The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 8.0761.  Wednesday, 16 July 1997.

From:           Jerry Bangham <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Tuesday, 15 Jul 1997 10:10:23 -0400
Subject:        MSND on the West Bank, Shylock as Dracula?

I'm just back from Mexico. I attended the meeting of the International
Federation for Theatre Research in Puebla and then spent some time in
Mexico City on my own.

Dr. Valerie Lucas gave an interesting paper at the IFTR meeting on her
experiences in touring a production of _Midsummer Night's Dream_ on the
West Bank. Among the problems encountered were the expected one of an
audience who had trouble accepting the premise of a show dealing with a
woman's refusal to accept an arranged marriage. Another problem, not
expected, was the audience's dislike of the character of Puck, because
of his disrespect of authority. I will check to see if Dr. Lucas would
be willing to post a copy of the paper in the archives.

A Mexico City troupe presented an interesting production of _Hamlet_
which built up the character of Osric as a minion of Claudius.

Once I got to Mexico City, I noticed that there was a production of _El
Mercader de Venecia_ in the suburb of San Angel. I didn't get to see the
show, but I did happen to stop by the theatre in the San Angel Cultural
Center during the day and saw a poster with photographs.

A couple of the photos show a man with very prominent fangs. I suppose
that this could just be an actor with severe dental problems, but it
strikes me as more likely that the actor was in makeup. Could it be that
Shylock was presented as a Dracula figure?

Is there anyone on list who has seen, or could see this production. I'd
really like to know more about it.

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