Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 4, No. 6.  Tuesday, 5 January 1993.
From:           Hardy M. Cook <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Tuesday, January 5, 1993
Subject:        SHAKSPER LOGS on Gopher
Dear SHAKSPEReans,
The SHAKSPER logs are now available on Gopher, which offers an alternative to
ordering logs from LISTSERV.  I would like to thank SHAKSPERean Ann Miller, who
suggested the idea to me, and Steve Younker, the LISTSERV Manager at the
University of Toronto, who mounted the logs on Gopher.
If you do not know how to use Gopher, contact your Academic Computing Service
for details.
I TELNET to INFO.UMD.EDU, Bowie State's being a University of Maryland System
Below is an edited, sample session I logged.
$ telnet info.umd.edu
Connected to INFO.UMD.EDU. Escape character is '^]'.
ULTRIX V4.1 (Rev. 52)
At the login: prompt below, enter:
        info     for access to the Information On-line files and programs.
        gopher   for access to the Gopher interface and Internet Resources.
 ======== TYPE gopher ========
login: gopher
Last login: Tue Jan  5 19:50:47 from crts1.umbc.edu
ULTRIX V4.1 (Rev. 52)
System #3: Tue Dec 22 18:20:17 EST 1992
UWS V4.1 (Rev. 197)
Welcome to the University of Maryland Information Service
As you explore this service, you will be experiencing first-hand the beginning
phases of the "information revolution".  The UofM Information Service is your
connection to computing sites around the country and indeed around the world.
Clearly, the UofM bears no responsibility for the quality of data at other
sites. The interfaces to the data are also, for the most part, beyond our
direct control. Help may be available by entering a "?".  We strongly encourage
you to read through the section "About This System" on the upcoming menu before
embarking on your "travels through the Internet".  Enjoy!
please enter your terminal type (? for a list, RETURN for 'vt100'):
 ===== TYPE terminal type =====
Welcome to the wonderful world of Gopher!
Gopher has limitations on it's use and comes without a warranty.  Please refer
to the file 'Copyright' included the distribution.
Internet Gopher Information Client v1.1,
Copyright 1991,1992 by the Regents of
the University of Minnesota
Press any key to continue
 ===== PRESS any key =====
Internet Gopher Information Client
v1.1 University of Maryland at College Park (in development)
1.  About This System (PLEASE READ)/
2.  Faculty/Staff Phone Book <TEL>
3.  Info - Gopher Interface/
4.  Info - UMCP Developed Interface <TEL>
5.  Victor - Online Library Catalog <TEL>
6.  USAToday/
7.  Campaign '92/
8.  Other Systems/
 ===== SELECT Other Systems =====
Other Systems
1.  Archie File Searching Service <TEL>
2.  Campus-wide Information Systems/
3.  Gopher and Information Servers/
5.  Internet Resources/
6.  Library Catalogs/
7.  Wide Area Information Servers (WAIS)/
8.  World Wide Web (WWW) <TEL>
 ===== SELECT Gopher and Information Servers =====
Internet Gopher Information Client v1.1 Gopher and Information Servers
1.  All the Gopher Servers in the World/
2.  Search Gopherspace using veronica/
3.  Europe/
4.  Middle East/
5.  North America/
6.  Pacific/
7.  South America/
8.  Terminal Based Information/
9.  WAIS Based Information/
 ===== SELECT North America =====
Internet Gopher Information Client v1.1 North America
1.  Canada/
2.  USA/
 ===== SELECT Canada =====
Internet Gopher Information Client v1.1 Canada
1.  Bedford Institute Of Oceanography (Canada)/
2.  Camosun College, Victoria B.C. Canada/
3.  Dalhousie University/
4.  Dalhousie University's Unofficial Gopher Service/
5.  Lakehead University/
6.  Nova Scotia Technology Network, N.S., Canada/
7.  Queen's University, Kingston, Canada/
8.  Saint Mary's University (Canada)/
9.  Simon Fraser University (Canada)/
10. Technical University of Nova Scotia (Canada)/
11. Trent University, Peterborough Ont, Canada/
12. University of Alberta/
13. University of Guelph (Canada)/
14. University of Manitoba/
15. University of New Brunswick (unix server)/
16. University of Toronto/
17. University of Victoria, Canada/
18. University of Victoria, Canada (Faculty of Fine Arts)/
 ===== SELECT University of Toronto =====
Internet Gopher Information Client v1.1 University of Toronto
1.  About Internet Gopher.
2.  Gopher at University of Toronto.
3.  GP UNIX/
4.  Department of Physics, University of Toronto/
5.  Scarborough Campus/
6.  ONET information/
7.  CA*net Traffic Statistics/
8.  LISTSERV Archives/
9.  Other Gophers/
10. Canadian Weather Information, via NSTN/
 ===== SELECT LISTSERV Archives =====
Internet Gopher Information Client v1.1 LISTSERV Archives
1.  TACT-L   - TACT-L Discussion - Electronic Forum for TACT Users/
2.  SHAKSPER - Shakespeare Electronic Conference/
3.  RESCOMP  - RESCOMP - Research Computer Architecture Group/
4.  REED-L   - REED-L: Records of Early English Drama Discussion/
5.  MACMAIL  - MAC Mail Discussion List/
6.  IROQUOIS - Iroquois Language Discussion/
7.  INFO-MAC - INFO-MAC Digest/
8.  INFO-GCG - INFO-GCG: GCG Genetics Software Discussion/
9.  IBMPC-L  - IBMPC Digest/
11. COCHCOSH - COCHCOSH Discussion/
12. COCAMED  - Computers in Canadian Medical Education/
13. CDPLUS-L - CDPLUS Software User Group/
14. BEST-L   - Best North America Discussion group/
 ===== SELECT SHAKSPER =====
SHAKSPER - Shakespeare Electronic Conference
1.  shaksper.log9007.
2.  shaksper.log9008.
3.  shaksper.log9009.
4.  shaksper.log9010.
5.  shaksper.log9011.
6.  shaksper.log9012.
7.  shaksper.log9101.
8.  shaksper.log9102.
9.  shaksper.log9103.
10. shaksper.log9104.
11. shaksper.log9105.
12. shaksper.log9106.
13. shaksper.log9107.
14. shaksper.log9108.
15. shaksper.log9109.
16. shaksper.log9110.
17. shaksper.log9111.
18. shaksper.log9112.
19. shaksper.log9201.
20. shaksper.log9202.
21. shaksper.log9203.
22. shaksper.log9204.
23. shaksper.log9205.
24. shaksper.log9206.
25. shaksper.log9207.
26. shaksper.log9208.
27. shaksper.log9209.
28. shaksper.log9210.
29. shaksper.log9211.
30. shaksper.log9212.
31. shaksper.log9301.
 ===== SELECT SHAKSPER log and read =====

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