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Date:           Tuesday, 13 May 1997 09:01:39 -0400
Subject:        Call for Papers (apologies for crossposting)

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Call for Papers 1998

Thirty-third International Congress on Medieval Studies
Kalamazoo, Michigan
7-10 May 1998

PROPOSED sessions for the Congress in 1998 are subject to approval by
The Medieval Institute, Western Michigan University.  Shakespeare at
Kalamazoo has organized programs at the International Congress since

TWO SESSIONS will be proposed for the Thirty-third Congress, both
devoted to papers specifically relating Shakespeare to the broader
canvas of cultural history.

      Session 1. Shakespeare in the Tradition of the Performing Arts

      Session 2. Shakespeare and Cultural Continuity

Papers for Session 1 should demonstrate evidence in Shakespeare's plays
of medieval ideas of theatre and of medieval performance practices and
dramaturgical conventions. Papers for Session 2 should focus on the
representation in Shakespeare's plays of late medieval and early modern
cultural trends.

Papers are invited from scholars in the fields of art history, music,
folklore, history, philosophy, theatre history, history of science, as
well as literature, both English and continental.

The Congress on Medieval Studies provides a unique milieu for an
exchange of insights on Shakespeare's place in the continuum of culture.
The following rules corresponding to those established by the Board of
the Medieval Institute should be strictly adhered to if you intend to
submit an abstract:

1.  All abstracts must include the following information at the top of
the front page:  title of paper; name of author;  complete mailing
address, including e- mail and fax if available; institutional
affiliation, if any, of the author; confirmation of the 20-minute
reading time length; statement of need (or no need) for audio-visual
2.  Abstracts or papers must be typed, double-spaced, not more than 300
words long, and must clearly indicate the paper's thesis, methodology,
and conclusions. Accepted abstracts will be submitted for publication to
the Shakespeare Newsletter or other periodical.  Publication of
abstracts does not preclude publication of complete papers.
SUBMITTED BY SEPTEMBER 1.  Abstracts or papers submitted after the
deadline cannot be considered.  Three members of the governing board of
Shakespeare at Kalamazoo will select the papers.  Electronic submission
is encouraged to facilitate transmission among the selection panel.
4.  Submission of an abstract or paper will be considered agreement by
the author to attend the Congress if the paper is accepted.
5.  It is understood that papers submitted will be essentially new and
will not have been presented in public before.
6.  Graduate students wishing to submit material should consult their
advisors about the suitability of their work and the regulations (if
any) of their university.
7.  Papers submitted may not require more than 20 MINUTES OF READING
TIME, including slides, films, or other a/v support.  Session leaders
will hold papers strictly to this limit to facilitate discussion.
8.  In order to allow as many scholars to participate in the program as
possible, ONE ABSTRACT ONLY should be submitted to the Thirty-third

Please direct inquiries, abstracts, and papers to Ruth Sternglantz
    NYU--General Studies Program
    326 Shimkin Hall
    New York, NY 10012
    Fax: 212 995-4137
    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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