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From:           Joanne Woolway <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Monday, 16 Sep 1996 14:20:02 +0100 (BST)
Subject:        EMLS 2.2

The new issue of Early Modern Literary Studies (2.2) is now available. The
table of contents is below, and our Website can be found at


This is our new Persistent URL (PURL) which links to our site at


As well as the articles and reviews below, we have links in our Interactive
section to new resources, conference information, theses, and calls for papers.

To receive an e-mail version of EMLS, please send a message to
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Joanne Woolway
Associate Editor, EMLS

Early Modern Literary Studies 2.2 (August 1996)

Editor's Note:
*A New Universal Resource Locator for EMLS.

*"And shall I die, and this unconquered?": Marlowe's Inverted Colonialism.
Lisa Hopkins, Sheffield Hallam University.
*New Pleasures Prove: Evidence of Dialectical Disputatio in Early Modern
Manuscript Culture. Margaret Downs-Gamble,[*] Virginia Tech.
*England as Israel in Milton's Writings. John K. Hale, University of Otago.

* Reassessing the Use of Doubling in Marston's Antonio and Mellida. Jeffrey

* Valeria Finucci and Regina Schwartz, eds. Desire in the Renaissance:
Psychoanalysis and Literature. Princeton: Princeton UP, 1994. Thomas
Luxon, Dartmouth College.
* Renaissance Women: Constructions of Femininity in England. Ed. Kate
Aughterson. New York: Routledge, 1995. Carrie Hintz, University of Toronto.
* Barbara L. Estrin. Laura: Uncovering Gender and Genre in Wyatt, Donne, and
Marvell. Durham, NC: Duke UP, 1994. Nathan P. Tinker, Fordham University.
* Frank Lestringant. Mapping the Renaissance World: The Geographical
Imagination in the Age of Discovery. Trans. David Fausett. Berkeley: U of
California P, 1994. Garrett Sullivan, Pennsylvania State University.
* Kim F. Hall. Things of Darkness: Economies of Race and Gender in Early
Modern England. Ithaca: Cornell UP, 1995. Bernadette Andrea, West
Virginia University.
* Three Renaissance Travel Plays. Ed. Anthony Parr. [Revels Plays Companion
Library 10]. Manchester: Manchester UP, 1995. Eric Wilson, Harvard University.
* David Fausett. Writing the New World: Imaginary Voyages and Utopias of the
Great Southern Land. Syracuse, New York: Syracuse UP, 1993. Gabriel de
Foigny. The Southern Land, Known. Trans. and ed. David Fausett. Syracuse,
New York: Syracuse UP, 1993. James R. Burns, Oriel College, Oxford.
* Margaret Aston. The King's Bedpost: Reformation and Iconography in a Tudor
Group Portrait. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1993. Andrew Stott, University of
* Eric Sams. The Real Shakespeare: Retrieving the Early Years.[*] New Haven:
Yale UP, 1995. Bryan N.S. Gooch, University of Victoria.
* Howard B. Norland. Drama in Early Tudor Britain 1485-1558. Lincoln,
Nebraska: U of Nebraska P, 1995. James C. Cummings, University of
* Certaine Sermons or Homilies appointed to be read in Churches, in the time
of the late Queene Elizabeth of famous memory (1623). Ed. Ian Lancashire.
[Renaissance Electronic Texts 1.1]. U of Toronto: Centre for Computing in
the Humanities, 1994. Ronald B. Bond, University of Calgary.

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