Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 4, No. 199.  Sunday, 28 March 1993.
From:           Nate Johnson <LHT@CORNELLA>
Date:           Saturday, 27 Mar 93 22:20:15 EST
Subject:        Anthologies of attacks on/defenses of Eliz./Jac. drama?
Does anyone know of an anthology (preferably, but not necessarily still
in print) of documents or significant excerpts relating to the anti-theatrical
controversy, including relevant statutes, proclamations, and longish
excerpts from Heywood, Prynne, Gosson, Stubbes... ?  There are plenty of
good secondary sources out there, but I'd like to know about well-chosen
anthologies of primary sources, both for my own library and for possible
assignment to a class.
--Nate Johnson

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