Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 2, No. 236. Tuesday, 24 Sep 1991.
From: 		Ken Steele <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject: 	Sample Files on the SHAKSPER Fileserver
Date: 		Tue, 24 Sep 91 10:30:30 EDT
Dear Fellow SHAKSPEReans;
I am pleased to announce the creation of a new area on the SHAKSPER
Fileserver, containing over thirty files of information and samples from
the Oxford Text Archive.  Lou Burnard has kindly provided excerpts
from the Quarto files currently available from the Archive, so that
SHAKSPEReans can experiment with them and examine the tagging schemes
of each.  (The excerpts consist of the first 60 lines, middle 60
lines, and last 60 lines of each text, along with summary and tagging
information).  Those of you who have never played with parallel texts
might try looking at the alternate quartos of *Romeo and Juliet* or
*Hamlet* for a start -- it's too bad we don't have Folio texts to
compare as well.
The files are as follows:
* Oxford Text Archive Information and Sample Texts:
  OXFORD   ARCHIVE    The Current OTA Shortlist - Edited for SHAKSPEReans
  OXFORD   BROCHURE   Ordering Information
  SHAKSPER TEXTLIST   Lou Burnard's Recent list, including sources
  SPECIAL  OFFER      Lou Burnard's recent offer for $90
* Sample Quarto Comedies:
  LLLQ1    SAMPLE     Love's Labour's Lost Q1 - 1598
  MAANQ1   SAMPLE     Much Ado About Nothing Q1 - 1600
  MSNDQ1   SAMPLE     A Midsummer Night's Dream Q1 - 1600
  MVQ1     SAMPLE     The Merchant of Venice Q1 - 1600
  MWWQ1    SAMPLE     The Merry Wives of Windsor Q1 - 1602
* Sample Quarto Histories:
  CONTENTN SAMPLE     The First Part of the Contention (2H6) Q1 - 1594
  1H4Q1    SAMPLE     Henry IV Part 1 Q1 - 1598
  2H4Q1    SAMPLE     Henry IV Part 2 Q1 - 1600
  EDWARD3  SAMPLE     Edward III
  H5Q1     SAMPLE     Henry V Q1 - 1600
  HENRY5Q1 SAMPLE     Henry V Q1 - 1600 (Different Tagging)
  R2Q1     SAMPLE     Richard II Q1 - 1597
  R3Q1     SAMPLE     Richard III Q1 - 1597
  TRUETRAG SAMPLE     The True Tragedy of Richard Duke of York (3H6) - 1595
* Sample Quarto Tragedies:
  HAMLETQ1 SAMPLE     Hamlet Q1 - 1603
  HAMLETQ2 SAMPLE     Hamlet Q2 - 1604
  KLQ1     SAMPLE     King Lear Q1 - 1608
  OTHQ1    SAMPLE     Othello Q1 - 1622
  RJQ1     SAMPLE     Romeo and Juliet Q1 - 1597
  RJQ2     SAMPLE     Romeo and Juliet Q2 - 1598
  TCQ1     SAMPLE     Troilus and Cressida Q1 - 1609
  TITUSQ1  SAMPLE     Titus Andronicus Q1 - 1594
* Sample Poems & Romances:
  2NKQ1    SAMPLE     The Two Noble Kinsmen Q1 - 1634
  PERICLES SAMPLE     Pericles Q1 - 1609
  POEMS    SAMPLE     Shakespeare's Poems
  SONNETS  SAMPLE     Shakespeare's Sonnets
  PILGRIM  SAMPLE     The Passionate Pilgrim
Fileserver Procedures:
SHAKSPEReans can retrieve any complete text file from the SHAKSPER
Fileserver by issuing the interactive command, "TELL LISTSERV
AT UTORONTO GET filename filetype SHAKSPER".  If your network link does
not support the interactive "TELL" command, or if Listserv rejects
your request, then send a one-line mail message (without a subject
line) to LISTSERV@utoronto, reading "GET filename filetype SHAKSPER".
For a complete list of files available, send the command "GET
SHAKSPER FILES SHAKSPER" to obtain an annotated index.
For further information, consult the appropriate section of your
SHAKSPER GUIDE, or contact the editor, <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> or
<This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>.

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