Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 3, No. 16. Wednesday, 22 Jan 1992.
From:		Ken Steele <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:		Tuesday, January 21, 1992
Subject:	Hypertext Shakespeare on the SHAKSPER Fileserver
Clifford Skoog, of El Cerrito California, has developed a Hypertext edition
of the complete works of Shakespeare for the IBM DOS environment which is
worth a look.  The complete works are available for only $40, but a
demonstration package including the complete texts of six history plays
(1 Henry IV, 2 Henry IV, Henry V, Henry VIII, King John, and Richard II)
is available for free from the SHAKSPER Fileserver, and can be freely
redistributed. (Instructions below).
The demo version requires any IBM compatible with 1.5mb free hard disk
space and a mouse.  Even if you don't use the interface, you'll get
text files of the six plays in electronic form.  The program allows
fairly complicated searches on the corpus, using speaker, play, genre,
and date (among others) as possible parameters.  Here's the description
from the introductory text files:
 "PC-Shakespeare is more than a computerized concordance, rather it is a
 tool to think about and organize ones thoughts concerning the whats,
 whys and hows of all of Shakespeare's works, as well as draw out specfic
 contents and subjects therein. It should be broadly useful to writers,
 teachers, students, scholars and those in the dramatic arts, as well as
 anyone who wishes to use what is new in our world to investigate
 what is best in it. [...]
 "PC-Shakespeare embodies many characteristics of what has come to be
 called 'hypertext', and some new ideas as well. It has an attractive,
 convenient and internally consistent mouse-driven interface with a
 built-in help system. [...]
 "Finds are made available as complete lines, with or without surrounding
 context. These lines are collected in editable lists of quotations, and
 each line can serve as an immediate point of entry to its place in the
 larger text. Each text, in turn can bring back to quotation lists lines,
 contexts, or entire speeches with extreme ease. All speeches of any
 individual character may also be collected by a single selection into
 a quotation list. Lines and groups of lines in the lists may be moved
 within or between lists or sent to an external file. They may also be
 sorted by a number of criteria including definable sequences of plays.
 Records may be kept and commented (as may the quotations themselves), of
 previous searches both as to the search strings and the texts searched
 (and/or sorted), and these may be reinstantiated or edited. All of these
 facilities, and it is fair to say that there are quite a few more,
 are available in close and convenient proximity to each other."
The PC-Shakespeare Hypertext Demo is available in 26 separate files on
the SHAKSPER Fileserver, but SHAKSPEReans can obtain it simply by
requesting PCSHAK PACKAGE SHAKSPER.  Please Note that all 26 files are
UUencoded for network transfers -- you will require the program
UUdecode.exe on your personal computer in order to convert these files
to executables.  Special thanks are due to SHAKSPERean Joseph Urban
<This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> for UUencoding and uploading these files.
More detailed information about the package, and ordering instructions
by mail, are available in the file PCSHAK INFO SHAKSPER on the
SHAKSPER Fileserver.
Fileserver Procedures:
SHAKSPEReans can retrieve the complete package from the SHAKSPER
Fileserver by issuing the interactive command, "TELL LISTSERV
not support the interactive "TELL" command, or if Listserv rejects
your request, then send a one-line mail message (without a subject
line) to LISTSERV@utoronto, reading "GET PCSHAK PACKAGE SHAKSPER".
For a complete list of files available, send the command "GET
SHAKSPER FILES SHAKSPER" to obtain an annotated index.
For further information, consult the appropriate section of your
SHAKSPER GUIDE, or contact the editor, <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> or
<This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>.

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