Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 3, No. 145. Sunday, 21 June 1992.
From: 		Luc Borot <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date: 		Sunday, June 21, 1992, 10:17:00 -0400
Subject: 	Play-Within Conference Proceedings
Dear SHAKSPEReans,
The Elizabethan Centre in Montpellier is glad to announce the publication
of the proceedings of its November 1990 conference on:
          *The Show Within: Dramatic and Other Insets. English Renaissance
	   Drama (1550-1642)*, edited by Francois Laroque.
The contributors to that 4-day conference are among the leading Shakespearian
scholars from Britain, Canada, Israel, Germany, Poland, Austria, Italy and
France, their papers range from theoretical questions to case-studies or
comparisons. Authors include Stanley Wells, Jonathan Bate, David Wiles,
Michael Hattaway, Russell Jackson, Michele Willems, Lois Potter, Manfred
Draudt, Don Beecher, Roy Ericksen, Jean-Marie Maguin and others who do not
come to my mind as I am writing this away from a copy of the book.
The book consists of two volumes. At the end of the second volume, a
checklist of Inset spectacle phenomena in the period including 281
plays, compiled by Prof. Jean Fuzier and presented by Patricia Dorval
in the form of folding tables provides the quantitative data necessary
to all the specialists of English Renaissance drama.
The 2 volumes are sold together (470 pp. for the 2 v.) at the
price of 140,00FF for France, 180,00FF for other countries. We are
sorry not to be able to take payment in another currency than French
Francs. Cheques and money orders must be to the order of:
Regisseur Recettes Publications-Universite Paul Valery, Astraea, and
the orders must be sent to *Astraea*, C.E.R.E., Universite Paul Valery
Route de Mende, BP 5043, 34032 MONTPELLIER (FRANCE).
These volumes are the 4th issue of the *Astraea* series created in 1986.
We hope you will take interest in the results of a conference which
provided so much enjoyment and enrichment to its participants and organizers.

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