Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 6, No. 0954.  Saturday, 9 December 1995.
From:           Bob Leslie <8913241l%arts.gla.ac.uk@ukacrl>
Date:           Thursday, 7 Dec 1995 21:14:20 +0000
Subject:        Aiutami Italia!
I wonder if any of our Italian SHAKSPERIANS (or indeed anyone with access to
older Italian texts) can help me. I need to enlarge and revise an article of
mine for inclusion in a book on the Fool soon to be published by Medieval
Institute at Univ. of Western Michigan. It basically traces the ancestry of the
Jonsonian foppish 'humor' back through two Italian precedents: the Capitano and
the Sienese Fool. The problem is that certain essential texts which I requested
some considerable time ago on Inter-Library Loan have failed to materialise and
the deadline for submission looms ever closer so can I ask if anyone who has
access to *any* of the following poems could possibly be kind enough to
directly e-mail me the texts, with full bibliographical references, indicating
accents where applicable as follows - (/) or (`) after the letter (ASCII
accents don't transmit very well).
BURCHIELLO, *Sonetti* 57, 62, 124, 159, 162, 229
M. Franco, *Sonetti* XIV, LXXXIV
Also, could anyone confirm for me that "Corsignan" in Pulci's *Morgante* XIV,
53 translates as "Corsica"?
If anyone can help me they are assured of shelter from the rain (and a drop of
the hard stuff) if they ever come to Glasgow! Ciao!
P.S. To any Sienese SHAKSPERIANS - nothing personal!
                      Bob Leslie

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