Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 5, No. 0604.  Monday, 11 July 1994.
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Date:           Monday, 11 Jul 1994 00:12:58 -0400 (EDT)
Subject:        Announcing TDR-142
    ...You probably heard of us but when is the last time you read...
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      -- The Journal of Performance Studies - T142 (Summer 1994) --
   TDR is the only journal that explores the diverse world of performance
   with an emphasis on the intercultural, interdisciplinary and experimental.
   It covers theatre, music, dance, entertainment, media, sports, politics,
   aesthetics of everyday life, games, plays and ritual.
   The journal is edited by Richard Schechner of the Department of
   Performance Studies, New York University, and is published quarterly
   by The MIT Press. Although TDR is not yet an electronic journal, you
   can browse through sample articles available on-line through the
   Electronic Newsstand and order via e-mail from The MIT Press (see
   directions below). Check out our table of contents!
  // In this issue (T142 Summer 1994) \\
  // TDR Comment \\
  Cuba: Lift the American Embargo Now - by Richard Schechner
  An Open Letter to President Clinton & to the Congress - by Johannes
  Peter Schumann Advocates Air Strikes to Lift the Siege - by Peter Schumann
  // Letters \\
  Junebug Environmental Justice Festival - by John O'Neal
  // Articles \\
  Tradition, Innovation, and Politics: Chinese and Overseas Chinese
  Theatre Across the World - edited by William H. Sun
     with Huang Zuolin, Fan Yisong, Stan Lai, Chung Mingder,
     Daniel S.P. Yang, Daniel Yung, Tisa Chang
  Shanghai Revisited: Chinese Theatre and the Forces of the Market - by
      David Jiang
  Transcending the Cultural Divide: Westerners Performing Indian
      Classical Dance - by Leela Venkataraman
  Pancoli Capatam (The Vow of Draupadi): Images of Ritual and Political
      Liberation in Tamil Theatre - by Richard A. Frasca
  A Report on the _Stories of Mulberry Village_ - by Xu Xiaozhong,
      translated by Faye C. Fei
  Selections from _Stories of Mulberry Village_ - by Zidu Chen, Yang Jian,
      and Zhu Xiaoping
  _Stories of Mulberry Village_ and the End of Modern Chinese Theatre - by
      Faye C. Fei and William H. Sun
  The Arrest of Malayali Indians in the United Arab Emirates: When
      Performance, [Inter]Culture, and Human Rights Collide - by Jose George
  Community Process and Performance of Muharram Observances in
      Trinidad - by Frank J. Korom and Peter J. Chelkowski
  // Book Reviews \\
  The Politics of Theatre and Drama (edited by Graham Holderness),
  The Politics of Performance: Radical Theatre as Cultural Intervention
  (by Baz Kershaw), Theatre & Politics (by Zygmunt Hubner) - reviewed by
      Randy Martin
  Presence and Resistance: Postmoderism and Cultural Politics in
  Contemporary American Performance (by Philip Auslander) - reviewed by
      Nick Kaye
  The Secret of Theatrical Space (by Josef Svoboda) - reviewed by John Bell
  Women in Power in the Early Modern Drama (by Theodora Jankowski) -
      reviewed by Mita Choudhury
  Critical Theory and Performance (edited by Janelle G. Reinelt and
  Joseph R. Roach) - reviewed by David J. DeRose
  Each TDR issue is filled with photographs, artwork, and scripts that
  illustrate every article. The journal, founded in 1955, is 7 x 10 and
  a 184 pages per issue.
  // Come browse and subscribe \\
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