Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 5, No. 0613.  Thursday, 14 July 1994.
From:           Sean Lawrence <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Wednesday, 13 Jul 1994 21:51:07 -0300
Subject: 5.0600  Re: Klingon Translations
Comment:        Re: SHK 5.0600  Re: Klingon Translations
I liked your ideas of translations (of a sort) into Klingon.  Only I think
you're pigeon-holing (whatever that means, don't drag me into the character
crap again) the Klingons.  I mean, they have a highly developed sense of
humour, as Riker discovered when transferred to a Klingon vessel, and might
appreciate Falstaff's ability to insult his comrades manliness.
They might also think Iago's end perfectly just.  They're relationships are
traditionally monogamous (witness the fuss Worf makes over the death of his
mate, or his insistence that they have to marry after sex), so they'd probably
understand Othello's (initial) devotion.  An Othello both loving and
militaristic is being presented at Stratford Ontario at the moment, and is one
of the best productions of anything by Shakespeare that I've ever seen.
If Iago had a problem with Othello's presumed incompetence he should have
challenged him outwardly.  Scheming is the ultimate dishonourable act, as shown
by the succession problems Picard had to face as elector of the Klingon empire.
As a criminal, he doesn't deserve an honourable end; he deserves to "die
slowly," as Worf once threatens an enemy.
As someone pointed out when "Shakespeare in the Bush" came up a few weeks ago
(months, actually) most of the responses are reflected somewhere in the vasty
deeps of western critical tradition.  I can't help but worry that you're
working from the (very un-Trekker) assumption that other cultures are so
different that they couldn't possibly see what we do in a work of literature.
Anyway, let me know how the Klingon editions come together.  I'll be interested
in seeing a few (though not in the "original Klingon" to which Christopher
Plummer (I think) made reference in the latest movie.
        Sean Lawrence.

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