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What follows is a description of the ACRL Rare Book and
Manuscript Section Preconference, which will be at the University
of California, Santa Cruz, Tuesday, June 23 -- Friday, June 26,
1992.  Brochures describing the program and arrangements in
detail are being mailed next week to RBMS members (and selected
others).  Other interested parties may call the ACRL office noted
below to receive a copy of the brochure.  For additional
information feel free to contact me directly.
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Robert S. Martin
LSU Libraries
Louisiana State University
Chair, 1992 RBMS Preconference Program Committee
notrsm @ lsuvm
ACRL Rare Book and Manuscript Section Preconference
University of California, Santa Cruz
Tuesday, June 23 -- Friday, June 26, 1992
"Scholarly Communication and the Future of Special Collections"
     In recent years the structure and processes of scholarly
communication have undergone a transformation as radical as that
witnessed by the introduction of moveable type in the fifteenth
century.  The plenary sessions will examine the nature of this
transformation, and speculate on the impacts that will be felt in
the world of rare book, manuscript, and special collections
     Speakers: "Not What it Used to Be: Scholarly Communication
Then and Now," John Budd, School of Library and Information
Science, Louisiana State University; "The Coevolution of
Networks, Networked Information, and Learning Communities," Paul
Peters, Director, Coalition for Networked Information; "Informal
Publication and the Scholarly Record: Bits and Bytes from the
Experience of Editing Humanist and Other Electronic Lists,"
Elaine Brennan, Women Writers Project, Brown University, Co-
Editor, Humanist; "Concepts of 'Text' in the Electronic
Environment," Gordon Neavill, School of Library and Information
Studies, University of Alabama; "Copyright Issues in Electronic
Publishing," Brian Kahin, John F. Kennedy School of Government,
Harvard University; "Preserving the Intellectual Record in the
Electronic Environment," Peter Graham, Associate Vice-President
for Information Services, Rutgers University; Panel: Reactions
from Scholars.
     Plenary sessions will be complemented by a series of
continuing education seminars addressing such topics as:
fundraising strategies, collecting western Americana, exhibition
catalog awards, use of thesauri, broadsides and fine printing,
history of science collections, trends in the use of special
collections, conservation for exhibition, and administering
     Social events will include a reception sponsored by the
local chapter of the ABAA; a reception sponsored by local book
artists and printers; and a trip to Monterey and a tour of the
Monterey Aquarium, dinner on your own Monterey.
     The UCSC campus is situated in a redwood forest overlooking
the city of Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay.  Daytime temperatures in
late June may range from the lower 70s to the upper 80s, with low
humidity.  Evening temperatures may drop into the low 60s as fog
rolls in from the Bay.  The UCSC campus is wooded and hilly;
casual clothes and comfortable shoes are recommended.
Accommodations and meals will be provided in new, apartment-style
dormitories on the UCSC campus.
     Fees: Before May 15: $135, ACRL Members; $175, non-members;
after May 15 add $25.  Limited to the first 225 applicants.  For
additional information call Merri Monks at ACRL, (800) 545-2433,
ext. 3248.
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