Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 3, No. 54. Monday, 9 Mar 1992.
Date: 		Wed, 4 Mar 1992 13:44:48 -0500
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Subject:  	Rose theater
   The following brief item appeared in The London TIMES
on Saturday 29 Feb 1992:
ANCIENT ROSE  The Rose Theatre, the Elizabethan playhouse found
three years ago in Southwark, south London, which was saved from
destruction by the campaigning of actors and archaeologists led
by the late Dame Peggy Ashcroft, has been scheduled as an ancient
monument.  Baroness Blatch, the heritage minister, made the
announcement yesterday after a request for scheduling from the
owners of the site.
     A member of the Rose Theatre committee tells me that they
have no idea why the government decided to announce this news at
this time.  The committee is still seeking funding to find
a method of displaying the remains in the basement of the office
block now occupying the site.  Apparently the office block remains
unoccupied in the current recession.  The scheduling of the site
is to be welcomed, I suppose, though I cannot imagine how it will
help matters for the time being.  Certainly it will not bring
back the lost archaeological material drilled away to build
foundations for the building.  Nor will it, of itself, provide any
funding as far as I know.

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