Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 3, No. 330. Friday, 20 November 1992.
From: 		Janet Wolf <WOLF@SNYCORVA>
Date: 		Friday, 20 Nov 92 14:21 EDT
Subject: 3.0322 Shrew videos and Moonlighting
Comment: 	Re SHK 3.0322 Shrew videos and Moonlighting
There are two videos of productions of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival
(Ontario).  One, starring Len Cariou and Shari Flett, can be purchased
from the Stratford Festival Bookshop.  The other is a more recent
production (1988), set in 50's Italy and starring Colme Feore and Goldie
Semple.  Someone croons "Chances Are" at the wedding, Petruchio appears on
a Vespa motor scooter.  Bianca has a pink telephone and Kate dismembers
her teddy bear.  This was videotaped for CBC television later that year but
never marketed.  Perhaps someone in Canada or in the Northern U.S. who
gets Canadian television could send you a copy.  Or try the Education
Liason at Stratford, Pat Quigley.
About Moonlighting: I've never watched the program, but students tell me the
Shepherd-Willis relationship on all the episodes is a good modern version of
the Beatrice-Benedick relationship, and all of those Restoration "witty
couples" that Beatrice and Benedick inspired: Dorimant and Harriet, Helena and
Willmore, Millamant and Mirabell, etc.
                                        Janet Wolf
                                        SUNY Cortland

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