Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 3, No. 327. Thursday, 19 November 1992.
From: 		Ronald Dwelle <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date: 		Thursday, 19 Nov 92 08:37:13 EST
Subject: SHREW Discussion (con't)
Comment: 	SHK 3.0326  SHREW Discussion (con't)
          Regarding the Shrew, I've taught an undergraduate Shaxpr
          course each of the last 50 semesters, sometimes omitting the
          Shrew but always returning to it because it is so successful
          in the classroom. It seems timeless--almost all the other
          comedies flop or succeed among undergraduates, depending on
          the mood of the time, current issues, hot topics (ignoring
          the instructor's abilities for the moment)--but the Shrew is
          always a hit. Only Hamlet can compare, in my experience.
          This is remarkable to me, since the more I read and see the
          Shrew, the less satisfactory it is (in contrast to virtually
          all the other plays). It is obviously very successful in
          raising sexual and social issues, but I can't think of
          another play which ends in such a whimper (amidst the
          apparent bang). Explanation?
          On performances, a number of years back I saw a videotape of
          a production by (I think) the San Francisco Ballet company,
          with Mark Singer as Petruchio. It was outstanding (very
          acrobatic) until Kate's final speech, which got stuck in
          a quasi-ironic mire. Does anyone know where this tape
          can be bought or rented?

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