Shakespeare Electronic Conference: SHK 8.0222. Sunday, 16 February 1997.

From:           Michael C LoMonico  <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Saturday, 15 Feb 1997 15:06:17 EST
Subject:        Shakespeare Magazine Winter Issue

SHAKESPEARE magazine, sponsored by Georgetown University and Cambridge
University Press is pleased to announce that its Winter Issue has just been

Highlights of this issue include:
*After Luhrmann, Will Romeo and Juliet ever be the same? - students,
teachers and scholars react to the film that puts a cool romance against a
background of hot cars, guns, power, and money.  *A Plague on Both Your
Fathers: Patriarchy in Verona Beach-University of Miami, Ohio scholar
Frances Dolan links the foreboding fathers of Romeo and Juliet with their
Elizabethan counterparts.
*The Balcony Scene in Performance-rare photos from the archives of Lincoln
Center's Library for the Performing Arts.
*Fancy and Neutral masks-Sue Biondo-Hench shows us how to make and use
fancy masks; Caleen Jennings  shows us how working with white-faced masks
leads to breakthroughs in character study.
*Thees and Thous: Clues to Interpersonal Relationships-Pat Thisted shows
how spending a day learning the ins and outs of second person familiar
pronoun forms can lead to insights about relationships between
Shakespeare's characters.
*Hilary Zunin Reviews Michael Pennington's  "Hamlet: A User's Guide" *Trial
by Audience-Kimberly Strain recounts a trip to the Oregon Shakespeare
Festival in Ashland with middle school students *Electronic
Shakespeare-Rick Vanderwall reviews two new RJ CD-ROMs and Madeline Holzer
gives suggestions for how to use CD ROM's in the classroom *Peggy O'Brien's
20 minute RJ-What appears on the surface to be a light-hearted summary of
the play with lots of opportunity for hammy acting is in fact a
multi-intelligence learning experience.  *Dream Shakespeare Films-teachers,
scholars, enthusiasts describe the Shakespeare film they most want to see
in the future.  *Rex Gibson on Juliet's funeral-The renowned editor of the
Cambridge School Shakespeare editions  gives us an authentic David Garrick
poster and ideas for how to use it in the classroom.

Subscriptions ($12 US, $18 Foreign for 3 issues) should be sent to:
Georgetown University
PO Box 571006
Washington, D.C.  20057-1006

For more information go to www.shakespearemag.com

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