Shakespeare Electronic Conference, SHK 8.0182.  Monday, 10 February 1997.

From:           Hardy M. Cook <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Date:           Monday, February 10, 1997
Subject:        Technical Problems

Dear SHAKSPEReans:

In my attempt to fix one of my problems, I appear to have introduced another.

Everyone should have received SHK 8.0163  Re: Civility, Iago, Fonts, which was
mailed 2/1/97.

I made the change on 2/3/97.  The following digests should have been received
either on 2/3/97 or 2/4/97:
        SHK 8.0164  Re: Branagh's Hamlet; Iago; Helsingborg
        SHK 8.0165  Re: Minimal Civility; Difficult Texts
        SHK 8.0166  Qs: Parallel Scenes; Music from TN; Non Shakesperean Plays
        SHK 8.0167  Re: R3/St.Paul; Cordelia/Fool; Transcendence v. Historicism
        SHK 8.0168  Re: Branagh's *Hamlet*
        SHK 8.0169  Draft Texts on the Internet Shakespeare Editions

On 2/5/97, I mailed the following digests:
        SHK 8.0170  Re: Ideology
        SHK 8.0171  Qs: Jn. Film; Osric's Eggshell; Kline's Ham.; Brooks Lr.
        SHK 8.0172  Re: Cordelia and the Fool
        SHK 8.0173  Re: Parallel Scenes
        SHK 8.0174  Re: Civility; Elsinore; R3 and St. Paul
        SHK 8.0175  Fahrenheit Theatre Company's Romeo and Juliet

All of the above digests can be obtained by sending the command "GET SHAKSPER
LOG9702A" to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

On Friday, 2/7/97, I mailed the following digests, which I will remail later
        SHK 8.0176  Milton Transcription Project
        SHK 8.0177  Re: Ideology (Various)
        SHK 8.0178  Various Announcements
        SHK 8.0179  Re: Parallel Scenes; Drab; Branagh's *Ham*; Osric's Hat
        SHK 8.0180  Q: RII Productions
        SHK 8.0181  Re: Scansion; Q: Blank Verse

The above digests contain all but one or two of the messages that I have
received from members during the first week of February -- All others
apparently have been lost as a result of the technical problem.

Wait until tommorrow; then if you send a submission, and do not see it in these
digests, please resend.

I am sorry for the problem and am looking for another solution.

Bear with me,
Hardy Cook

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