants, these numbers may not seem large --
but in its second year, even HUMANIST had a membership of similar size.
For some time now I've been meaning to thank John Cox for his
impressions of the 1991 World Shakespeare Congress in Tokyo (Aug 21),
but administration, memberships, and network complications have
prevented me.  I'm sorry to see that no-one else has picked up his
gauntlet, either, and would like to ask again, now that we're all
back, whether anyone else attended.  Travel to Japan is a little
outside the range of feasibility for my budget, but I have hope that
the 1996 Congress might be closer to North America...
In particular, I regret missing two seminars: John Astington's
"Actors, Stages, and Playhouses: Current Understanding of
Shakespeare's Theatre" (Monday 1:30), and Ann Thompson's "Plays into
Print: the Current State of Study, 1991" (Thursday 4:15).  If any
SHAKSPERean participated in or audited these sessions, I'd appreciate
personal or public correspondence, or even a list of participants and
their papers.  Even had I *been* in Tokyo, I would have been forced to
make a difficult choice between Gary Taylor's session on "Bardicide"
(including papers on "The Dubious Blessings of Literacy" and
"Computing Elizabethan Stage Directions") and Andrew Gurr's forum on
"Shakespeare's Globe Theatre" (both Friday at 2:00).  Did anyone sit
in on these sessions?
I am also curious about the Panasonic Globe Theatre -- could John Cox
or anyone else say anything more about it?  Until Sam Wanamaker's
project gets the funds to proceed, are there any other replica Globes
in more accessible locations?  I've grown so accustomed to seeing
Shakespeare on Tanya Moiseiwitsch's thrust stage at Stratford Ontario,
that I would relish the opportunity to see a play, even a mediocre
performance, on an open-air stage with tiered balconies.
Any Globe-trotters out there?
					Ken Steele
					University of Toronto

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