Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 5, No. 0141.  Monday, 21 February 1994.
From:           Nate Johnson <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Sunday, 20 Feb 94 02:05:33 EDT
Subject:        "Much adoe about somethinge"
Here's more information on the "Much Ado About Something" poem in belated
response to Nancy Miller.  I think I may have mis-cited the manuscript in my
original posting.  Let me take this chance to repeat my request for
information about the poem.
Much adoe about somethinge
rather much adoe about Nothinge
What have I heere a ladie Poet found
another Sappho or Semproma
and native (borne) upon our Brytish ground:
another rare Divine fulcoma.
  Tis so, I see it witnest with myne Ieys
  and her sweete straynes with myne doe Sympathize
Well met then ladie in th'accrostick measure
Ile tread it with yow (if yow please) a space
and think (if youle beleeve me) Europes treasure
t'a Citizen could yeelde no greater grace
  then lett him kisse your hands, but in ???
  on whome the Muses every minnet weight
It's a long poem, taking up around 30 leaves, and I haven't read the whole
thing through yet.  The reference to "th'accrostick measure" is the only
clue I've found so far as to the possible identity of the addressee.  Are
there any "ladie poets" in the 17th century by the name of "Wiatt" or
something close?  There's a list of names and birthdates in the same
manuscript, but no Wiatt.
Here's a more complete citation for the manuscript and film:
Sloane MS 1708, British Library
Film:  Britains Literary Heritage series
Harvester Microform
British Literary Manuscripts for the British Library, London.  Series One:
The English Renaissance:  Literature from the Tudor Period to the
Restoration c. 1500-c.1700
Part One:  Manuscripts selected from Sloane MSS 20-3943 and Additional MSS
Reel Six
At Cornell, it's Cornell University Libraries Film 5903, Reel 6.  That might
be useful for interlibrary loan.

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