Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 2, No. 315. Monday, 2 Dec 1991.
From:		Ken Steele <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject:	Project Gutenberg E-Texts
Date:		Monday 2 Dec 1991, 16:45:00
The November 30th "Project Gutenberg Newsletter", distributed on the
Internet via the newsgroup bit.listserv.gutnberg, and on Bitnet via
GUTNBERG@UIUCVMD, briefly summarizes the electronic texts released
into the public domain by the Project thus far, and those forthcoming.
I have found it difficult to find such a list elsewhere, so I will
summarize it here.  The complete Newsletter, including FTP information
and current news, is available as PROJECT GUTNBERG SHAKSPER on the
Fileserver. -- k.s.
 A Partial History of Project Gutenberg Releases
 (and from other related and unrelated sources)
***Previous Releases***
1971 The U.S. Declaration          (whenxxxx.xxx)
1972 The Bill of Rights            (rightsxx.xxx)
1973 The U.S. Constitution         (constxxx.xxx)
1965 Paradise Lost (Joseph Raben)* ( unreleased )
197x The Complete Shakespeare*     ( unreleased )
    *  ( Due to copyright considerations )
198x The Bible (various eds)       (biblexxx.xxx)
198x Early Alice in Wonderland     (alicexxx.xxx)
198x Early Looking-Glass           (lglassxx.xxx)
***1991 Releases***
Jan 1991 Alice in Wonderland       (alicexxx.xxx)
Feb 1991 Through the Looking Glass (lglassxx.xxx)
Mar 1991 The Hunting of the Snark  (snarkxxx.xxx)
Apr 1991 The CIA World Factbook    (worldxxx.xxx)
May 1991 Moby Dick (From OBI)      (mobyxxxx.xxx)
Jun 1991 Peter Pan (US only)       (peterxxx.xxx)
Jul 1991 The Book of Mormon**      (mormonxx.xxx)
Aug 1991 The Federalist Papers+    (federxxx.xxx)
Sep 1991 The Song of Hiawatha+     (hisongxx.xxx)
Oct 1991 Paradise Lost (Boss)      (1plostxx.xxx)
Nov 1991 Aesop's Fables (Brian)    (aesopxxx.xxx)
*** Planned Releases ***
Dec 1991 Roget's Thesaurus         (rogetsxx.xxx)
Jan 1991 Frederick Douglass(slave) (fdbossxx.xxx)
Paradise Lost (Raben)              (plrabnxx.xxx)
Wuthering Heights                  (wutherxx.xxx)
From the Earth to the Moon         (tomoonxx.xxx)
Pride and Prejudice                (pridexxx.xxx)
Origin of Species                  (darwinxx.xxx)
Grimms' Fairy Tales                (grimmxxx.xxx)
Buddha                             (buddhaxx.xxx)
Far From the Madding Crowd         (crowdxxx.xxx)
Civil Disobedience                 (civildxx.xxx)
On Walden Pond                     (waldenxx.xxx)
The War of the Worlds              (wotwxxxx.xxx)
The Time Machine                   (tmachxxx.xxx)
The Brick Moon                     (bmoonxxx.xxx)
Einstein's Moving Bodies           (1einstxx.xxx)
Fileserver Procedures:
SHAKSPEReans can retrieve the complete text file from the SHAKSPER
Fileserver by issuing the interactive command, "TELL LISTSERV
not support the interactive "TELL" command, or if Listserv rejects
your request, then send a one-line mail message (without a subject
line) to LISTSERV@utoronto, reading "GET PROJECT GUTNBERG SHAKSPER".
For a complete list of files available, send the command "GET
SHAKSPER FILES SHAKSPER" to obtain an annotated index.
For further information, consult the appropriate section of your
SHAKSPER GUIDE, or contact the editor, <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> or
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