Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 4, No. 354.  Thursday, 3 June 1993.
From:           Hardy M. Cook <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Thursday, June 3, 1993
Subject:        *The Shakespeare Newsletter* 1993 Summer Festivals List
In response to the many requests of late regarding various summer festivals,
I am posting to all the first version of the Shakespeare Summer Festivals 1993
list that I prepared for *The Shakespeare Newsletter*.  A more complete list
will appear in the upcoming Spring issue with the possibility of further
additions in the Summer issue.  I would like to thank the editors, John Mahon
and Tom Pendleton, for giving their permission to distribute the list in this
fashion even before it has appeared in print.
*The Shakespeare Newsletter*
Shakespeare Summer Festivals 1993
Spring 1993
Compiled by Hardy M. Cook
Bowie State University
ALABAMA SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, 1 Festival Drive, Montgomery, AL 36117-4605.
(205) 271-5300. 22nd. Season. Kent Thompson, Artistic Director. In repertory
*MND*, March 16-July 10; *1H4*, April 6-July 11; *2H4*, May 25-July 10.  Also
*Heartbreak House, Blithe Spirit, Dumas*.
AMERICAN PLAYERS THEATRE, P.O. Box 819, Spring Green, WI 53588. (608) 588-
2361. 14th Season. June 14-Oct. 3 in repertory. *The School for Wives*, opens
June 25; *MV*, opens June 26; *Shr.*, opens July 3; *1H4*, opens Aug. 7.
CALIFORNIA SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, 2531 Ninth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710. (510)
548-3422. 19th season. June 18-Oct. 10. Michael Addison, Artistic Director.
Performances at Bruns Memorial Amphitheatre. *WT*, June 16 (Penny Metropulos);
*Jn.*, July 7 (Chris Barton); *AYL*, Aug. 11 (Nagle Jackson); *Ham.*, Sept. 15
(Michael Addison).
CARMEL SHAKE-SPEARE FESTIVAL, P.O. Box 7174, Carmel, CA. (408) 649-0340.
Stephen Moorer, Artistic Director. Sept. 4-Oct. 10. *R3*. (Jeffrey T. Heyer);
*Ham.* (Brian Donoghue). Also staged readings frm Shake-speare Apocrypha,
musical concerts, amd children's theater.  Outdoors at historic 1910 am
COLORADO SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, University of Colorado, P.O. Box 261, Boulder,
CO 80309-0261. (303) 492-0554. 36th Season. Richard Devin, Prodcuing Artistic
Director. June 25-Aug. 15. *Wiv.*, opens June 25 (Tom Markus). *Tmp.*, opens
June 26 (James M. Symons). *Lr.*, opens July 2 (Peggy Shannon). *Per.*, opens
July 3 (Joel G. Fink). Rotating in repertory. 150 person company.
GEORGIA SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, 4484 Peachtree Rd., N.E., Atlanta, GA 30319.
(404) 264-0020. Richard Garner, Producing Director. June 11-Aug. 15. *Cyrano
de Bergerac, H5, *and *The Taming of the Shrew: A New Musical* in repertory.
Performances in 400-seat air-cooled, tent theatre. Pre-show activities and
picnic grounds.
HOUSTON SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, University of Houston Drama Department, Houston,
TX 77204-5071. (713) 743-3003. 19th Annual. July 30-Aug. 14. Sidney Berger,
Producing Director. *MND* (Carolyn Boone). *H5* (Sidney Berger). Outdoors in
Miller Outdoor Theatre, Hermann Park.
IDAHO SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, P.O. Box 9365, Boise, ID 83707. (208) 336-9221.
June 3-Sept. 18. *Quilters*, June 3-26; *MND*, July 1-Aug. 29; *Tartuffe*,
July 15-Aug. 28; *Err.*, Aug. 4-Sept. 18.
ILLINOIS SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, P.O. Box 6901, Illinois State University,
Normal, IL 61761. (309) 438-2535. 16th Annual. June 25-Aug. 7. John Sipes,
Artistic Director. *R3*, opens June 25 (John Sipes); *Per.*, opens June 26
(Bruce Longworth). Music, outdoors. Sunday matinees, interpreted performances
for the hearing impaired.
MONTEREY BAY THEATREFEST, P.O. Box 7174, Carmel, CA. (408) 649-0340. Stephen
Moorer, Artistic Director. June 19-Aug. 1. The Plantagenets (Shake-speare's
*1H6, 2H6, 3H6*) -- Part 1: Henry VI (Moorer); Part 2: Rise of Edward IV
(Moorer).  Also Shakespeare Human Chess Game, Fairy Tale Theatre, and Musical
Review. Outdoors at historic Custon House Plaza at Fisherman's Wharf, Monterey.
NEW JERSEY SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, Drew University, 36 Madison Ave., Madison, NJ
07940 (201) 408-5600. 31th Annual. Bonnie J. Monte, Artistic Director. June 9-
Sept. 25. *Shr.*, June 9-26 (Dylan Baker); *Oth.*, July 21-Aug. 7 (Robert
Walsh); *Err.*, Sept 1-25 (Bonnie J. Monte); *MM* adapt., July 13-24 (David
Becker & Mark Milbauer); *Venus and Adonis*, July 25-26. Annual Shakespeare
Colloquium, July 24-25. Monday night classic fim series.  Student matinees for
all Main Stage plays.
NORTH CAROLINA SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, P.O. Box 6066, High Point, NC 27262-6066.
(919) 841-NCSF. 17th Season. Louis Rackoff, Artistic Director. Gian Paul
Morelli, Managing Editor. Aug. 14-Oct. 2.  *Shr., MV, Lr.* in repertory. 1000
seat theatre. Outreach Tours.
OJAI SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, P.O. Box 575, Ojai, CA 93024. (805) 646-WILL. 11th
Annual. July 31-Aug. 15. Paul Backer, Artistic Director. *Rom.* and *Shr.*
(Backer) in repetory. Pre-show madrigal music in the Park.
OKLAHOMA SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, P.O. Box 1074, Durant, OK 74702. (405) 924-
0121.  Molly Risso, Artistic Director. *JC*, *TN*, and 4 other plays.
OLD GLOBE THEATRE, P.O. Box 2171, San Diego, CA 92112. (619) 239-2255. Jack
O'Brien, Artistic Director. *Lr.*, July 10-Aug. 29 (Jack O'Brien); *AWW*,
Sept. 10-Oct. 17 (Sheldon Epps).
OREGON SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, P.O. Box 158, Ashland, OR 97520. (503) 482-4331.
53rd. Season. Feb. 19-Oct. 31. Henry Woronicz, Artistic Director. Angus Bowmer
Theatre: *R3*, Feb. 19-Oct. 31  (James Edmondson). The Black Swan: *Cym.*,
Feb. 25-May 2 (Henry Woronicz). The Elizaabethan Theatre: *Ant.*, June 9-Oct.3
(Cynthia White). Concerts, lectures, summer classes, teachers' symposia,
summer seminars for high school juniors, backstage tours, exhibit center.
Write or call for detailed brochure.
ORLANDO SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, 30 South Magnolia, Suite 250, Orlando, FL 32801.
(407) 423-6905. 4th Season. Stuart Omans, Artistic Director. April 1-May 2.
*Err.* and *AYL*.
PENNSYLVANIA SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, Allentown College, Center Valley, PA 18034.
(215) 282-WILL. Gerard J. Schubert, Producing Director. *TN*, June 16-July 3;
*Mac.*, July 14-31; *Beauty & the Beast*, June 23-July 31.
SAN FRANCISCO SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, P.O. Box 590479, San Francisco, CA 94159-
0479. (415) 666-2222. 11th Annual. August-October. Performing in San Francis
co, Oakland, and San Jose. Outdoors. Free.
VA 22923. (703) 832-5355 or (800) 768-4172. *Ado*, Aug. 6-22. Thurs., Fri,
Sat. 8pm, Sun. 5 pm. Performed at the Barboursville Vineyards.
Street, S.E., Washington, D.C. 20003. (202) 5473-8745 or 426-0486. 3rd. An
nual, June 5-20. Michael Kahn, Artistic Director. *Ado*. Workshops, tours, and
SHAKESPEARE IN DELAWARE PARK, 681 Main St., P.O. Box 1264, Buffalo, NY 14205.
(716) 852-6638. 18th Annual. Saul Elkin, Founder/Artistic Director.  June 29-
July 17. *MND*, June 29-July 17 (Saul Elkin); *Rom.*, July 27-Aug. 15 (Yossi
Yzraeli). Outdoors in Delaware Park Rose Garden. Free Admission. Tues.-Sun.
8:00 pm.
SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARK, Suite 310, 3113 South University, Fort Worth, TX
76109. (817) 923-6698. 16th Annual. Michael Muller, Producing Director. *MND*,
June 16-July 3; *MM*, July 8-July 18. Trinity Park Playhouse. Peformances
begin at 8:30 pm. Free admission Tuesday and Saturday. $3.00 for adults on
Wed., Thurs., Fri., and Sat.
STRATFORD FESTIVAL OF CANADA, Stratford, Ontario, Canada N5A 6V2. (519) 273-
1600. 41th Season. David Williams, Artistic Director. May 31-Nov. 13. *Ant.*,
May 31-Oct. 17; *MND*, June 2-Nov. 13; *Jn.*, June 1-Sept. 18.
THE THEATER AT MONMOUTH, Cumston Hall, P.O. Box 385, Monmouth, ME 04259. (207)
933-9999. 24th Annual. Richard Sewell, Artistic Director. June 11-Aug. 29.
*TN*, *Old Times, Tartuffe, She Stoops to Conquer, The Seagull, and
Rumplestilskin* in repertory.
THREE RIVERS SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL. 1617 Cathedral of Learning, University of
Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15260. (412) 624-PLAY. 14th Season. Laura Worthen,
Artistic Director. Stephen Foster Memorial Theatre: *Ado*, May 28-June 12
(Christopher Sellbie); *MND*, June 24-July 10 (Harold J. Surratt).
UTAH SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, Southern Utah University, 351 E. Center Street,
Cedar City, UT 84720. (801) 586-7878. 32th Season. Fred C. Adams, Executive
Producer. R. Scott Phillips, Managing Director. June 24-September 4. Adams
Outdoor Shakespearean Theatre: *MND*, *R2*, *Tim.* Randall L. Jones Theatre:
*Our Town, Tartuffe, The Royal Family*. Renaissance music, *The Greenshow, The
Royal Feaste*, backstage tours, workshops, and many seminars.
VIRGINIA SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA
23187-8795. (804) 221-2660. July 2-July 25. *JC*, opens July 2; *AWW*, opens
July 9. In repertory through July 25.
WISCONSIN SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, Center for the Arts, U of W, Platteville, WI
53818-3099. (608) 342-1298. 17th Season. July 9-Aug. 14. Thomas P. Collins,
Artistic Director. *MND*, opens July 9; *Wiv.*, opens July 14; *AWW*, opens
July 16. In repertory. "Talk-backs" and Backstage tours.

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