Shakespeare Electronic Conference, SHK 7.0798.  Friday, 8 November 1996.

From:           Dennis Kennedy <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Friday, 8 Nov 1996 11:30:13 GMT
Subject:        Shakespeare and Ireland

S H A K E S P E A R E    A N D    I R E L A N D

A Conference at Trinity College, Dublin
21 to 23 March 1997


4.00  -  6.00   Registration:  Arts Building, Trinity College, main concourse

Note:   all of the conference events will take place in the Ernest Walton
Theatre (room 2039),  Arts Building,  unless otherwise indicated.


9.15            Opening of Conference:  welcoming address.

9.30 - 10.30    Plenary Speaker 1:  Philip Edwards (University of Liverpool),
                        'Shakespeare, Ireland, Dreamland'.

11.00 - 1.00    Paper Session 1:  Imperial Politics
                Richard Abrams (University of Southern Maine),  ' "English
                 Egypt": The Topicality of Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra'
                Patricia A. Cahill (Columbia University),  ' "We Had Beene Safe
                  in Ireland";  Masculinity, Captain Thomas Stukeley, and the
                  Disciplines of War'.
                Bernhard Klein (Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universit=E4t,
                  Frankfurt), 'Shakespeare and the Map of Ireland'.
                Emma Smith (All Souls College, Oxford)  ' "These Irishmen, some
                  say, are great dissemblers":  Irishness as Disguise in
                  Renaissance Drama'.

2.30 - 3.30     Plenary Speaker 2:  Ania Loomba  (Jawaharlal Nehru University,
                  New Delhi),  'Shakespeare and the Location of Culture'.

4.00 - 5.30     Paper Session  2:  Colonial Perspectives
                Jacqueline Belanger (University of Kent at Canterbury),  ' "The
                  wonderful philosophic impartiality in Shakespeare's
                  politics": Shakespeare, Coleridge and Ireland'.
                Elizabeth Fowler (Yale University),  'Scenes of Colonial
                Thomas Herron (University of Wisconsin-Madison),  ' "Where is
                  Duncan's body?"   Plantation Politics and Irish Saints in
                  Shakespeare's Richard II and Macbeth'.


9.30 - 10.30    Plenary Speaker 3:  Terence Brown (Trinity College, Dublin),
                        'Yeats and Shakespeare'.

11.00 - 1.00    Paper Session 3:  Theatre History and Ireland
                Chris Morash (Saint Patrick's College, Maynooth),  'Shakespeare
                  and the Shape of Irish History'.
                Peter Raby (Homerton College, Cambridge),  'Harriet Smithson
                  and the interpretation of Shakespearean roles'.
                Richard Schoch (University of Birmingham),  ' "Chopkins Late
                  Shakespeare":  the Bard and his Burlesques,  1811-1859'.
                Patrick Tuite (University of Wisconsin-Madison),  'Parading
                  Along the Parish Boundaries:  Identifying Institutions of
                  Erasure in the Theatre of Seventeenth Century Ireland'.

2.30 - 4.00     Paper Session 4:  Coming to Terms with Shakespeare
                Margot Gayle Backus (St. John Fisher College, Rochester, NY),
                  'McGuinness and the Exorcists:  Shakespearean Gothicism in
                  Contemporary Irish Dramaturgy.
                Eugene O'Brien (University of Limerick),  'Patrick W.
                  Shakespeare and the Politics of Irish Identity'.
                Kiernan Ryan (New Hall, Cambridge),  ' "Dreaming of Things to
                  Come":  the Burden of the Bard in Wilde, Shaw and Joyce'.

4.30 - 6.00     Henry V Seminar (tabled papers)
                Jean Feerick (Univesity of Pennsylvania),   'Henry V and
                  national identity'.
                Cherrie Gottsleben(Northeastern Illinois University), 'The
                  Colonizing of Myth'.
                Ted Motohashi (Tokyo Metropolitan University),  ' "Remember
                  Crispin":  Henry V  and the Politics of Memory'.
                Andrew Murphy (University of Hertfordshire),  'Editing Ireland:
                  Henry V '.


9.30 - 11.00    Paper Session 5:  Shakespeare, Canon and Postcoloniality
                Claudia W. Harris (Brigham Young University),  'The Tempest as
                  Political Allegory'.
                Christina Hunt Mahony (Catholic University of America),
                  'Shakespeare and Dowden'.
                Ramona Wray (Queen's University, Belfast),  'Shakespeare and
                  the Sectarian Divide:  Teaching the English Renaissance in
                  (Post) Post-Ceasefire Belfast'.

11.30 - 1.00    Contemporary Theatre Practice Session 1:  Acting Shakespeare in
                        and out of Ireland.

2.30 - 4.30     Contemporary Theatre Practice Session 2:  Producing
                       an Irish Shakespeare.

A number of outstanding theatre professionals have accepted invitations to
participate in these two sessions on contemporary theatre practice,  subject to
other commitments. It is not possible at this stage to confirm the names of
those taking part.

This academic programme does not include details of social activities,
receptions, exhibitions and theatre events being planned in association with
the conference.

Registration Fee.  The registration fee should be received by 1 March 1997,
after which a late fee will apply. The fee should be sent  by personal cheque
or by banker's draft in one of the following currencies only, payable to
"Trinity College Dublin", and posted with the slip below (by airmail, where
appropriate) to:
Norah Crummy, School of English, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland

                by 1 March 1997          after 1 March 1997
Irish           40 pounds                    45 pounds
Sterling        40 pounds                    45 pounds
US dollars      65 dollars                   75 dollars

Irish           10 pounds                      15 pounds
Sterling        10 pounds                      15 pounds
US dollars      17 dollars                     25 dollars
*Students must send with the fee a photocopy of a current student card or
other document certifying full-time enrollment in a college or university.

Accommodation.  The conference hotel is the new Bewley's Hotel, 19/20 Fleet
Street, Dublin 2, a short walk from the front gate of Trinity.  All rooms are
equipped with private bath, telephone,  TV, and tea/coffee-making facilities.
Conference registrants should make their own bookings directly with the hotel
NO LATER THAN 1 FEBRUARY 1997, quoting the reference "Trinity College".  The
special rates, which include full breakfast and taxes, are =A355 for a single
room and =A375 for a double.
                Telephone               +353 1 670 8122
                Fax                     +353 1 670 8103
Because of the time of year no rooms in Trinity College will be available.
Those who wish alternative accommodation may contact Dublin Tourism, who will
book rooms in guest houses and other hotels.  Website: http://www.visit.ie
                Telephone               +353 1 605 7777
                Fax                     +353 1 605 7787
                email                   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Arrival in Dublin.  Taxis from Dublin Airport to city centre cost about
=A312-14.  Alternatively, a frequent express bus is priced at =A32.50, and
deposits passengers a ten-minute walk from Bewley's Hotel and Trinity. Further
information about the conference is available from Norah Crummy by telephone on
+353 1 608 2301 or by fax on +353 1 671 7114. Postal address as below.


Registration Form
Must be received by 1 March 1997 to avoid the late fee


Mailing Address



email address

Institutional affiliation (for name badge)

Cheque or draft enclosed, payable to "Trinity College Dublin" in the amount
of ___________
(Students must include proof of status)

Send to:       =20
Norah Crummy
School of English
Trinity College
Dublin 2

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