Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 5, No. 0827. Friday, 21 October 1994.
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Date:           Wednesday, 19 Oct 1994 11:47:16 -0400 (EDT)
Subject:        Announcing: TDR (T143)
    ...You probably heard of us but when is the last time you read...
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      -- The Journal of Performance Studies - T143 (Fall 1994) --
   TDR is the only journal that explores the diverse world of performance
   with an emphasis on the intercultural, interdisciplinary and experimental.
   It covers theatre, music, dance, entertainment, media, sports, politics,
   aesthetics of everyday life, games, plays and ritual.
   The journal is edited by Richard Schechner of the Department of
   Performance Studies, New York University, and is published quarterly
   by The MIT Press. Although TDR is not yet an electronic journal, you
   can browse through sample articles available on-line through the
   Electronic Newsstand and order via e-mail from The MIT Press (see
   directions below). Check out our table of contents!
  // In this issue (T143 Fall 1994) \\
  /TDR Comment
  The Dilemma of Multiculturalism in the Theatre -- by Ethel Pitts Walker
  /In Memory
  Ron Vawter by -- Richard Schechner
  /Letters, Etc.
  Healing and Japanese Theatre -- a letter from Adam Lebowitz
   -- Deborah S. Klens responds
  Big Girls Do Cry: Femininity and Toughness in the Kerrigan-Harding
   Affair -- by Abigail M. Feder
  Retrial for Sharjah Blasphemers -- by Richard Schechner
  The Courage to Be Happy: Augusto Boal, Legislative Theatre, and
  the 7th International Festival of the Theatre of the Oppressed
   -- by Paul Heritage
  Vindicated: A Letter from Augusto Boal -- by Augusto Boal
  A Role to Play for the Theatre of the Oppressed -- by Douglas L. Paterson
  To Be or To Have -- by Zbigniew Cynkutis
   translated and edited by William H. Shepard
  Mask Face and Machine Face -- by Mikhail Yampolsky
   translated by Larry Joseph
  Playing Against the Text: Les Atrides and the History of Reading
   Aeschylus -- by Sallie Goetsch
  Who Speaks and Who Is Spoken For?: Playwright, Director, and
   Producer Joan Lipkin -- an interview by Iris Smith
  Re/membering Home and Heritage: The New World Performance
   Laboratory -- by Lisa Wolford
  "I Want the Microphone": Mass Mediation and Agency in Asian-American
   Popular Music -- by Deborah Wong
  "it was like a play in a play in a play!": Tales from South Asia in an
   Intercultural Production -- by Sharon A. Grady and Phillip B. Zarrilli
  Unmarked: The Politics of Performance (by Peggy Phelan) -- reviewed
   by Philip Auslander
  Ecstacy and the Demon: Feminism and Nationalism in the Dances of
   Mary Wigman (by Susan Manning) -- reviewed by Karl Toepfer
  The First English Actresses: Women and Drama 1660-1700 (by Elizabeth
   Howe) -- reviewed by Tracy C. Davis
  Acting Gay: Male Homosexuality in Modern Drama (by John M. Clum); and,
  Communists, Cowboys, and Queers: The Politics of Masculinity in the Work
   of Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams (by David Savran) -- reviewed
   by Bradley Boney
  Interculturalism and Performance: Writings from PAJ (edited by Bonnie
   Marranca and Gautam Dasgupta); and,
  The Dramatic Touch of Difference: Theatre, Own, and Foreign (edited by
   Erika Fischer-Lichte) -- reviewed by Phillip B. Zarrilli
  Each TDR issue is filled with photographs, artwork, and scripts that
  illustrate every article. The journal, founded in 1955, is 7 x 10 and
  a 184 pages per issue.
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