Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 2, No. 235. Tuesday, 24 Sep 1991.
Date: 		Mon, 23 Sep 1991 09:54:00 -0400
From: 		Oxford Text Archive <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject:  	OTA Shakespeare texts: the offer
Ken Steele invites me to contradict or correct him, an invitation it
would surely be churlish to refuse, though there is nothing factually
wrong in his rather lengthy whinge about our current policies (except
the libel that the Howard-Hill texts were originally prepared on punch
cards: as every schoolboy once knew, the KDF9 used  paper-tape for its
input medium, and 0.75 inch magnetic tape for its output. But that's
another story).
Anyway, as I understand it, Ken has two chief objections:
(1) our texts cost too much money on floppy disk
(2) we impose restrictions on what people can do with them
Let me try briefly to deal with these, before passing on to what seems
to me a much more interesting question, namely
(3) how should the texts you SHAKESPEAReans create (if create them you
do) be encoded.
(1) It is entirely true that we don't do as much as we might for
pc-users, and it is entirely true that this is largely to suit our own
convenience. Guilty m'lud. There are various extenuating circumstances
for this which I won't bore you with. Spurred on by Ken and by a private
note for Tom Horton, I am delighted to announce a SPECIAL OFFER: we will
do you the complete folio *plus* 26 additional titles (all the early
quartos, plus the poetry) for a mere 45 pounds ($90) on diskette. See
further details at the end of this note.
(2) It is entirely true that we place restrictions on what you can do
with the texts you obtain from us. This is because the depositors of the
texts require us to do so, not because we want to spoil your fun.
Believe me, it is not easy prising material out of the jealous clutches
of its originators -- and the scholarly community is just as difficult
in this respect as the publishers by the way. Not everyone is as
altruistic or careless of their intellectual property (depending on your
point of view) as you might like them to be. Our conditions of use
document is an attempt to strike a balance which will maximise the
number of texts available to the scholarly community. It was drawn up a
long time ago, and maybe needs revision in the light of changes in
social attitudes and legislation, but for the moment it's all we have.
When you buy a book from a bookshop next, take a look at the reverse
of the flyleaf. Chances are that you will find that that purchase is subject
to some pretty strange restrictions too.
Some people, it is true, *do* want us to make their texts as widely
available as possible, but so far only one depositor has ever complained
that the terms of our user agreement were too restrictive. Maybe this
will change: it would be nice if it did. Some of the Shakespearean texts
(I am glad to say) *are* unencumbered, in the sense that the depositor
has explicitly authorised us to distribute them with as few strings as
possible. In two cases I am the depositor, so I know this to be the
case! I would be very glad to make these texts at least available to
SHAKESPERians, as I have already said to Ken.
Some specific points:
1. Why does the folio count as one text and all the quartos as several?
Because the quarto texts are in differing formats and have been encoded
to different standards. They are not even all owned by the same people.
2. Has anyone ever been mad enough to buy the whole lot on floppy disks
at $900? No, of course not. But see further below...
3. The conditions on the order form are not `more restrictive' than the
summary  my earlier note. Just more verbose.
4. And finally, the offer you've been waiting for:
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
*   The complete OTA Shakesper. *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Authoritative texts of the First Folio and All Quartos.
Available on diskette for PC and Mac.
Special price:  45 pounds  ($90)  (3 diskettes)
Contains the complete folio text and 26 contemporaneous Shakespearian texts.
Text number 1482
Please sign and return the following order form with your payment
*  Hardcopy of this form must be returned, duly completed, to *
*              Oxford Text Archive                            *
*              13 Banbury Road                                *
*              Oxford OX2 6NN                                 *
*              UK                                             *
* NB The whole of this document must be returned IN HARDCOPY  *
*    All relevant parts of the form must be completed         *
*    Payment must accompany the order                         *
*    Forms returned electronically will be ignored            *
SECTION ONE: User Declaration
Please sign the following, in the place indicated:
     In consideration of The Oxford Archive agreeing to supply me
certain texts in machine-readable form together with supporting
documentation as listed in Part Two below, hereinafter called
'the texts', I hereby undertake:-
(1)  To use the texts for purposes of private scholarly research
     only and not for profit (this shall not preclude the
     publication in a scholarly context of analyses or
     interpretations derived from the texts).
(2)  To acknowledge in any work, published or unpublished, based
     in whole or in part on analyses made of the texts both the
     original depositors and the Archive.
(3)  Not to copy in whole or in part the text, except insofaras
     this may be necessary for security purposes or for my own
     personal use. Not to distribute the text to third parties,
     nor to publish or reproduce it in anyway. Copyright of all
     machine-readable texts issued by the Archive is reserved.
(4)  To give access to the text only to persons directly
     associated with me or working under my control and to
     require of such persons signed undertakings neither to use
     the text except in connexion with my academic purposes nor
     to give access to the text to others; these signed
     undertakings to be made available to the Archive on request.
(5)  Not to hold the Archive liable for any errors of
     transcription which may be found in the texts, but to notify
     the Archive of such errors wherever possible.
(6)  To pay such charges as the Archive may require from time to
     time to cover the cost of supplying the texts.
     SIGNATURE : [                                           ]
     DATE :  [                   ]
PART TWO: Texts Required
Please enter for each text the NUMBER and SHORT TITLE, as given
in the current Archive Shortlist
number  Short title
[1482     ][Complete OTA Shakespeare on disk                   ]
Post town                                         Post code
Country (if not UK)
Electronic mail address
-------------------Texts Required on Diskette------------------
  HD (1.2/1.4 Mb) only
  Please indicate which format required:
    MS/DOS            3.5"
    MS/DOS            5.25"
    Macintosh         3.5"
  DD disks are *not* available for this special price
     TOTAL SUM ENCLOSED  [ 45 ] (pounds)
--------------------For Text Archive Use Only-------------------
Order number [          ]
Received     [          ]          Despatched   [          ]
*  Hardcopy of this form must be returned, duly completed, to *
*              Oxford Text Archive                            *
*              13 Banbury Road                                *
*              Oxford OX2 6NN                                 *
*              UK                                             *
* NB The whole of this document must be returned IN HARDCOPY  *
*    All relevant parts of the form must be completed         *
*    Payment must accompany the order                         *
*    Forms returned electronically will be ignored            *
*                                                             *

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