The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 8.0839.  Tuesday, 12 August 1997.

From:           Mike Jensen <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Monday, 11 Aug 1997 17:50:06 +0100
Subject:        Barrymore

I just realized I don't know how the spell the last name of the actor
John Barrymore, nor do I have a reference with me.  To follow-up recent
discussions about vintage audio Shakespeare, and especially to those of
you in the neighborhood of Santa Cruz, CA, Logos Bookstore has vol. 2 of
the 33 1/3 version of Barrymore's readings for the giveaway price of
$3.00.  I saw it in their Shakespeare record section on 8/9.  One copy.

I was in town for Shakespeare/Santa Cruz's AYLI and R3.  You may skip
AYLI, unless you are driven to see yet another lack luster production.
We left at the interval.  I wanted to leave a half hour sooner.

R3 was a different matter.  Though heavily cut, it was a very clear,
clean accounting of the story, with a GREAT performance by Paul Whitwoth
at the usurper.  It was derivative is many ways, Whitworth was on
crutches a la Tony Sher, and Bob Crowley's hanging light bulbs from the
RNT were in abundance.  Instead of Olivier's crown hanging like a
chandelier overhead, they had the throne of England.  Derivative,
perhaps, but very effective.  Most of the important roles had strong
performances, but, as always at Shakespeare/Santa Cruz, there was great
unevenness in the company.  Not the best R3 I have seen, but well worth
a look, and catch Whitworth's performance if you possibly can.

Mike Jensen

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