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From:           Hardy M. Cook <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Wednesday, April 16, 1997
Subject:        SNL Summer Festivals List from Winter Issue

Below is the Summer Festivals list I submitted to *The Shakespeare
Newsletter*.  The editors decided to publish the list earlier than in
previous years and to include an update in the spring issue.

If you work with a festival that is not included, please contact me for
the format for an entry, and I'll include it in the next issue.

Shakespeare Summer Festivals 1997 as submitted to the Winter issue of
*The Shakespeare Newsletter*
Compiled by Hardy M. Cook
Bowie State University

ALABAMA SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, 1 Festival Drive, Montgomery, AL
36117-4605. (800) 841-4273 or (334) 271-5353. 26th Season. Kent
Thompson, Artistic Director. March 4-Aug. 31.  In repertory Mac. (Kent
Thompson) March 11-July 26; LLL (Jacques Cartier)  April 8-July 27; MV
(Kent Thompson) June 3-July 26.  In stock: Cym. (Kent Thompson) Aug.

AMERICAN PLAYERS THEATRE, P.O. Box 819, Spring Green, WI 53588. (608)
588-2361. 18th Season. June 12-Oct. 5.  David Frank, Artistic Director.
In repertory:  R3 (opens June 28); Err. (opens Aug. 16).

CARMEL SHAKE-SPEARE FESTIVAL, P.O. Box 222035, Carmel, CA 93922.  (408)
622-0100. 14th Season. Stephen Moorer, Artistic Director. Aug. 1-Oct.
12.  The Complete Works of Wllm Shkspr  (abridged). Aug. 1-October 11;
Rom. Sept. 6-Oct. 12; Cor. Sept. 26-Oct. 12.

COLORADO SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, University of Colorado - Boulder, P.O.
Box 460, Boulder, CO 80309-0460. (303) 492-0554. 40th  Season.  Richard
M. Devin, Producing Artistic Director. June 27-Aug. 17. In repertory:
Rom. (Henry Godinez); Ado (Robin Mckee); Tro. (Tom Markus).

GEORGIA SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, 4484 Peachtree Rd., N.E., Atlanta, GA
30319. (404) 264-0020.  12th Season.  Richard Garner, Producing
Director. June 20-Aug. 17  In repertory: Tmp., Oth.,  Inaugural season
in a new 510-seat theater at Oglethrope University.

IDAHO SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, P.O. Box 9365, Boise, ID 83707. (208)
336-9700. 21st  Season.  Charles Fee, Artistic Director.  June 12-Sept.
20.  MV (Bart Sher) June 26-Aug. 30; Shr. (Sari Ketter) July 10-Sept.
20; Mac. (Charles Fee) July 31-Aug. 31. Festival performs in an outdoor
amphitheater, picnicking encourages.

ILLINOIS SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, Campus Box 5700, Illinois State
University, Normal, IL 61790. (309) 438-2535. 20th  Season.  Calvin
MacLean, Artistic Director.  June 19-Aug. 9.  In repertory: AWW (Karen
Kessler); Ham. (Doug Finlayson); Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
(Calvin MacLean).  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or

KENTUCKY SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, 1114 South Third St., Louisville, KY
40203. (502) 583-8738. Curt L. Tofteland, Producing Director.  June
12-July 6. Tmp. (Curt L. Tofteland); Pantalone Rides Again (Brandi J.
Smith).  First Annual Taste of Shakespeare June 6.

NASHVILLE SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL: Shakespeare in the Park, 2814 12th
Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37204.  (615) 292-2273.  10th Season.
Denice Hicks, Artistic Director. Aug. 1-31.  Shr.

NEW JERSEY SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, Drew University, 36 Madison Ave.,
Madison, NJ 07940 (201) 408-3278. 35th Season. Bonnie J. Monte, Artistic
Director. June 13-Aug. 24.  MND   (Bonnie J. Monte) June 13-29; Ado (Joe
Drischer) June 25-July 26; H5 (Scott Wentworth) July 15-Aug. 10. Annual
Shakespeare Colloquium July 19-20.

Diego, CA 92112. (619) 239-2255.  Jack O'Brien, Artistic Director.  June
29-Oct. 4.  Oth. (Jack O'Brien) June 29-Aug. 9; Err. (John Rando) Aug.
24-Oct. 4.

OKLAHOMA SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL.  P.O. Box 1074, Durant, OK 74702.  (405)
924-0121 (extension 2385).  18th Season.  Molly Risso, Artistic
Director.  June 27-July 27.  Ant. (Molly Risso) July 18, 22, 26; The
Compleat Wks of Wllm Shkspr (Adbrided) (Patrick Benton) July 20, 21.
Hosted by Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

OREGON SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, P.O. Box 158, Ashland, OR 97520. (541)
482-4331. 62nd  Year.  Libby Appel, Artistic Director. Feb. 21-Nov. 2.
Angus Bowmer Theatre: Lr. (Libby Appel) Feb. 21-Nov. 2. The Elizabethan
Theatre: AYL (Tazewell Thompson) June 10-Oct.12;  Tim. (Penny
Metropulos) June 11-Oct. 10; TGV (Ken Albers) June 12-Oct. 11. Plus
seven non-Shakespearean productions.  Backstage tours, lectures,
concerts, play readings, and more. Write or call for detailed brochure,
or visit Web at http://www.mind.net/osf/.

Ave., Center Valley, PA 18034. (610) 282-9455. Gerard J. Schubert,
O.S.F.S., Producing Artistic Director.  June 18-Aug. 9.  JC  (Gerard J.
Schubert, OSFS) June 18-July 12; Err. (Russell Treyz) July 23-Aug. 9.

THE PUBLICK THEATRE,  11 Ridgemont St., Boston, MA 02134. (617)
782-5425. Spiro Veloudos, Artistic Director.  June 5-Aug. 31. LLL July
10-27; AYL Aug. 19, 25, 26.

SHAKESPEARE & COMPANY - THE MOUNT, 2 Plunket St., P.O. Box 865, Lenox,
MA 01240. (413) 637-3353. 20th Season.  Tina Packer, Artistic Director.
May 23-Nov. 1.  Mainstage Theatre: 1H4  July 25-Aug. 31.  Other plays in
repertory include WT, MND, TN, and more.

SHAKSPEARE AT THE RUINS, The Four County Players, P.O. Box 1,
Barboursville, VA 22923. (540) 832-5355  25th Season.  Randall Herndon,
President. First three weekends in August. Rom. (Lydia Underwood
Horan).  Performed on grounds of the Barboursville Vineyards, using the
ruins of a Thomas Jefferson-designed home as part of the set.

SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL OF DALLAS,  Sammons Center for the Arts, 3630 Harry
Hines Blvd., Dallas, TX 75219.  (214) 559-2778.  26th Season. Cliff
Redd, Executive Producer. June 17-July 27.  In repertory: Mac. (Raphael
Parry); TN (Sheriden Thomas). Performances in Samuell-Grand Park. Free.

SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARK, 3113 South University, Fort Worth, TX 76109.
(817) 923-6698. 20th Season. Robert A. Fass, Executive Director. June
11-July 6. Shr. (Kenn Stilton) Trinity Park Playhouse.

Saskatchewan, Canada S7K 3R8. 1-306-6523-2300. Henry Woolf, Artistic
Director.  13th Season. July 2-Aug. 17. In repetory: Tmp., JC, and
Shakespeare's Follies Revue! Revue!

Washington, D.C. 20003. (202) 393-2700. 7th Season. Michael Kahn,
Artistic Director. June 8-22. H5 (Michael Kahn). Featuring Harry Hamlin.
At the Carter Barron Amphitheatre in Rock Creek Park

STERLING RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL, 15431 Farden Road, Sterling, NY 13156.
1-800-879-4446. 21th  Season. June 28-Aug. 10. Gary Izzo, Artistic
Director. Shr., MWW, MND, Comedia dell'arte show.

STRATFORD FESTIVAL THEATRE, Box 520, Stratford, Ontario, Canada N5A 6V2.
(519) 273-1600 or 1-800-567-1600. 45th Season. May 13-Nov. 9.  Richard
Monette, Artistic Director.  Rom. (Diane Leblanc) May 13-Nov. 8; R3
(John Wood) June 12-Sept. 20.

TEXAS SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, Kilgore College, 1100 Broadway, Kilgore, TX
75662.  (903) 983-8117.  Raymond Caldwell, Artistic Director.  May
18-July 29.  In rotating repertory. TN (Kathy Barber); H5 (Eve Adamson);
and more.  http://www.under.org/tsf.

THE THEATER AT MONMOUTH: The Shakespeare Theater Of Maine,  P.O. Box
385, Monmouth, ME 04259-0385. (207) 933-9999. 28th Season. Michael
O'Brien, Artistic Director. July 2-Aug. 30. MND (Michael O'Brien) opens
July 10; Ham.  (Chris Weinstein) opens July 20. Plays are performed in
rotating repertory at Cumston Hall - a national historic landmark
building erected in 1900.

THEATREWORKS SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, 1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway, Colorado
Springs, CO 80933.  (719) 593-3240. Murray Ross, Artistic Director. 15th
Season.  July 18-Aug. 10.  MND.  Live music, art, food.

UTAH SHAKESPEAREAN FESTIVAL, 351 W. Center St., Cedar City, UT 84720.
(801) 586-7878.  36th Season. Fred C. Adams, Founder and Executive
Director; Douglas N. Cook and Cameron Harvey, Producing Artistic
Directors; R. Scott Phillips, Managing Director.  June 23-Aug. 30.  In
repertory: Per. (Michael Addison); H5 (Paul Barnes); Ham. (Howard
Jensen); TN (Bruce K. Sevy).

VIRGINIA SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, College of William & Mary, P.O. Box 8795,
Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795. (757) 221-2660. 19th Season.  Jerry H.
Bledsoe, Executive Director.  July 11-Aug. 3. In repertory: Shr. opens
July 11; Cor. opens July 18.

(360) 943-9492.  12th Season.  Aug. 7-Aug. 30.  In repertory Tmp., Err.,
Oth., and The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr (Adbrided).

Platteville, WI 53818-3099. (608) 342-1298. 21th Season. Thomas P.
Collins, Artistic Director. July 9-Aug. 9. In repertory: TNGV opens July
9; WT opens July 10; Tro. opens July 11. "Talk-backs" (Tuesday evenings)
and Backstage tours (Saturday mornings).

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