Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 2, No. 226. Wednesday, 18 Sep 1991.
From: 		Ken Steele <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject: 	Public Domain *Henry 8* on the SHAKSPER Fileserver
Date: 		Wed, 18 Sep 91 23:16:00 EDT
I am very pleased to announce that Tom Horton has generously submitted
his complete public domain text of the 1623 First Folio *Henry VIII*
for redistribution via the SHAKSPER Fileserver.
A short excerpt appears below; the complete text file is available as
<X Henry VIII -- by William Shakespeare and John Fletcher >
<X  This data file Copyright (C) 1990 Thomas B. Horton >
<X  IMPORTANT:  See License Agreement at end of file. >
<X Text from 1623 Shake. Folio (based on Norton Facsimile) >
<X Prepared by: >
<X   T. B. Horton (1982 Univ. of Tennessee, revised '87 Univ. of Edinburgh) >
<X Information marked in the text with "Cocoa references": >
<X    X -- surrounds initial comments and licence agreement at end >
<X    Z -- surrounds act/scene heading >
<X    D -- surrounds stage directions >
<X    L -- "Through-line-numbers" (see Norton Facsimile) >
<X    I -- act/scene id >
<X    V -- verse number from Foakes' Arden edition >
<X    Q -- speech heading from Folio text >
<X    S -- standardised speech headings from Arden edition >
<X    T -- text title id >
<X Font changes not marked. Some compound contractions (eg "in't", "to'th'") >
<X   expanded (eg "in 't", "to' th'"). Words hyphenated across lines joined, >
<X   with the character % indicating the hyphen in the original. (Not done   >
<X   for stage directions.)                                                  >
<T H8>
<L 2> I Come no more to make you laugh, Things now,
<L 3> That beare a Weighty, and a Serious Brow,
<L 4> Sad, high, and working, full of State and woe:
<L 5> Such Noble Scoenes, as draw the Eye to flow
<L 6> We now present.  Those that can Pitty, heere
<L 7> May (if they thinke it well) let fall a Teare,
<L 8> The Subject will deserve it.  Such as give
<L 9> Their Money out of hope they may beleeve,
<L 10> May heere finde Truth too.  Those that come to see
<L 11> Onely a show or two, and so agree
<L 12> The Play may passe:  If they be still, and willing,
<L 13> Ile undertake may see away their shilling
<L 14> Richly in two short houres.  Onely they
<L 15> That come to heare a Merry, Bawdy Play,
<L 16> A noyse of Targets:  Or to see a Fellow
<L 17> In a long Motley Coate, garded with Yellow,
<L 18> Will be deceyv'd. For gentle Hearers, know
<L 19> To ranke our chosen Truth with such a show
<L 20> As Foole, and Fight is, beside forfeyting
<L 21> Our owne Braines, and the Opinion that we bring
<L 22> To make that onely true, we now intend,
<L 23> Will leave us never an understanding Friend.
<L 24> Therefore, for Goodnesse sake, and as you are knowne
<L 25> The First and Happiest Hearers of the Towne,
<L 26> Be sad, as we would make ye.  Thinke ye see
<L 27> The very Persons of our Noble Story,
<L 28> As they were Living:  Thinke you see them Great,
<L 29> And follow'd with the generall throng, and sweat
<L 30> Of thousand Friends:  Then, in a moment, see
<L 31> How soone this Mightinesse, meets Misery:
<L 32> And if you can be merry then, Ile Say,
<L 33> A Man may weepe upon his Wedding day.
<I 1.1><L 34><Z Actus Primus.  Scoena Prima.>
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