Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 4, No. 112. Saturday, 27 February 1993.
From:           Thomas G. Bishop <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Saturday, 27 Feb 93 17:06:14 -0500
Subject:        Ohio Shakespeare Conference 1993
The Ohio Shakespeare Conference for 1993 will take as its title
    "There the Whole Palace Open'd": Court and Society in Jacobean England
The conference will be held in Cleveland under the joint sponsorship of
Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State University.
The proceedings will open 8 pm Thursday March 25th with a welcome and Plenary
Address by Prof. Stephen Orgel and close after the Conference Banquet on
Saturday March 27th.
The conference proceedings will be conducted at the Marriott-Society Center
Hotel in downtown Cleveland.
The title expresses the conference's intent, which is to open up all the
relationships between the Jacobean court and the rest of Jacobean culture to
inquiry in all the relevant disciplines, by both scholars and practitioners.
Ben Jonson's masque "Oberon, the Fairy Prince" will be presented in CWRU's
elegant Excelsior Ballroom, and will provide a rich opportunity for conference
participants to experience a significant work in a genre almost never realized
on stage, in a production that will place equal emphasis on all the elements
of scene, dance, music, costume, speech and action.
The program surrounding the production will include plenary addresses by
leading scholars in various departments of early modern cultural history.
Invited speakers are to be:
Prof. Leeds Barroll,      "Queen Anna and the Appropriation of the Masque"
Prof. Peter Holman,       "Jacobean Dance Music"
Prof. Fritz Levy,         "The Return to Italy"
Prof. Stephen Orgel,      "The Dream, the State, the Stage"
Prof. Annabel Patterson   "Bevis was Believed"
Thirty papers and presentations besides will be offered, together with a
plenary discussion of the production of "Oberon" with the artists-professional
team responsible for the staging, including:
Mr. Barrie Rutter       (Stage Director)
Mr. Ken Pierce          (Choreographer and Lead Dancer)
Mr. David Douglass      (Music Director)
Mr. E. Guy Hare         (Designer, after Inigo Jones)
During the conferecne weekend Claire Bloom will be appearing in a one-woman
show on Shakespeare's women at the Great Lakes Theater Festival (216-241-6000)
and a biracial production of "The Tempest" will open at Karamu House
Interested parties should call the CSU Department of English (216) 687-3955
or detach and return the form below.
Hotel reservations (@ a special rate of $75 per night) should be made soon
at 1-800-228-9290, specifying Marriott-Society Center and Ohio Shakespeare.
Conferees who plan to fly to Cleveland should consider taking advantage of
the cheap travel arrangement the Conference has with USAir: to arrange
low fares to the conference, call 1-800-334-8644 (8am-9pm EST) and obtain
reservations under Gold File Number 36940036 "Oberon" conference.
The conference acknowledges sponsorship from USAir, the Cleveland Foundation,
John Carroll University and Baldwin-Wallace College, as well as Case Western
Reserve University and Cleveland State University.
We look forward to seeing you in March.
Name________________________________    Institution__________________________
I/We will attend the 1993 Ohio Shakespeare Conference.  Number of persons____
I enclose the conference registration fee of $75 per person
(Graduate students $25) Fee includes tickets and transportation to
"Oberon" admission to all conference sessions.
                                                        Amount ___________
I wish to reserve_____places at the Conference Banquet @$15
                                                        Amount ___________
I wish to pay by __ check (payable to Cleveland State University)
        __ Visa no.___________________________ Expires______
        __ Mastercard no._____________________ Expires __________
                                                Signature __________________
Tom Bishop                             "I saw the danger, yet I walked
Dept of English                           Along the enchanted way,
Case Western Reserve University         And I said let grief be a fallen leaf
Cleveland, OH 44106.(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)    At the dawning of the day."    P.K.

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