Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 5, No. 0653.  Thursday, 4 August 1994.
From:           Jim Helfers <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Wednesday, 03 Aug 1994 15:42:44 -0700 (MST)
Subject:        Shakespeare and Computers
I figured that for my first posting to this conference, I'd share some
information and ask some related questions.  First, the information. I'm
presenting a workshop session on Shakespeare and computers to a group of junior
high and high school teachers during the Arizona Shakespeare Festival's
InterACTive Shakespeare conference in Flagstaff on August 12.  I've compiled as
complete a list of Shakespeare programs on computer as I can, using both
regular paper research tools and the Rice University Gopher list of Electronic
Text Projects.  Here are the programs I found, with as much information as I
<ETC Computerized Bookshelf.>  Orem, UT:  Electronic Text Corporation, 1989.
(Riverside Shakespeare bundled with WordCruncher software).
<Great Literature:  Personal Library Series.>  Bureau Development, Inc.
Narrations, music, pictures and footnotes.  70 works of Shakespeare included.
CD-ROM, IBM and Macintosh.
<Karaoke Shakespeare:  Macbeth.>  VTGA Publishing Studio.  IBM Multimedia
Publishing Studio, 1993.  (Animation, sound).  CD-ROM, IBM.
<Midsummer Night's Dream Study Guide.>  Roanoke, VA:  Quarto Software, 1993.
<Our Shakespeares:  Shakespeare Across Cultures.>  Michael Mullin.
<PC-Shakespeare Hypertext.>  Clifford Skoog.
<Shakespeare Database and CD-ROM Project.>  Munster, Germany: Westfalische
Wilhelms-Universitat, 1989.
<Shakespeare on Disk.>  Clinton Corners, NY:  Shakespeare on Disk, 1989.
(ASCII files import into word processors.).  IBM.
<Shakespeare Study Guide.>  Garden Grove, CA:  World Library Inc. (Text and
illustrations only.  Includes read, print, search, and view illustrations
functions).  IBM.
<Shakespeare's Life and Times Academic.>  Michael Best.  Intellimation Library
for the Macintosh.  Macintosh.
<The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.>  Portland, OR:  CMC Research,
1989.  CD-ROM, IBM.
<William Shakespeare:  The Complete Works, Electronic Edition.>  Ed. Stanley
Wells and Gary Taylor.  New York:  Oxford Electronic Publishing, Oxford
University Press, 1989.
<World Library Greatest Books Collection.>  World Library, Inc.  CD- ROM, IBM.
I've also come across indirect references to <Miramuse:  Stage!>, the
Shakespeare Project, Stanford, Eliot Sollaway, and U. of M. MediaText.
Now the questions:  Does anyone have a program to add to this list? Have any of
you used any of these programs?  If so, what's your opinion of the ones you've
used?  Please add any information I've left out or correct any errors I've
Thanks for any help you can give me (and all those hardworking public
school teachers).
--Jim Helfers
Grand Canyon University

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