Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 6, No. 0596.  Monday, 31 July 1995.
From:           Fiona C. Quick <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Monday, 31 Jul 95 02:08:25 CST
Subject:        Re: Automobile ad with the Bard
It is *not* my intention to raise any debate regarding authorship, but as an
advertising student, I found the recent campaign by an American car company
intruiging.  The advertisment begins with the question (this is not a direct
transcription, but accurate in concept) "How open minded are you?" and flashes
the litho of Bill and then asks "Would you consider that all the plays were not
written by him?" The ad goes on to describe the car company and features of the
I found it interesting that, although the authorship topic has previously been
discussed in the mainstream, bringing it into advertising (if past cultural
influences of advertising are any indication) certainly has implications for
future discussion within American society.
Again, this is simply an observation, and *not* an invitation to discuss
authorship, but I would be interested to discuss *other* uses of the Bard and
his likeness within the realm of advertising and it's possible cultural
Fiona C. Quick
University of Minnesota
School of Journalism and Mass Communication

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