Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 5, No. 0879.  Tuesday, 1 November 1994.
From:           Helen Ostovich <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Monday, 31 Oct 1994 14:52:45 +0001 (EST)
Subject:        McMaster Conference
                                                        November 18, 1994
                      EXPANDING THE CANON:
8:OO am             REGISTRATION -- Gilmour Hall Council Chamber
PLENARY SESSION 1                                 9:00-10:30
                                   Gilmour Hall Council Chamber
                    Expanding the Canon:  Theory and Practice
                    MODERATOR:  Helen Ostovich (McMaster)
                    KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  Jean E Howard (Columbia):
                         "Other Englands:  The View from the Non-
                         Shakespearean History Play"
                    RESPONDENT:  Paul Stevens (Queen's)
COFFEE                                            10:30-11:00
PLENARY SESSION 2                                 11:00-12:30
                                   Gilmour Hall Council Chamber
                    Reading Dialogue and Performance
                    MODERATOR:  Graham Roebuck (McMaster)
                    Judith Deitch (U of Toronto):  ""`Dialogue-
                         wise':  Rediscovering English Dialogues
                    Leslie S. Katz (Amherst):  "`Sweete Sir
                         Timothie, kind sir Timothie, tough sir
                         Timothie':  Voicing Robert Armin's Quips
                         upon Questions"
                    Stephanie Wright:  "A Text without a Space:
                         Performing The Tragedy of Miriam"
LUNCH                                                  12:30-2:00
                              Commons Building, Small Dining Room
CONCURRENT SESSIONS 3 AND 4                            2:00-3:30
(3)                                Gilmour Hall Council Chamber
                    Show and Tell:  Spectacle as Meaning
                    MODERATOR:  Mary Silcox (McMaster)
                    John Astington (U of Toronto):  "The Ages of
                         Man and the Lord Mayor's Show"
                    Candy Loren (U of Toronto):  "`To enter Gods
                         house, as if it were a Play-house':  The
                         Jacobean `Man-Woman' Transgressively
                         Reinscribed in the Role of Spectator"
                    Philip Collington (U of Toronto):
                         "Middleton, Whitney and Wither:
                         Stagecraft `in the Light of the Emblem'"
(4)                                          University Hall 122
                    The Bible and Meditative Tradition
                    MODERATOR:  James Dale (McMaster)
                    Noam Flinker (U of Haifa):  "Biblical Poetry
                         in the Context of Mid-Sixteenth-Century
                         Political Tension:  The Case of William
                         Baldwin's The Canticles, or Balades of
                    Kel Morin (U of Ottawa):  "`Thus crave I
                         mercy':  The Preface of Anne Locke"
                    John Ottenhoff (Alma College, MI):
                         "Meditating upon Anne Locke's
COFFEE                                                 3:30-4:00
CONCURRENT SESSIONS 5 AND 6                            4:00-5:30
(5)                                Gilmour Hall Council Chamber
                    Women's Ordeals
                    MODERATOR:  Joan Coldwell (McMaster)
                    Stanley D. McKenzie (Rochester Institute of
                         Technology):  "`I to my selfe am
                         strange':  The Competing Voices of
                         Drayton's `Mistress Shore'"
                    Karen Bamford (Mount Allison):  "Sexual
                         Violence in the Queen of Corinth"
                    Anthony Martin (Waseda University, Tokyo):
                         "The `Voice' of an African Woman:
                         George Herbert's `Aethiopissa'"
(6)                                          University Hall 122
                    Reading and Writing Kings
                    MODERATOR:  Tom Cain (McMaster)
                    Joan Parks (U of Wisconsin):  "Elizabeth
                         Cary's Domestic History"
                    Louise Nichols (U du Quebec a Chicoutimi):
                         "`My name was known before I came':  The
                         Heroic Identity of the Prince in The
                         Famous Victories of Henry V"
                    Sandra Bell (Queens):  "The King Writing:
                         King James VI and Lepanto"
CASH BAR                                          5:30-7:00
                    Commons Building, Dining Room
DINNER                                                 7:00
A conference for the rediscovery and exploration of neglected areas of English
writings, 1560-1625, such as non-Shakespearean drama, particularly lesser known
works; poets other than Shakespeare, Sidney, Spenser, Donne; letters and
diaries; travel literature; popular culture; woemn's writings; emblem books;
masques; prose fiction.
Keynote Speaker:  Jean Howard (Columbia University)
               "Other Englands:  The View from the Non-
               Shakespearean History Play"
Respondent:  Paul Stevens (Queen's University)
Sponsored by the McMaster University English Association
                         THE CONFERENCE
8:00 am        REGISTRATION  The Council Chamber, Gilmour Hall
               Coffee & tea served
9:00 am        KEYNOTE ADDRESS
10:30 am       Coffee Break
11:00 am       PANEL OF SPEAKERS
12:30 pm       LUNCHEON (included in registration fee)
2:00 pm        PANEL OF SPEAKERS
3:30 pm        Coffee Break
4:00 pm        PANEL OF SPEAKERS
5:30 pm        Cash Bar
7:00 pm        Dinner -- Buffet of 4 salads, 2 entrees (Chicken
               with wild mushrooms; Striploin of Beef au jus);
               potatoes and vegetables; choice of desserts; wine;
               tea & coffee.  OPTIONAL:  COST $28.00.  PLEASE
CONFERENCE HOTEL:  Visitors Inn, 649 Main St W, Hamilton ON L8S 1A2 --
(905)529-6979.  Please contact hotel directly and request conference rate:  $63
single; $68 double (+ tax).  Early reservations advised.
PARKING:  Conference parking spaces available.  Sterling St. entrance to
The full programme with names of all speakers and titles of papers will be
available after Oct 15. More information from Mary Silcox (905) 525-9140 x27314
and Helen Ostovich x24496, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
                        REGISTRATION FORM
TELEPHONE:  Business___________________      Home:_______________
Registration fee (Canadian funds):  Regular = $20
                                    student = $10
                                    dinner  = $28
Current exchange rate of US $ is approximately $1 US: $1.40 Cdn. Please return
this form and cheque (made out to McMaster University in Canadian funds) to the
address following by FRIDAY NOVEMBER 4:
Mrs Clover Nixon
Department of English
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario
Canada L8S 4L9

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