Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 3, No. 196.  Monday, 17 August 1992.
From: 		Tom W. Loughlin <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date: 		Monday, August 17, 1992, 11:03 am EDT (15:03:45 UT)
Subject: 	Volunteers, Anyone?
To my SHAKSPER Colleagues,
   I am interested in trying an experiment in using e-mail for educational
purposes.  I am looking for some volunteers from this list to help me out.
Here is the outline of my proposal.
   This semester I will be teaching an undergraduate course entitled Acting
in Shakespeare.  The class consists of seniors who are in our Bachelor of
Fine Arts program in Performance.  The course has as its objective giving
our students the basic skills and understanding of Shakspearean acting.  I
teach them such things as scansion, use of prose, delivery of the "set"
speech, soliloquies, monologues, handling of verse, etc.  The course is very
basic, as most of these students are getting only their first or second
stab at acting Shakespeare, and their first in-depth study of the technique.
   I am interested in having them do some sort of research paper so as to
teach them the value of doing Shakespearean research in preparing their roles.
Here is where the volunteers would come in.  This medium has the capability of
extending the process to others interested in the field, and I would like them
to become aware of computer communication and its power even in the field of
theatre.  Rather than have me read the papers,  I would like to have a few
volunteers from this list read their papers and make the initial comments
on them.  I would ultimately be responsible for their final drafts, but I think
it would be exciting for them as well as for me to have their papers read and
guided by some of you.
   Your responsibilities would not have anything to do with grading the papers,
but rather with offering suggestions for research and re-writes.  The class
has about 15 students (I think; I'll know precisely after final registration).
If I can get maybe five volunteers, that's three papers each.  I would only
ask you to read each paper twice; one first draft and one re-write.  You can
offer as much or as little guidance as you wish.  The student will get a
computer account so you can be in direct contact through e-mail.
   I think the possibilities are interesting and fun.  If you think you might b
be interested and would like to ask further questions, get more details, or
volunteer, please contact me through the BITNET address listed below.  If this
goes well I will write something up for the SHAKSPER list and share it with
      Tom Loughlin                *   BITNET
      Dept. of Theatre Arts       *    loughlin@fredonia
      SUNY College at Fredonia    *   INTERNET
      Fredonia NY 14063           *    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
      Voice: 716.673.3597         *
      Fax:   716.673.3397         *   "Hail, hail Freedonia, land of
                                  *    the brave and free."  G. Marx

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