Shakespeare Electronic Conference, SHK 7.0681.  Friday, 20 September 1996.

From:           R.G. Siemens <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Thursday, 19 Sep 1996 09:06:26 -0700
Subject:        EMLS 2.2 / PURL / SHAKSPER Archive

In response to Norm Holland's note regarding PURLs, a PURL is like a URL except
that instead of pointing one directly at a resource, it points to a service
which then re-directs one to that resource.

Thus, the PURL


will, today and for the next few weeks, redirect to the URL


In the coming weeks, when EMLS must change servers within its sponsoring
institution (UBC) and as a consequence must also change its URL, the PURL can
still consistently direct users to our site.  In this way, a PURL is a useful
thing; while exact URLs might change with system reconfigurations and the like,
a PURL can remain stable, the exact URL to which it redirects being simply

The locational instability of many WWW sites is a bit of a contentious issue in
some circles, but PURLs seem a good measure to make up for this instability at
this time.  For EMLS, which is accessed by roughly 100 unique users per day, a
stable access point -- even if through a PURL -- is essential.

More information on PURLs can be found at the OCLC site:


SHAKSPER members might also like to know that Interactive EMLS -- a section of
EMLS that houses Resources, Postprints, Preprints, and Conference Materials --
also houses a SHAKSPER Discussion List Archive, which can be found at


As well, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank in advance our many readers
for their patience with EMLS' upcoming move.

Ray Siemens

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