Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 4, No. 52.  Friday, 29 January 1993.
From:           Roy Flannagan <FLANNAGA@OUACCVMB>
Date:           Friday, 29 January 93, 15:49:54 EST
Subject:        Re: Shakespeare and History
Re: 1992 books having to do with Shakespeare and history.
Leo Damrosch, ed., {The Profession of Eighteenth-Century Literature:
Reflections on an Institution} (Madison, WI: U of Wisconsin P, 1992).
Richard F. Hardin. {Civil Idolatry: Desacralizing and Monarchy in
Spenser, Shakepeare, and Milton}. Newark, DE: U of Delaware P, 1992.
H. R. Coursen.  {Shakespearean Performance as Interpretation}  Newark,
DE: U of Delaware P, 1992.
F. David Hoeniger.  {Medicine and Shakespeare in the English
Renaissance}.  Newark, DE: U of Delaware P, 1992.
Lowry Nelson, Jr.  {Poetic Configurations: Essays in Literary History
and Criticism}.  University Park, PA: The Pennsylvania State UP, 1992.
Thomas Clayton, ed.  {The Hamlet First Published (Q1, 1603): Origins,
Forms, Intertextualities}.  Newark, DE: U of Delaware P, 1992.
David Bradley.  {From Text to Performance in the Elizabethan Theatre:
Preparing the Play for the Stage}.  Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1992.
David Quint, Margaret W. Ferguson, G. W. Pigman III, and Wayne A
Rebhorn, eds.  {Creative Imitation: New Essays on Renaissance Literature
in Honor of Thomas M. Greene}.  Binghamton, NY: MRTS, 1992.
These are books at least partly on Shakespeare that include
"history" as a keyword in title or TOC.   The list is obviously
Roy Flannagan

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