Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 4, No. 678. Thursday, 28 October 1993.
From:           Ellen Edgerton <EBEDGERT@SUADMIN>
Date:           Wednesday, 27 Oct 1993 09:07
Subject:        *H5* Question
Has anything been written (or even mentioned in passing) about a seeming
discontinuity between Act IV scenes ii and iii in *H5*? I'm referring to the
scenes where the French are ready to attack the English at Agincourt, and where
the French herald arrives and asks Henry for ransom.
In scene ii, the Constable seems very impatient to attack.  He claims, "I stay
but for my guard."  The scene ends with the French exiting, presumably to start
their attack immediately.  Then, in the next scene, Montjoy shows up on the
English lines and claims the Constable sent him to ask for ransom.  It seems to
me that these bits have been somehow reversed (especially since the Constable
comments in the previous scene, "They have said their prayers" and in the next
scene Montjoy arrives to inform the English that the Constable wants them to
say their prayers).
To me, this sequence of events doesn't seem to make complete sense -- unless
Shakespeare decided to sacrifice logic for a dramatic flourish (i.e., Montjoy
showing up right after the St. Crispin's Day oratory).
Any thoughts on these scenes would be appreciated.
Ellen Edgerton
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