Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 3, No. 19. Friday, 24 Jan 1992.
From:		Ken Steele <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:		Friday January 24, 1992
Subject:	Preliminary Programme for RSA in Stanford
Attached is the preliminary programme and registration form for the
1992 Renaissance Society of America Annual Meeting, to be held March
26-8 in Stanford, California.  SHAKSPEReans will be particularly
interested in the papers given by our co-participants Hardin Aasand,
Bruce Avery, Jean R. Brink, and Stephen Orgel (hope I didn't miss anyone!)
and in the Shakespearean topics, touching on *Othello*, *Merchant of
Venice*, *A Midsummer Night's Dream*, the Histories, and Marlowe.
As always, any errors in this transcription are my own, and the RSA
may or may not be surprised if they receive print-outs from this
electronic version of their registration form (but I'm sure they'll
accept your cheque anyway).  This file will be stored on the SHAKSPER
Fileserver as 1992RSA PROGRAM SHAKSPER, should anyone find a belated
need for it.   -- k.s.
        Renaissance Society of America 1992 Annual Meeting
		     "Cross-Cultural Encounters"
		   Stanford University, California
			  March 26-28 1992
			Preliminary Programme
Thursday March 26, Session 1 (2:30-4:00pm):
Cultural and Religious Encounters in the Mediterranean World:
	Mary Elizabeth Perry, "The Subversive Word: Language and Literature,
		Christians and Muslims in Golden Age Spain"
	Elaine G. Rosenthal, "Paradoxical Relations: Jews and Christians in
		Early Modern Florence"
	Jonathan Reiss, "Luca Signorelli's Acts of the Antichrist and the
		Christian Encounter with the Infidel"
Contextualizing Science:
	Anna Maria Busse Berger, "Musical Proportions and Arithmetic in the
		Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance"
	Bette Talvacchia, "From Mythology to Science: Estienne's Anatomy"
	Eileen Reeves, "Who Read Early Modern Maps?"
Encounters, Exchanges, and Enclosure: Nuns and Lay Society in Renaissance
	Sharon Strocchia, "The Politics of the Pen: Literacy and Social
 		Exchange in Florentine Convents"
	Ann Roberts, "'Le fenestre della morte': The Parlatorio in the
		Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries"
	Elissa Weaver, "The Cloister and the World: Social, Economic, and
		Cultural Exchange in Tuscany, 1500-1650"
	Craig Monson, "With Hearts Outside their Cloisters, to Please the
		World with their Songs"
Thursday March 26, Session 2 (4:15-5:45pm):
Woodrow Borah and the *Ecole de Berkeley*:
	Murdo J. MacLeod, "A Latin Americanist's Perspective"
	Richard Herr, "A Europeanist's Perspective"
	Richard Salvucci, "A Personal View"
The Color Black: Constructions of the Other in Renaissance Texts:
	Hardin Aasand, "Making Blackness Familiar: *Othello* and the Staging
		of Alienation"
	Paul H.D. Kaplan, "Black Africans in Italy in the 1490s: Servitude and
		its Representation"
	Heather Dubrow, "Foreign Currencies: John Collop and the 'Ugly
		Beauty' Tradition"
Humanist Encounters with the Transalpine Other:
	Ingrid D. Rowland, "Revenge of the Huns, 1504"
	Julia Haig Gaisser, "Pope Adrian VI and the Roman Academy"
	Kenneth Gouwens, "Roman Humanist Perceptions of Northern 	
Christianizing Jewish Hebraica in a Confessional Age: Action and Reaction:
	Jerome Friedman, "Protestant *Hebraica*: Orthodox and Heterodox Use
		of Jewish Sources"
	Ronald Delph, "Agostino Steuco and the Use of the *Hebraica veritas*
		in the Counter-Reformation"
	Michael T. Walton & Phyllis J. Walton, "Abravanel and Sforno, Jewish
		Biblical Exegesis in the Renaissance"
Plenary Session (8:00pm):
Exploration and Discovery:
	Norman Thrower, "Cartographic Images of the New World"
	Stephen Orgel, "Elizabeth Surveyed"
Friday March 27, Session 1 (8:45-10:15am):
Enclosing Nature:
	Carroll Brentano, "'The World in a Chamber': The Founding of Padua's
		Botanical Garden"
	Claudia Lazzaro, "A Sixteenth-Century Medici Menagerie in the Grotto
		of Cosimo's Villa at Castello"
	Joy Kenseth, "Nature's Marvels Displayed"
Crypto-Jews and the Construction of the Other in Renaissance Culture:
	Marc Shell, "Skepticism in Renaissance Spain and France: The Judeo-
		Christian Spectrum"
	M. Lindsay Kaplan, "'These Be Christian Husbands': Jews, Conversion,
		and Marriage in Marlowe and Shakespeare"
	Jim Shapiro, "Shakespeare and the Jewish Question"
From the Law of Conquest to the Conquest of Law: the Politico-Institutional
Organization of the "New World":
	Aldo Mazzacane, "From the Law of Conquest to Conquest of the Law:
		Early Juridical Treatises about America"
	Antonio M. Hespanha, "Images of the Orient and of the West in the
		European Juridical Order in the Early Modern Period"
	Diego Quaglioni, "The Discovery of America and the Redefinition of
		the Law of the People: Bodin, Reader of Ramus"
His Other Half: Amazons and the Construction of Gender in the Renaissance:
	Cristelle L. Baskins, "Close Encounters: Amazon Battles on Tuscan
		Wedding Furniture"
	Caroline Springer, "Armor and the Construction of Masculinity in the
	Randall Anderson, "Ariosto's *Orlando Furioso*, Spenser's *Faerie
		Queene* and Amazons"
	Kate Schwartz, "Falling off the Edge of the World: Ralegh Among the
Mapping England:
	Jonathan Crewe, "Cultural Noninteractions: Spenser's View"
	Richard Helgerson, "Nation or Estate?: Ideological Conflict in the
		Early Modern Mapping of England"
	Shankar Raman, "Maps and Mapping: The Production of Colonialist
	Bruce Avery, "Topography and Topology: The Dynamics of 	
		Representation in Narrative and Maps"
Friday March 27, Session 2 (10:30am-12:00):
On the Quincentenary of Piero della Francesca:
	James Banker, "The Paintings of Piero della Francesca and his Master
		in the 1430s"
	Thomas Martone, "Piero della Francesca's Resurrection, the 	
		Quintessential Painting of the Renaissance"
	Michael Baxandall, "The Eloquence of Piero della Francesca: 	
		Asyndeton, Apocope, Hendiadys"
European Voyages of Discovery into Canada:
	Jane Couchman, "Perceptions of Tribal Diversity in the Accounts of
		Canada by Jaques Cartier and Andre Thevet"
	Maxwell Ian Cameron, "'Bloody and Man-Eating People': Some 	
		Reflections on the Accounts of Martin Frobisher's Voyages to
	Jean-Philippe Beaulieu, "Textual Dehumanization and the Inventory
		Process: The Postulates of Colonial Discourse in Champlain's
History and Heterogeneity: Versions of the Other:
	Robert Ulery & Patricia DeMartino, "Sallust's Africa: Renaissance
		Commentaries Before and After 1492"
	David Marsh, "Beyond the Pillars of Hercules: Voyages and Veracity in
		Exploration Narratives"
	Albert Ascoli, "Liberating the Tomb: Difference and Death in 	
		*Gerusalemme Liberata*"
Eastward Ho: Asians and Africans in English Renaissance Literature:
	Bashir El-Beshti, "Orientalism and the Construction of English 	
		Renaissance Culture"
	Ann Marie McEntee, "Binging and Purging: African and European
		Amazons and their Appetites"
	Margo Hendricks, "Obscured by Dreams, or a Brief Account of Race in
		*A Midsummer Night's Dream*"
Science and Court Culture:
	Jay Tribby, "Gawk Like an Egyptian: Rehearsing Cleopatra's Death in
		the Courts of Florence and Paris"
	Pamela Smith, "Science and Symbols: Alchemical Transmutation at the
		Hapsburg Court in Vienna"
	Mario Biagioli, "Science and Misogyny: The Accademia dei Lincei,
Friday March 27, Session 3 (2:30-4:00pm):
Early English-Irish Encounters: Perspectives on Spenser's *View of Ireland*:
	Annabel Patterson, "Anthropology vs Necessity in Spenser's *View*"
	Jean R. Brink, "The Munster and Ulster 'Plantations': Edmund Spenser
		and Sir John Davies"
	Curtis C. Breight, "Patterns Established in Colonial Ireland:
		Elizabethan Militarism as Domestic Control"
Cross-Collecting: Curiosities, Perceptions, and Responses:
	Paula Findlen, "Theaters of Nature: Collecting and the Pilgrimages of
		Science in Early Modern Italy"
	Joneath Spicer, "Curiosities as Art: The Cultural Limits of Perception"
	Thomas Kaufmann, "Curiosities and Scientific Investigation: Response
		to the Kunstkammer"
The Practice of Utopia: Renaissance Ideals and the Experience of Other
Cultures in European Expansion:
	Adriano Prosperi, "Missionaries and the Use of the 'Galateo' for
		Cultural Conquest"
	Giuseppe Imbruglia, "Civilization through Utopia: Jesuit Ideals and
		Jesuit Missions in South America"
	Ann Katherine Isaacs, "Utopia and Monarchia: Renaissance 	
		Administrative Ideals, European and American Experience in
		Charles V's Empire"
	Claudio Zanier, "Different Paths of Encounter: European Adaptation to
		Asian Realities"
Cultural Encounters Through Time and Space:
	Jyotsna Singh, "Critical Encounters: Can Renaissance Studies Engage
		Cultural Studies?"
	Ron Strickland, "What Does He Mean 'Us'?: The Crisis of the Euro-
		African Subject in Leo Africanus"
	Jennifer Lee Carrell, "Transforming Translations: Imagining 	
		Geographical, Physical and Linguistic Clashes in the 1560s"
Cultures, Women and Discourse in the Early Modern Period:
	Stephanie Jed, "Twinning in the Early Modern Period: The Writings of
		Anne Bradstreet and Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz"
	Kim Hall, "'I would rather wish to be a Blackmoor': Race, Colonialism
		and the Female Subject"
	Jane Tylus, "Colonizing Nymphs and Peasants: Pastoral Drama in the
		Italian Renaissance"
Friday March 27, Session 4 (4:15-5:45pm):
Recent Trends Panel: New Perspectives on the New World:
	Walter Mignolo, "The Darker Side of the Renaissance: Colonization
		and the Discontinuity of the Classical Tradition"
	Helen Nader, "The End of the Old World Then and Now"
A Feast of Tapas and Spanish Wines
Judith Frankel Singing Sephardic Music from Renaissance Spain
The Whole Noyse: A Renaissance Music Ensemble
Saturday March 28, Session 1 (9:00-10:30am):
Urbi et Orbi: Paradigms of Urban History in the Renaissance:
A Roundtable in Honor of Gene Brucker:
	Randolph Starn (Chair)
	Thomas Brady, Jr.
	Jonathan Dewald
	Judith C. Brown
	Helen Nader
Going Baroque: Cross-Cultural Encounters in the Spanish Renaissance:
	Anne Cruz, "Cross-Cultural Encounters between Spanish *picaros* and
		English Rogues"
	Adrienne Martin, "Cervantes' Pretended Aunt Transgresses"
	Diana de Armas Wilson, "Cross-Cultural Encounters between Cervantes
		and the Amerindians"
	Lester Brothers, "Musical Learning in Seventeenth-Century Mexico:
		The Case of Francisco Lopez Capillas"
Renaissance Drama and the History of Imperialism:
	Dympna Callaghan, "Re-reading *The Tragedie of Mariam, Faire
		Queen of Jewry*: Postcolonialism, Race, Gender, Class"
	Lorraine Helms, "The Work of Death: Gender Mourning and 	
		Colonialism in Shakespeare's Histories"
	Katharine Eisaman Maus, "Machiavels and Family Men"
	Constance Jordan, "Legitimating Rules: Political Authority and the
		Native Subject"
Accommodation and Communication: Jesuits in China and Japan:
	Theodore Foss, "Transmission of Text: The Use and Abuse of 	
		Languages in Jesuits' Translations to and from China"
	James Ketelaar, "Accommodation Denied: The Failure of the Jesuits
		Mission in Japan"
	Ronnie Hsia, "Tales of Conversion in Jesuit-Chinese Encounters of the
		Sixteenth Century"
Women in the Renaissance:
	Diana Robin, "Writing the Female Self: Cassandra Fedele and 	
	Margaret Rosenthal, "A Venetian Body Politic: Patronage and 	
		Prostitution in an Age of Conspicuous Consumption"
	Jennifer Rondeau, "The Republic of Letters: Women, Woman, and
		Humanism in Renaissance Italy"
Saturday March 28 (10:45am):
Josephine Waters Bennett Lecture:
	Natalie Zemon Davis, "Gifts and Misunderstandings: Forms of New
		World Exchange"
Saturday March 28 (12:00-1:30pm):
Roundtable: Presenting the Cultures of the Renaissance in the High School and
the College Curriculum:
	Robert E. Proctor (Chair)
	Maryanne Horowitz (Discussant)
	Participants: Representatives from the world of textbook publishing,
		high school and community college teachers, and educational
Saturday March 28, Session 2 (2:15-3:45pm):
Lorenzo de' Medici and Encounters with the Past:
	Roberto Bizzochi, "The Search for a Nobler Past"
	John Paoletti, "The Antiquarianism of Lorenzo de' Medici"
	Konrad Eisenbichler, "Lorenzo de' Medici and the 'sacra
Mythic, Historical, and Apocalyptic Time in Europe and the New World:
	Cornell Fleischer, "The Beginning of the End: Apocalypticism and
		Imperialism in the Mediterranean, 1492-1550"
	Sabine MacCormack, "Prophecy and Exegesis in Golden Age Spain"
	Frank Salomon, "The Renaissance Agendas of a Peruvian 'Native
		Chronicle' (Huarochiri, 1608?)"
Sexuality in the Old World and the New:
	Valerie Traub, "The (In)Significance of 'Lesbian' Desire in Early
		Modern England"
	Guy Poirier, "Sin and Hermaphroditism; Morality and Imagination in
		French Renaissance Accounts"
	Gary Spear, "The Law of Desire: Civilization, 'Government,' and New
		World Sexualities"
The Uses of Religious Institutions in the Old World and the New:
	Ronald Weissman, "From Confraternity to Congregation: European
		Confraternities Between Renaissance and Counter Reformation"
	Murdo McLeod, "The European Confraternity and the Mesoamerican
		Colonial Indian: Continuities and Change"
	Pauline Moffitt Watts, "The Gods of the Missionaries: Monasticism,
		Resistance, and Reform in Sixteenth-Century Mexico"
The Construction of the East:
	Sujata G. Bhatt, "Passages to India, Passages About India: European
		and Iranian Travellers in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth
	Nina Berman, "German Travel Literature of the Early Renaissance and
		Arabic Travel Reports"
	Richmond Barbour, "Representing England at the Court of the Great
Saturday March 28, Session 3 (4:00-5:30pm):
Reading Renaissance Readers: Philological Practice and Textual Interpretation
in the Renaissance:
	Carol Quillen, "Inventing a Tradition: Augustine and Petrarch's
		Genealogy of Humanism"
	Anthony Grafton, "Leon Battista Alberti: Attitudes Toward Reading and
		Reading the Attitudes"
	Kristin Zapalac, "'Sharper than any Two-Edged Sword': Philology and
		Community in the Sixteenth Century"
Magic and Madness in the Renaissance:
	Katherine Rowe, "That Curious Engine: Agency, Witchcraft and Main-
	Laura Levine, "Magic as Theater, Theater as Magic"
	Gary Tomlinson, "Two Views of Poetic Furor at the End of the 	
		Renaissance: Towards a Rehabilitation of Foucault's Early-
		Modern Archaeology"
Representing Mexican Culture:
	Eloise Quiones Keber, "A Twice Told Tale: The Conquest of Mexico in
		Sixteenth Century Illustrations"
	Ramon A. Gutierrez, "A Gendered History of the Conquest of America:
		A View from New Mexico"
	Mary R. O'Neil, "A Mexican Indian Before the Roman Inquisition:
		Modena, 1628"
The Other End of Self:
	Darcy Donahue, "Describing Difference: Friar Gaspar da Cruz' 	
		*Treatise of the Things of China*, 1569"
	Roberto J. Gonzales-Casanovas, "Muntaner's and Martorell's Narratives
		of Eastern Adventures: Byzantine History/Story as Myth and
	David Rosen, "Cultural Knots: Jews, Indians, Moors, Orientals, 	
		Spaniards and the Shaping of English Identity"
	Mary Fuller, "Spatializing History in the Renaissance: Models and
Jewish Communities After the Expulsion from Spain in 1492:
	Miriam Bodian, "The Biblical Hebrews as Early Modern Republicans:
		Some Views of Seventeenth-Century Portuguese Jews"
	Anna Foa, "Spanish Jews in Italy"
	Jaime Contreras, "Conversos in Spain and in the New World"
-------------------------Registration Form--------------------------------
Early Registration Fee (before March 2, 1992)		$55	_____
Late Registration Fee (after March 2, 1992)		$65	_____
Student Registration Fee				$15	_____
Box Lunch (Friday March 27)				$10	_____
Tapas Feast (Friday March 27)				$25	_____
Box Lunch (Saturday March 28)				$10	_____
Parking Permit ($4 per day, send SASE)				_____
Total Enclosed:							_____
Please make cheques payable to RENAISSANCE ENCOUNTERS
and mail to:
	Renaissance Conference
	Department of History
	Stanford University
	Stanford, CA 94305
For further information, please contact:
	Judith C. Brown
	History Department
	Stanford University
	Stanford, CA  94305
	(415) 723-2758

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