Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 5, No. 0193.  Sunday, 6 March 1994.
From:           Michael S. Hart <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Saturday, 05 Mar 94 14:48:55 CST
Subject:        Public Domain Bard Etext
Project Gutenberg has finally managed to get a copy of the CCAT Gopher
Shakespeare which appears to restrict the number of lines, scenes, acts,
or plays one can get at one time, and we should like to release it in a
more easy to use format.
This was done without any assistance or cooperation from CCAT,
CCAT = Center of the Computer Analysis of Texts.
Of course, we should prefer to work WITH archives and experts of this sort,
rather than to have to appear to be providing their works to the public in
a manner that might be described as working against them.
Again, of course, we would prefer to work WITH the people of the SHAKSPER
Discussion Group, of which my father and myself were charter members,
rather than to have it appear that we went behind your backs to prove
the authenticity and copyright status of the works in question.
So far, we have been unable to prove that ANY of the Shakespeare Etexts
appearing on the nets are in the Public Domain, while we have found the
opposite to be true in the case of some major institutions of higher
Therefore, we ask once again for your cooperation in finding paper editions
which match ANY of the Etext editions available, the CCAT Etext particularly,
since we just spent quite some time downloading it piece by piece, and then
reassembling it into useful formats.
If, of course, your goal is to keep the Bard away from the masses, silence,
which has been the previous response, would be totally appropriate.
However, I would hope you would choose not to continue hiding your light
under a bushel.
Thank you,
Michael S. Hart,

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