Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 3, No. 62. Saturday, 14 Mar 1992.
Date: 		Fri, 13 Mar 1992 11:55:44 EST
From: 		This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Hardy M. Cook)
Subject: 	Tagging PD Shakespeare Texts
I've been giving some thought to David Grier's suggestion that we
consider using TeX with our PD Shakespeare texts.  My initial reaction
was why would we want to use typesetting software with texts that
are intended for text analysis programs like TACT, Word Cruncher, or
Micro OCP?  Ken Steele has made it clear all along that whatever tagging
system we choose it should be "unambiguous and easily converted
automatically to something else."
I guess what I would like to know from David or anyone else familiar
with TeX is what would be the advantages of using this kind of encoding?
I'd also like to thank Stefanie Parent for registering her objections
to the <it> tag.  Let's hear from more of you about your tagging
Finally, I've decided to hold off making a further proposal about our
next steps in the PD Project until I've received the PD texts described
in SHK 3.0058 "FREE PD Shakespeare Corpus."  The quality of these texts
will affect some of the procedures that I would like to suggest.  We can,
however, begin thinking about the text/s we would like to begin with.
To me, there would be many good reasons to begin with the two *Lear*
texts.  Thoughts?
						Hardy M. Cook
						Bowie State University

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