Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 4, No. 697.  Monday, 1 November 1993.
From:           Steve Urkowitz <SURCC@CUNYVM>
Date:           Sunday, 31 Oct 93 08:56:44 EST
Subject:        12th Night Production NYC
Announcing a production of TWELFTH NIGHT at Baruch College and City College:
November 10-12 at 7pm, November 13 at 3pm at Baruch College, Lexington Avenue
at 23rd Street, in the Studio Theatre, Room 911, and at City College, Shepard
Hall Room 291, entrance on Convent Avenue and 140th Street, Thursday, November
18, at 12 and 6pm.  [The Baruch performances are just about sold out; we are
working there in a 60-seat house.]
The play is set on a mythical island at the beginning of the 20th Century, when
for a brief flowering peoples from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas built
diverse and concordant communities in the islands of the Caribbean Sea.
Shakespeare imagined such a world, and this production brings it into life.
The play explores the delights of mirror images; delightedly it mirrors the
accomplishment of concord our schools achieve and celebrate.
The production is directed by Susan Spector, Speech Department, Baruch College,
and Steven Urkowitz, English Department, City College.
For reservations, call 387-1345,  area code 212.
Yikes!  The prose of this advertising flyer seems heavily orotund in the
electronicly fluid context of e-mail, but I'm scrambling to finish props for
the show and to catch up with student papers accumulating ominously on my desk.
We'll have photos and a videotape to document the production, but at the moment
I wish people could come see it in its happy fullness.
                      Best wishes,
                        Urk SURCC@CUNYVM

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