Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 3, No. 209.  Friday, 4 September 1992.
From: 		Steve Urkowitz <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date: 		Thursday, Sept. 3, 1992, 23:38:02 EDT
Subject: 3.0208  Cheap Advice
Comment: 	Re: SHK 3.0208  Cheap Advice
For Larry Schwartz:  Yikes!  A cry out into the used book marketplace should be
able to turn up a copy of the Hinman Facsimile or even one of the notoriously
"fixed up" Koekeritz facsimiles of a few decades earlier.  But in no way can
you consider the Oxford Old Spelling Complete Works as a viable substitute.
Well, maybe in some ways.  But it just looks, feels, and reads so different,
so often, that to me at least it's a whole different vegetable.  At the risk
of being repetitious, let me say again that the juggling done with the
"multiple text plays," especially the Henry Sixes, repeatedly demonstrates
that the editors had theatrical tin ears, and the rhythmic and visual codes
found in the Oxford Henry Sixes produce painfully inferior music if compared
to either the quarto or Folio versions.
As for the other modern set of single-play editions, I like David Bevington's,
except that too many of the plays appear only bound up with others.  If your
library's bindery can deal with that, Bevington offers consistently strong
introductions and listings of very recent criticism.   The Signets do have the
advantage of printing a lot of criticism right in the volumes themselves.
Barbara Mowat and Paul Werstine are newy editing the Folger series, announced
for August '92 but not yet in my corner newstand.
But I'd not give up my Hinman for a wilderness of monkeys.
Steve Urkowitz,

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