Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 5, No. 0059.  Monday, 24 January 1994.
From:           Cliff Ronan <CR06@SWTEXAS>
Date:           Sunday, 23 Jan 1994 13:39 CST
Subject: 5.0055 Q: *MND* and *Lear*
Comment:        RE: SHK 5.0055 Q: *MND* and *Lear*
Good luck, Julie.  Besides the dichotomies that you instance (nature vs.
nurture, and family/state/society vs. the individual), there is the
continuity/similarity of a movement from a flawed civilization into a nature
that is nightmarish and, in the case of *MSND*, downright hallucinogenic.
The old orthodoxy tended to suggest that the trip into the wilds in *King Lear*
was simply tragic, while that in *MSDN* led to comic reintegration and
redemption of the self.  What do you think?
Cliff Ronan
Southwest Texas State

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