Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 5, No. 0202.  Tuesday, 8 March 1994.
From:           Michael Dobson <U63495@UICVM>
Date:           Monday, 07 Mar 94 15:08:01 CST
Subject:        [Imagining Gloriana]
Dear Shaksper,
As members of this list who heard me speak on the *Shakespeare and the
Construction of the Author* panel at last year's SAA conference  will know, I
am in the process of co-writing a book, with Nicola Watson, called *Imagining
Gloriana: British Nationalism and the Cult of Elizabeth I, 1603- 1990*.  Such
members will also know that I am especially interested in fantasies linking
Elizabeth with Shakespeare and his canon -- no matter how misogynistic,
pornographic, ahistorical or just plain dumb such fantasies may be. It is thus
my sad duty to read the material sent to this list by William Robinson in full,
and to ask him whether he composes it himself or, if not, where he is getting
it from.
While I am at it, may I ask fellow SHAKspeareans to let me know of any other
bizarre fictional representations of Elizabeth which they may have run into,
especially those involving Shakespeare? I already feel as though I've had the
lot, but there are probably many more yet...
          Many thanks ---   Michael Dobson

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