Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 5, No. 0658.  Friday, 5 August 1994.
(1)     From:   Tom Davey <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
        Date:   Thursday, 04 Aug 94 22:28 PDT
        Subj:   Re: SHK 5.0653  Shakespeare and Computers
(2)     From:   Naomi Conn Liebler <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
        Date:   Friday, 5 Aug 94 10:05:52 +0100
        Subj:   SHK 5.0653 Shakespeare and Computers
From:           Tom Davey <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Thursday, 04 Aug 94 22:28 PDT
Subject: 5.0653  Shakespeare and Computers
Comment:        Re: SHK 5.0653  Shakespeare and Computers
In response to Jim Helfer's query about Shakespeare programs on computer:
I own a copy of _Karaoke Shakespeare: Macbeth_ from IBM Multimedia Publishing
Studio (1993).
But first my disclaimer. I'm personally acquainted with several of the
contributors to the Voyager Company's upcoming hypermedia edition of Macbeth
(for the Macintosh), and I've seen a demonstration of that program. The Voyager
Macbeth (when it's released) and the IBM version are competitors.
My version of the IBM Macbeth runs under plain DOS. It works fine for me in an
OS/2 2.11 DOS session. It requires a sound card, CD-ROM drive, and VGA with
256k of video memory.
The documentation is contained partly on the 3-page jewel case packaging,
partly in a read.me file, and partly in help screens. There are no credits for
the British actors who perform the lines. There are no sources for the
illustrations (19th-century woodcuts?) that accompany the text version of some
scenes. There is no provenance for the text, nor for the 2-minutes or so of
spoken "Notes" that precede each scene. These notes are pitched at the high
school level, and discuss one or two issues pertaining to the scene.
The program operates in two modes: karaoake and point-and-click.
The point-and-click mode accesses plain text. It includes proximity searching,
printing scenes or saving them to floppy disk, and changing fonts for reading.
A table of contents organizes the text by act and scene. The text has no line
numbering. Proximity searching brings up a window holding the hits, from which
the reader can jump to the hit in the text.
The karaoke mode is a performance of the play using animation and sound. The
karaoke function mutes the lines of one character for the reader to perform. A
small text box (two or three lines at a time) scrolls in sync with the actors
performing the lines. The speed of the scrolling can be slowed for practicing.
The audio track includes sound effects like thunder and battle sounds. The
animation is full-screen only when setting the mis-en-scene, usually with
swooping and panning effects. A character's face appears in a window in the
upper left. Only lips move. The British actors do a good enough job, but their
work is harmed by the timing of exchanges. The rhythm of the turns is rather
My bottom line: this program's implementation is often crude. Navigation
controls are rudimentary and ignore hypertext possibilities. Given the price (I
paid somewhere around $70 direct from IBM) it seems impoverished with respect
to learning resources. Licensing costs for the product were obviously nil.
Actors learning parts would find this useful, but the price seems steep for
that. Perhaps it is being discounted now.
   Tom Davey/UCLA
From:           Naomi Conn Liebler <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Friday, 5 Aug 94 10:05:52 +0100
Subject: Shakespeare and Computers
Comment:        SHK 5.0653 Shakespeare and Computers
I have used with great ease the ETC Computerized Bookshelf/ Riverside/ Word
Cruncher Complete works. It's permanently installed in my Macintoshes (desk
and Powerbook both), and it's wonderful for cutting and pasting quotations into
whatever I'm writing. With the Mac, at least, it works well as a handy
concordance, using the "find" tool, within a given play or poem. Hardy Cook
(inter alia) has mentioned a number of errata in this text, but I have to say
that every time I've checked a line from computer-text to the printed Riverside
I've found it accurate. Hardy, could you tell us where the errors are?
Incidentally, it took a computer-maven at my university (Montclair State) to
"un-crunch" the "WordCruncher" and put the texts into Mac-readable files. Not
for the uninitiated, but well worth the effort (and a 6-pack) once it's done.
I was sent a copy of the Quarto company's MND and ran it on a borrowed PC.
It seemed to me a little too cute for university-level students, but I think
it might be wonderful for junior-high/high school students, or intro-level
college students just for fun, and to ease the anxiety of confronting THE
BARD. As a committed MacUser, I won't be able to avail myself of these disks,
should others become available, but I would recommend them to IBM users at
the secondary level certainly, and at the university level as a fun study-aid.
What's the story on the Oxford texts? Available for Mac? How much $$?
Hope this has been helpful. Cheers,
Naomi Liebler
[Ken Steele, SHAKSPER's founder, compiled a list of the Riverside errors.  You
can obtain it from the SHAKSPER fileserver by sending the following one-line
e-mail message -- GET RIVERSID ERRORS SHAKSPER -- to the LISTSERV address:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Those interested in electronic versions of the
text may also wish to order Ian Lancashire's essay, "The Public Domain
Shakespeare," by sending the "GET LANCSHIR PD_SHAKE SHAKSPER" command to the
LISTSERV address.  This paper surveys existing electronic versions of the
texts and discussing the upcoming Public-Domain, Old-Spelling, Electronic
Shakespeare project of the Centre for Computing in the Humanities of the
University of Toronto.  The first volume in this series will be my edition
of SHAKE-SPEARES SONNETS and A LOVERS COMPLAINT.  I have also appended below
the complete list of files available from the fileserver.  --HMC]
  The Current Contents of the SHAKSPER Fileserver
  Updated August 1, 1994
  File Package for New Members:
  NEWMEMBR PACKAGE    Order this file to receive the entire package
                        (including several recent logbooks and recent
                        biography files).
  SHAKSPER GUIDE      The Information Manual for members of SHAKSPER.
  SHAKSPER MEMBERS    Current list of all SHAKSPER members and their
                        electronic addresses.
  SHAKSPER FILES      A descriptive listing of the SHAKSPER Fileserver's
                        contents (this file).
  DISCUSS  INDEX_1    An index to the first year's discussions on SHAKSPER.
  DISCUSS  INDEX_2    An index to the second year's discussions on SHAKSPER.
  DISCUSS  INDEX_3    An index to the third year's discussions on SHAKSPER.
  DISCUSS  INDEX_4    An index to the fourth year's discussions on SHAKSPER.
  DISCUSS  INDEX_5    An index to the fifth year's discussions on SHAKSPER.
  Member Biography File(s) and Retrieval Program:
  BIOGRAFY PACKAGE    Order this file to receive the complete package.
  SHAKSPER BIOGRAFY   The first file of SHAKSPER member biographies.
  SHAKS-00 BIOGRAFY   The second file of SHAKSPER member biographies.
  SHAKS-01 BIOGRAFY   The third file of SHAKSPER member biographies.
  SHAKS-02 BIOGRAFY   The fourth file of SHAKSPER member biographies.
  SHAKS-03 BIOGRAFY   The fifth file of SHAKSPER member biographies.
  SHAKS-04 BIOGRAFY   The sixth file of SHAKSPER member biographies.
  SHAKS-05 BIOGRAFY   The seventh file of SHAKSPER member bigraphies.
  SHAKS-06 BIOGRAFY   The eight file of SHAKSPER member biographies.
  SHAKS-07 BIOGRAFY   The ninth file of SHAKSPER member biographies.
  SHAKS-08 BIOGRAFY   The tenth file of SHAKSPER member biographies.
  SHAKS-09 BIOGRAFY   The eleventh file of SHAKSPER member biographies.
  SHAKS-10 BIOGRAFY   The twelfth file of SHAKSPER member biographies.
  SHAKS-11 BIOGRAFY   The thirteenth file of SHAKSPER member biographies.
  SHAKS-12 BIOGRAFY   The fourteenth file of SHAKSPER member biographies.
  SHAKS-13 BIOGRAFY   The fifteenth file of SHAKSPER member biographies.
  SHAKS-14 BIOGRAFY   The sixteenth file of SHAKSPER member biographies.
  SHAKS-15 BIOGRAFY   The seventeenth file of SHAKSPER member biographies.
  SHAKS-16 BIOGRAFY   The eighteenth file of SHAKSPER member biographies.
  SHAKS-17 BIOGRAFY   The nineteenth file of SHAKSPER member biographies.
  SHAKS-18 BIOGRAFY   The twentieth file of SHAKSPER member biographies.
  SHAKS-19 BIOGRAFY   The twenty-first file of SHAKSPER member biographies.
  SHAKS-20 BIOGRAFY   The twenty-second file of SHAKSPER member biographies.
  SHAKS-21 BIOGRAFY   The twenty-third file of SHAKSPER member biographies.
  SHAKS-22 BIOGRAFY   The twenty-fourth file of SHAKSPER member biographies.
  SHAKS-23 BIOGRAFY   The twenty-fifth file of SHAKSPER member biographies.
  SHAKS-24 BIOGRAFY   The twenty-sixth file (in progress).
  BIOGRAFY EXEC       A CMS retrieval program for the SHAKSPER
                        biography files, by Jim Coombs.
  BIOGRAFY HELPCMS    A help file for the CMS biography program.
  Network Resources of Interest:
  CHOICE   REVIEWS    Valuable information on accessing CHOICE (Current
                        Reviews for College Libraries) book reviews via
                        Internet and the University of Colorado's CARL
  INTERNET TEXTBASE   How to access the Shakespeare-on-Disk textbase
                        via Internet at Dartmouth.
  HUMBUL   ANNOUNCE   Description and instructions for accessing
                        HUMBUL, the Humanities Computing Bulletin Board.
  Network Conferences:
  NETWORK  LISTS      An annotated listing, with recommendations, of
                        Bitnet and Internet discussion groups of relevance
                        to SHAKSPEReans.
  SHAKSPER ANNOUNCE   An introduction to the SHAKSPER Conference,
                        and instructions on becoming a member.
                        [This file is available for redistribution.]
  FICINO   ANNOUNCE   An introduction to the FICINO Bitnet seminar,
                        operated by the Centre for Reformation and
                        Renaissance Studies (CRRS), Toronto.
                        Also includes a membership application form.
  ANSAXNET ANNOUNCE   An introduction to the ANSAX-L Seminar,
                        dedicated to discussion of Anglo-Saxon
                        research, and instructions on becoming a
  REED-L   ANNOUNCE   An introduction to the Records of Early English
                        Drama project's Bitnet seminar, REED-L,
                        and instructions on becoming a member.
  EXLIBRIS ANNOUNCE   ExLibris, the Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special
                        Collections Electronic Discussion Group.
  Reference Files:
  DIRECTRY INSTITUT   A directory of Shakespearean institutes,
                        organizations, journals, and libraries.
                        Additions welcome.
  RIVERSID ERRORS     A listing of errors in the Electronic Text
                        Corporation WordCruncher Riverside Shakespeare
                        compiled by Ken Steele.  Additions welcome.
  WATERLOO TEXTBASE   Detailed information supplied by the Centre for
                        the New Oxford English Dictionary, at the
                        University of Waterloo, Ontario.  The project
                        combines the Oxford University Press electronic
                        Complete Works of William Shakespeare (modern
                        spelling) with the retrieval software prepared
                        for the generation of the New OED.
  SPINOFF  BIBLIO     A bibliography of poems, novels, plays, and films
                        inspired by Shakespeare's life and works.
                        Begun by Lawrence Schimel; updated by Hardy Cook.
                        Additions welcome.
  CHARACTR BIBLIO     A bibliography of works in which Shakespeare
                        figures as a character.  Begun by Lawrence
                        Schimel; updated by Hardy Cook.  Additions welcome.
  MONSTERP SPINOFF    A Sesame Street "Monsterpiece Theatre" version of
                        *Hamlet* with Mel Gibson.
  MILTONQ  REVIEWS    A list of recent books received for review by
                        Milton Quarterly, especially books of relevance
                        to Shakespeare and Renaissance studies.
  Scholarly Papers:
  Cacicedo, Al.  "Private Parts"  Preliminary notes for an essay on
    gender identity in Shakespeare.  (PRIVATE PARTS)
  Cook, Hardy M.  "Two *Lear*s for Television: An Exploration of
    Televisual Strategies."  *Literature/Film Quarterly*.  14 (1986):
    179-186.  Reprinted in Bulman and Coursen *Shakespeare and
    Television: An Anthology of Essays and Reviews*, 122-129.
  ---.  "Jane Howell's BBC First Tetralogy:Theatrical and Televisual
    Manipulation."  *Literature/Film Quarterly*.  20 (1992): 326-331.
  ---.  "A Shakespearean in the Electronic Study."  A paper.
    submitted to the computing approaches seminar of the 1990 SAA
    conference in Philadelphia.  (ELECTRON STUDY)
  ---.  Review of Janet Adelman's *Suffocating Mothers: Fantasies of
    Maternal Origins in Shakespeare's Plays, HAMLET to THE TEMPEST*
    (New York and London: Routledge, 1992).  *Shakespeare Newsletter*
    (42.2, Summer 1992, 29-30).  (MOTHERS REVIEW)
  ---.  "Valuing the Material Text: A Plea for a Change in Policy Concerning
    Selection of Reference Texts for Future New Variorum Shakespeare Editions,
    with Examples from the 1609 Quarto of SHAKE-SPEARES SONNETS."  A paper
    submitted to the "Shakespeare's Sonnets: Mapping Uncertainty" seminar of
    the 1994 SAA conference in Albuquerque.  (MATERIAL TEXT)
  Evett, David.  "Remembering Death: Deathbed Scenes in Shakespeare's
    Plays and the Visual Tradition."  Seminar Paper for Shakespeare and
    the Graphic Arts.  1994 Annual Meeting of SAA.  (DEATHBED SCENES)
  Godshalk, William Leigh.  "*Twelfth Night*: All or Nothing?  What
    You Will, It's All One -- Or Is It?"  (12NIGHT ALLONOTH)
  Green, Douglas E.  "New-Minted Shakespeare: Old Currency in a New
    Classroom Economy."  1993 SAA seminar paper.  (CLASSRM ECONOMY)
  Horton, Thomas B.  (Thesis Abstract)  A stylometric analysis of
    Shakespeare and Fletcher.  (STYLOMET FLETCHER)
  Lancashire, Ian.  "The Public Domain Shakespeare."  Paper presented
    at 1992 MLA Session on Electronic Archives.  (LANCSHIR PD_SHAKE)
  Lakowski, Ramuald I.  "The Misogyny of Richard III in More's
    History of King Richard III and Shakespeare's King Richard
    the Third."  (MORESHAK RICHARD3)
  Lamonico, Michael.  "Teaching Shakespeare with a Computer" and "Seek
    Me Out By Computation."  (COMPUTER TEACHING)
  Loughlin, Thomas W.  "Shakespeare by Mail: An Experience in Distance
    Learning Using Electronic Mail."  (LEARNING BY_EMAIL)
  McKenzie, Stanley D.  "The Prudence and Kinship of Prince Hal
     and John of Lancaster in 2 Henry IV."  (PRUDENCE KINSHIP)
  Matsuba, Stephen.  "`The Cunning Pattern of Excelling Nature':
    Literary Computing and Shakespeare's Sonnets."  A paper presented
    at the ALLC/ICCH conference, "The Dynamic Text," Toronto Canada,
    June 1989.  (COMPUTER SONNETS)
  Oliveira, Marta.  "Shakespeare's Sonnet LXXIII and Love."
  Schneider, Ben Ross.  "Granville's Jew of Venice (1701): A Close Reading
    of Shakespeare's Merchant."  (GRANVILL JEW_OF_V)
  Shand, G.B. Skip.  "Queen of the First Quarto."
     Performance-oriented study of the Queen in the first Quarto
     *Hamlet*.  Abstract: SHAND    ABSTRACT SHAKSPER
                Paper:    HAMLETQ1 QUEEN    SHAKSPER
  Steele, Kenneth B.  "Vowing, Swearing, and Superpraising of Parts:
    Petrarch and Pyramus in the Woods of Athens."  Paper delivered at
    the 14th Annual Patristic, Medieval and Renaissance Conference,
    Villanova, Pennsylvania, September 1989.  (PETRARCH PYRAMUS)
  ---.  "`This Falls Out Better Than I Could Devise': Play-bound
    Playwrights and the Nature of Shakespearean Comedy."  An expanded
    version of a paper contributed to the ludic elements seminar at
    the 1990 SAA Conference in Philadelphia.  (SURROGAT PLAYWRIT)
  ---.  "'Leaden Contemplation': Ambiguous Evidence
     of Revision in Q1 Love's Labour's Lost."   Textual study of
     passages of duplication in Q1 LLL.
                Abstract: STEELE  ABSTRACT  SHAKSPER
                Paper:    LLL-Q1  REVISION  SHAKSPER
  ---.  "`The Letter was not Nice but Full of Charge':
    Towards an Electronic Facsimile of Shakespeare."  A paper presented
    at the ALLC/ICCH conference, "The Dynamic Text," Toronto Canada,
    June 1989.  (DYNAMIC SHAKSPER)
  ---.  "`Look What Thy Memory Cannot Contain': The Shakespeare
    Electronic Text Archive."  _Shakespeare Bulletin_ 7:5 (September/
    October 1989): 25-8.  (WCRUNCHR SHAKSPER)
  Strickland, Ron.  "Teaching Shakespeare Against the Grain."  A shorter
    version appeared in *Teaching Shakespeare Today: Practical Approaches
    and Productive Strategies*.  Eds. James Davis and Ronald Salomone.
    Urbana: National Council of Teachers of English, 1993.
  Urkowitz, Stephen.  "'Do me the kindnes to looke vpon this' and
    'Heere, read, read': An Invitation to the Pleasures of Textual/
    Sexual Di(Per)versity."  Paper presented to the 1991 SAA
    in Vancouver.  (URKOWITZ RJ-MWW)
  Waller, Gary.  "Teaching the Late Plays as Family Romance."
  Public Domain Shakespeare Files:
  SONNETS  1609Q      A transcription of the 1609 Quarto of Shakespeare's
                        *Sonnets*, contributed to the public domain by
                        Hardy M. Cook.  Untagged Version.
  SONNETS  TAG1609Q   A fully tagged text of the 1609 Quarto of
                        Shakespeare's *Sonnets*, contributed to the public
                        domain by Hardy M. Cook.  Tagged Version.
  HENRY8   FOLIO1     A thoroughly tagged text of the 1623 First Folio
                        text of Shakespeare's *Henry VIII*, contributed
                        to the public domain by Thomas B. Horton.
  CORNMARK ERRORS     Text of Thomas Hull's (1728-1808) adaptation of
                        Shakespeare's *Comedy of Errors* entered from
                        Cornmarket Press's 1971 facsimile, contributed
                        to the public domain by Thomas B. Horton.
  CIBBER   R3         Text of Colly Cibber's *Richard III* transcribed by
                        Thomas Dale Keever.
  WIVES SCRIPT        An adaptation of *Merry Wives of Windsor* by David
                        Richman, prepared for the ARTSREACH program of
                        the University of New Hampshire's Department of
                        Theatre and Dance.
  "Shakespeare and the Languages of of Performance" Electronic Workbook:
  PEFORM  PACKAGE      The PERFORM PACKAGE contains an Electronic Workbook
                          record of the work of "Shakespeare and the Languages
                          of Performance" -- an NEH Seminar that met at the
                          Folger Shakespeare Library from September 1992
                          through May 1993.
  PERFORM  PACKAGE  SHAKSPER  (Order this file to receive the entire package)
  PERFORM1 SEMINAR  SHAKSPER  (The first part of the Seminar Workbook)
  PERFORM2 SEMINAR  SHAKSPER  (The second part of the Seminar Workbook)
  PERFORM3 SEMINAR  SHAKSPER  (The third part of the Seminar Workbook)
  PERFORM4 SEMINAR  SHAKSPER  (The fourth part of the Seminar Workbook)
  PERFORM5 SEMINAR  SHAKSPER  (The fifth part of the Seminar Workbook)
  PERFORM6 SEMINAR  SHAKSPER  (The sixth part of the Seminar Workbook)
  PERFORM7 SEMINAR  SHAKSPER  (The seventh part of the Seminar Workbook)
  PERFORM8 SEMINAR  SHAKSPER  (The eighth part of the Seminar Workbook)
  *Cahiers Elisabethains*:
  CAHIERS  INDEX      Subject Index to the first twenty years of *Cahiers
                        Elisabethains*, volumes 1 to 40 (1972-1991).  The
                        index was compiled by Angela R. Maguin and
                        prepared for electronic distribution on SHAKSPER
                        by Luc Borot.
  PC-Shakespeare Hypertext Demo:
  PCSHAK   PACKAGE    Order this file to receive all 26 UUencoded files
                        of the PC-Shakespeare Hypertext demo program for
                        the IBM PC and compatibles.  Demo includes the
                        complete text of six history plays (1H4, 2H4, H5,
                        H8, KJ, R2).
  PCSHAK   INFO       A plain text file describing PC-Shakespeare and
                        explaining how to UUdecode and decompress the
                        executable files.  Also includes ordering information
                        for the complete works in hypertext.
  PCSHAK24  UUE       Twenty-four UUencoded files which can most
                        easily be requested as PCSHAK PACKAGE.  (If
                        you lose one file, they can be ordered individually.)
  Oxford Text Archive Information and Sample Texts:
  OTA      PACKAGE    Order this file to receive the complete package
  OXFORD   ARCHIVE    Medieval & Renaissance English electronic texts
                        available from the Oxford Text Archive, and
                        details regarding sources and formats.
                        (Updated October 25, 1990)
  OXFORD   BROCHURE   A general introduction to the Oxford Text Archive,
                        accompanied by ordering forms and ordering
  SHAKSPER TEXTLIST   The latest information on the origin of Shakespearean
                        texts available from the Oxford Text Archive.
  SPECIAL  OFFER      A very special offer: you can order *all* of the
                        quarto and folio texts of Shakespeare from the
                        Oxford Text Archive for only $90.  Order form and
                        instructions included.
  Sample Quarto Comedies:
  LLLQ1    SAMPLE     Love's Labour's Lost Q1 - 1598
  MAANQ1   SAMPLE     Much Ado About Nothing Q1 - 1600
  MSNDQ1   SAMPLE     A Midsummer Night's Dream Q1 - 1600
  MVQ1     SAMPLE     The Merchant of Venice Q1 - 1600
  MWWQ1    SAMPLE     The Merry Wives of Windsor Q1 - 1602
  Sample Quarto Histories:
  CONTENTN SAMPLE     The First Part of the Contention (2H6) Q1 - 1594
  1H4Q1    SAMPLE     Henry IV Part 1 Q1 - 1598
  2H4Q1    SAMPLE     Henry IV Part 2 Q1 - 1600
  EDWARD3  SAMPLE     Edward III
  H5Q1     SAMPLE     Henry V Q1 - 1600
  HENRY5Q1 SAMPLE     Henry V Q1 - 1600 (Different Tagging)
  R2Q1     SAMPLE     Richard II Q1 - 1597
  R3Q1     SAMPLE     Richard III Q1 - 1597
  TRUETRAG SAMPLE     The True Tragedy of Richard Duke of York (3H6) - 1595
  Sample Quarto Tragedies:
  HAMLETQ1 SAMPLE     Hamlet Q1 - 1603
  HAMLETQ2 SAMPLE     Hamlet Q2 - 1604
  KLQ1     SAMPLE     King Lear Q1 - 1608
  OTHQ1    SAMPLE     Othello Q1 - 1622
  RJQ1     SAMPLE     Romeo and Juliet Q1 - 1597
  RJQ2     SAMPLE     Romeo and Juliet Q2 - 1598
  TCQ1     SAMPLE     Troilus and Cressida Q1 - 1609
  TITUSQ1  SAMPLE     Titus Andronicus Q1 - 1594
  Sample Poems & Romances:
  2NKQ1    SAMPLE     The Two Noble Kinsmen Q1 - 1634
  PERICLES SAMPLE     Pericles Q1 - 1609
  POEMS    SAMPLE     Shakespeare's Poems
  SONNETS  SAMPLE     Shakespeare's Sonnets
  PILGRIM  SAMPLE     The Passionate Pilgrim
  Corrections for the Oxford Text Archive Files:
  OTALLLQ1 CORRECTN  Corrigenda for Q1 Love's Labour's Lost - k.s.
  OTALLLF1 CORRECTN  Corrigenda for F1 Love's Labour's Lost - k.s.
  SHAKSPER Monthly Logbooks
  All conference transmissions are automatically logged by ListServ in
  rather mechanically-named monthly notebooks.
  SHAKSPER LOG9007    July 1990 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9008    August 1990 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9009    September 1990 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9010    October 1990 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9011    November 1990 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9012    December 1990 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9101    January 1991 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9102    February 1991 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9103    March 1991 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9104    April 1991 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9105    May 1991 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9106    June 1991 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9107    July 1991 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9108    August 1991 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9109a   First September 1991 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9109b   Second September 1991 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9110    October 1991 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9111    November 1991 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9112    December 1991 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9201    January 1992 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9202    February 1992 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9203    March 1992 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9204    April 1992 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9205    May 1992 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9206    June 1992 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9207    July 1992 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9208    August 1992 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9209    September 1992 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9210    October 1992 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9211    November 1992 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9212    December 1992 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9301    January 1993 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9302    February 1993 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9303a   First March 1993 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9303b   Second March 1993 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9304    April 1993 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9305    May 1993 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9306    June 1993 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9307    July 1993 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9308    August 1993 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9309a   First September 1993 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9309b   Second September 1993 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9310    October 1993 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9311a   First November 1993 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9311b   Second November 1993 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9311c   Third November 1993 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9311d   Fourth November 1993 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9312a   First December 1993 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9312b   Second December 1993 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9401    First January 1994 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9401e   Week Five January 1994 Logbook
      (SHAKSPER Logs are now available by weekly with letter
               indicating the week of the month.)
  SHAKSPER LOG9402a-d February 1994 Logbooks
  SHAKSPER LOG9403a-e March 1994 Logbooks
  SHAKSPER LOG9404a-e April 1994 Logbooks
  SHAKSPER LOG9405a-e May 1994 Logbooks
  SHAKSPER LOG9406a-e June 1995 Logbooks
  SHAKSPER LOG9407a-e July 1995 Logbooks
  SHAKSPER LOG9408a-e August 1995 Logbooks
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