The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 9.0093  Sunday, 1 February 1998.

From:           Hardy M. Cook <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Sunday, February 1, 1998
Subject:        Plea for Assistance: Revisions of DIRECTORY INSTITUT

Dear SHAKSPEReans,

John Jowett <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>, University of Birmingham,
pointed out to me that the SHAKSPER Directory of Shakespearean
Organizations, Institutes, Projects & Journals (DIRECTORY INSTITUT) is
hopelessly out-of-date and provided me a update for the Shakespeare
Institute and an entry for the Malone Society.

I am asking all SHAKSPEReans associated with organizations, institutes,
libraries, projects, journals, and so on, to review the DIRECTORY
INSTITUT file below and send me updates or new entries for it.

I appreciate John Jowett for sending me the entries for the Shakespeare
Institute and the Malone Society and for raising the issue of making the

All assistance is welcome and will be credited.


                   SHAKSPER Directory of Shakespearean
             Organizations, Institutes, Projects & Journals

                       February 1, 1998, Revision

This file aims at comprehensiveness rather than consistency.  Entities are listed in alphabetical order, but the following index subdivides them by category.  Regularly updated versions of this file are available as "DIRECTORY INSTITUT" on the SHAKSPER Fileserver at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Please address any corrections, additions, or suggestions to Hardy Cook, the editor, at <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>.

Shakespearean Organizations:

     Deutsche Shakespeare-Gesellschaft West
     International Shakespeare Association (ISA)
     Pennsylvania Renaissance Seminar
     Shakespeare Association of America (SAA)
     Shakespeare Society of the Low Countries / Shakespeare-
        Genootschap van Nederland en Vlaanderen (SNGV)
     Shakespeare Centre (Stratford-Upon-Avon)
     Shakespeare Institute, Birmingham (Stratford-Upon-Avon)
     West Virginia Shakespeare and Renaissance Association

Shakespearean Institutes & Libraries:

     Folger Institute, Folger Shakespeare Library
     Huntington Library
     Newberry Library
     Pierpont Morgan Library

Shakespearean Projects:

     Oxford University Press Electronic Oxford Shakespeare
     Munster Shakespeare Wordform Database
     Shakespeare on Disk
     Toronto Renaissance Textbase
     Waterloo Centre for the New OED and Text Research
     CMC ReSearch Complete Works of William Shakespeare

Shakespeare Reading Groups:

     The Cheltenham Shakespeare Scoiety
     The Washington Shakespeare Reading Group

Shakespearean Journals:

     *Shakespeare Bulletin*
     *The Shakespeare Newsletter*
     *Shakespeare Quarterly*
     *Shakespeare Studies*
     *Shakespeare Survey*
     *The Upstart Crow*

CMC ReSearch Inc. Complete Works of William Shakespeare

     Address:      CMC ReSearch, Inc.
                   7150 SW Hampton, Suite C-120
                   Portland, OR 97223

     Telephone:    (503) 639-3395

     Focus:        Shakespeare.

     Product:      CD-ROM of the Complete Works of William
                   Shakespeare in both the Queen's English and
                   Modern English.

Deutsche Shakespeare-Gesellschaft West eingetragener Verein

     Address:      Rathaus, D-4360 Bochum, West Germany
     Telephone:    (0234) 31-1842
     Affiliation:  Library affiliated with the Shakespeare
                   Bibliothek, Universitat Munchen, Schellingstr. 3,
                   8000 Munchen 40, West Germany.

     President:    Prof. Werner Habicht
     Chair:        Prof. Dr. Borgmeier

     Founded:      1864 (Re-established 1963)
     Membership:   1721 individuals, 151 organizations
     Focus:        Shakespeare, Elizabethan Drama

     Hours:        Consult with the Shakespeare Bibliothek
     Activities:   Annual Conference (according to the *Directory
                   of European Professional & Learned Societies,
     Publications: *Shakespeare-Jahrbuch* (annual, price varies)

Folger Institute, Folger Shakespeare Library

     Address:      201 East Capitol Street S.E.
                   Washington, DC 20003, USA
     Telephone:    (202) 544-4600
     Affiliation:  23 Cooperating Universities

     Director:     Barbara A. Mowat
     Exec. Dir.:   Lena Cowen Orlin

     Founded:      1932
     Focus:        Shakespeare, Renaissance, 18th Century Studies

     Purposes:     A collaborative enterprise co-sponsored by 23
                   major universities, the Institute offers a complex
                   interdisciplinary program of seminars, workshops,
                   symposia, colloquia, and lectures. The library
                   holds the largest collection of English
                   Renaissance books outside the British Isles, as
                   well as extensive collections in the English 17th
                   and 18th centuries, in the Continental
                   Renaissance, and in English and American
                   theatre history from their beginnings to the 20th

     Hours:        08:45 - 16:45 Monday to Saturday
                   Access with Postdoctoral References
                   No annual closure
     Activities:   Conferences, Seminars, Colloquia
     Fellowships:  Yes, contact the institute.
     Publications: *Shakespeare Quarterly*, Conference
                   Proceedings, Folger Documents of Tudor and
                   Stuart Civilization, Folger Booklets on Tudor and
                   Stuart Civilization, *Shakespeare: The Globe and
                   the World* Travelling Exhibit & Published
                   Catalogue (Oxford University Press).

     Details:      Founded by Henry Clay Folger (1857-1930),
                   President of Standard Oil.  Endowment
                   administered by trustees of Amherst College.
                   Performances began in the 250-seat replica of a
                   "typical" Renaissance theatre in the 1960s.
                   Gift Shop offers specially-commissioned posters,
                   musical recordings, printed clothing, and books.

                   Directors: Joseph Quincy Adams (1934-1946),
                   Louis B. Wright (1947-1967), O.B. Hardison, Jr.
                   (1969-1983), Barbara Mowat (1983 - ).

Henry E. Huntington Library

     Address:      San Marino, California


     Founded:      1922 by Henry Edwards Huntington
     Membership:   2000+ friends of the library, 200 library fellows
     Focus:        Shakespeare, English and American History and


     Library:      5400 incunabula, papers of 455 British writers,
                   Wallace Stevens and Conrad Aiken.  Nearly
                   complete holdings of all books printed during
                   16th and 17th Centuries.
     Fellowships:  30 or more research grants per annum.
     Publications: *Huntington Library Quarterly*, *Guide to
                   American History Manuscripts in the Huntington
                   Library* (1979), *Guide to Literary Manuscripts in
                   the Huntington Library* (1979).

     Details:      Administered by a self-perpetuating board of five

International Shakespeare Association (ISA)

     Address:      c/o The Shakespeare Centre
                   Henley Street, Stratford-upon-Avon
                   Warwickshire CV37 6QW, England
     Telephone:    (0789) 20-4016
     Affiliation:  Independent

     Chair:        Dr. Ann Jennalie Cook
     Vice-Chair:   Dr. Levi Fox

     Founded:      1973
     Membership:   500 individuals
     Focus:        Shakespeare


     Library:      Books received are deposited with the
                   Shakespeare Centre (q.v.)
     Activities:   World Shakespeare Congress held every five
                   years; occasional lectures at different academic
                   meetings around the world.
     Publications: Occasional Papers; Proceedings of ISA World
                   Shakespeare Congresses held in 1976, 1981, and

Malone Society (Submitted by John Jowett 1/98)

        Contact:        Dr John Jowett,
                  The Shakespeare Institute,
                  Church Street,
                  Warwickshire CV37 6HP,
     Telephone:         01789 293138
     E-mail       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

     OR:          Professor Thomas Berger,
                  St Lawrence University,
                  Canton, NY 13617
     Telephone:         (315) 379 5134 or 5125
     E-mail       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

     Product:     The Society exists to make available the
                manuscript and printed materials essential for the study of
                        English Renaissance drama.  It publishes editions of
sixteenth and seventeenth-century plays from manuscript,
photographic facsimile editions of printed plays, and
editions of original documents relating to the theatre and
drama.  Its publications are renowned for their meticulous
scholarship and high standard of accuracy.  Members of the
Society pay an annual subscription (stlg15 in the UK in
1998)  and in return receive the annual volume.  Publications
1999)  of the Society currently in print are available to
2000)  members at prices substantially below those at which
                        they are offered to the general public.

Activities:       The Society arranges occasional conferences
relating to its publications and its editorial objectives.

Munster Shakespeare Wordform Database

     Address:      Professor Dr. H.J. Neuhaus, Direktor
                   Englisches Seminar
                   Westfalische Wilhelms-Universitat
                   Johannisstrabe 12-20
                   D-4400 Munster Germany
     Bitnet:       <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
     Affiliation:  Westfalische Wilhelms-Universitat

     Director:     Professor Dr. H.J. Neuhaus

     Focus:        Elizabethan England and English (Early Modern,
                   Shakespearean, Elizabethan).

     Product:      Database. A collection of wordforms --
                   grammatical units rather than lexical units
                   (lemmas) -- permits distinctions among the uses of
                   individual word types (e.g. Database distinguishes
                   between such uses of "love" as common noun,
                   verb, root of a contraction, and component of a
                   hyphenated term.) Options: string search;
                   concordance; dictionary; indexing; parsing;
                   collating; "grammatical windowing".  Spevack's
                   *Concordance to Shakespeare* [1968-1980] and
                   Leisi and Wolff's *Chronological English
                   Dictionary* [1970] were used in the
                   computer-assisted lemmatization procedure to
                   produce the dictionary entries.  Project uses a
                   Pr1me 250-II computer and CODASYL-DBMS
                   software. Components of the database are being
                   ported from the mainframe to CD-ROM.

Newberry Library

     Address:      60 West Walton Street
                   Chicago, Illinois
     Affiliation:  Independent, Privately Endowed.

     Chair:        Chalkley J. Hambleton (1979-   )

     Founded:      1892 by Walter Loomis Newberry
     Focus:        History, Humanities; Western Civilization from
                   late Middle Ages to the end of the Napoleonic
                   Era in Europe, from the era of discovery to the
                   era of revolution in Latin America, and to
                   modern times in North America.


     Activities:   Renaissance Studies Center (since 1980).
     Library:      1.4 million volumes, 4,110 running feet of
                   manuscripts, Pullman Railroad Archives, 13,000
                   pre-1900 maps.  Collections in history of
                   printing, cartography, music; the Italian
                   Renaissance, colonial Brazil, Latin Americana.
     Fellowships:  Yes.
     Publications: *Newberry Library Bulletin* (1944-   ), *Newberry
                   Newsletter* (1973-    ).

     Details:      1889 purchase of Henry Probasco collection,
                   2500 volumes including incunabula and
                   Shakespeare Folios.

Oxford University Press Electronic Oxford Shakespeare

     Distributor:  Oxford Electronic Publishing
                   Oxford University Press
                   200 Madison Avenue
                   New York, NY 10016
                   Tel. (212) 679-7300  ext. 7370

     OCP Info:     Oxford Concordance Program
                   Oxford University Computing Service
                   13 Banbury Road
                   Oxford OX2 6NN, United Kingdom
                   tel. (0865) 273200

     Internet:     <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
                    (questions about OCP mainframe only)

     Product:      *William Shakespeare: The Complete Works,
                   Electronic Edition* for the IBM PC, ed. Stanley
                   Wells and Gary Taylor, Oxford University Press,

     Description:  Textbank to facilitate the analysis of the
                   complete works of William Shakespeare.
                   Micro-OCP (text analysis package) produces word
                   lists, indexes, and concordances.  Held in a
                   series of plain ASCII files on low density
                   5.25-inch or 3.5-inch disks formatted for use on
                   the IBM PC; simple yet comprehensive coding
                   scheme -- reserved characters that act as
                   markers to signal start and end of references,
                   characters to denote accents; fixed format and
                   COCOA format are the two reference schemes;
                   designed for use with the Oxford Concordance
                   Program.  IBM PC, XT, AT, or PS/2 micro-
                   computers, or full compatibles. 512K RAM, hard
                   disk (7 mgb min.), DOS of 3.0 or higher, and
                   IBM-PC compatible printer (optional). Program
                   (Micro-OCP) is distributed on two 5.25" or two
                   3.5" disks (including tutorial).

                   Costs: Micro-OCP $350 (Educational Site License
                   $1750).  Complete Works $150 (Site License $450).
                   (Shipping additional).

Pennsylvania Renaissance Seminar

     Address:      c/o Dr. Georgianna Ziegler
                   Special Collections, Van Pelt Library
                   University of Pennsylvania
                   3420 Walnut Street
                   Philadelphia, PA 19104-6206, USA
     Telephone:    (215) 898-7552
     Affiliation:  University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

     President:    Dr. Georgianna Ziegler
     Secretary:    Prof. Ivy Corfis

     Focus:        Interdisciplinary studies primarily in history, art
                   history, classics, English, French, Italian.


     Hours:        09:00 - 16:45 Monday to Friday,
                   10:00 - 16:45 the first Saturday of each month
                                 during term
                   (call 215-898-7088 for further information) Annual
                   Closure: National holidays.

     Activities:   Sponsors speakers, primarily drawn from its own
                   members, or visiting scholars (ca. 6 times p.a.).
                   Lectures are usually in the late afternoon,
                   followed by discussion and dinner.

     Library:      Access to the Rare Book and Furness
                   Shakespeare Libraries at the University of
                   Pennsylvania.  Specialization: Shakespeare,
                   Renaissance English Drama, Aristotle, texts and
                   commentaries; Elzevier imprints; Tasso; Ariosto;
                   STC books; neo-Latin literature; 17th cent. Latin
                   Americana; herbals; Golden Age Spanish drama.

Pierpont Morgan Library

     Address:      36th Street
                   New York, NY   USA
     Affiliation:  Public Reference Library, NY City (1924-   )

     Director:     Charles Ryskamp (1969-    )

     Founded:      1902 by J. Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913)
     Membership:   600 Fellows
     Focus:        Shakespeare Folios, Rare books of all kinds,
                   manuscripts, William Morris' library,

     Library:      Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts; 2000
                   incunabula; tens of thousands of autographs,
                   manuscripts, letters and documents (especially Sir
                   Philip Sidney, Milton); Americana; early children's

     Activities:   Graduate study courses, lectures, exhibitions

Renaissance Textbase [Proposed]

     Address:      Center for Computing in the Humanities
                   University of Toronto
                   Robarts Library, Room 14297
                   130 St. George Street
                   Toronto, Ontario Canada M5S 1A5
     Telephone:    (416) 978-8656
     Bitnet:       <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
     Affiliation:  University of Toronto

     Coordinator:  Ian Lancashire

     Focus:        English Literature 1450-1700, major poets
                   (Sidney, Spenser, Shakespeare, Donne, and Milton)

     Purposes:     Goals: new tools in scholarly editing developed
                   with electronic texts, improved definition of the
                   global literary vocabulary of the age of
                   Shakespeare, and new mapping of allusions and
                   references to printed and manuscript works;
                   Components: unmodernized texts of all major
                   works, commentaries, contemporary glosses of
                   entire vocabulary from period lexicons and
                   complete instances in textbase.  TEI markup
                   standards, planned distribution on CD-ROM.

Shakespeare Association of America (SAA)

     Address:      c/o Prof. Nancy Elizabeth Hodge
                   Department of English
                   Southern Methodist University
                   Dallas, Texas  75275  USA
     Bitnet:       Prof. Phillis Rackin
     Affiliation:  Independent
     Exec. Dir.:   Prof. Nancy Elizabeth Hodge

     Founded:      1973
     Membership:   850 Individuals
     Focus:        Drama of Shakespeare and his contemporaries in
                   England; Shakespeare's verse.


     Activities:   SAA Annual Meeting (See VANCOUVR
                   CONFERNC on the SHAKSPER Fileserver for
                   information about the 1991 SAA Conference).
     Publications: *Bulletin of the Shakespeare Association of
                   America* (1978 - )  (Twice p.a.)

Shakespeare Society of the Low Countries / Shakespeare-
Genootschap van Nederland en Vlaanderen (SNGV)

Address:          c/o Dr. A. J. Hoenselaars
                  Department of English,
                  Utrecht University,
                  Trans 10,
                  3512 JK Utrecht, The Netherlands
Telephone:              030-537845
Bitnet:           Ton This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Affiliation:      International Shakespeare Association (ISA)
Founded:          1992
Membership:       50 individuals and institutions
Focus:            Plays and poems of Shakespeare (English, theatre,
                  translation, adaptation)
Purposes:         Coordinating interest in Shakespeare in The
                  Netherlands and in Dutch-speaking Belgium
                  (Flanders). Interface between the Low Countries
                  and Shakespeare societies or libraries abroad.
Activities:       Annual General Meeting. Conferences. Pre-
                  and post-performance discussions. Lectures.
                  Guest lectures.
Publications:     *Folio* (Bulletin of the Shakespeare Society of
                  the Low Countries), twice per annum since 1994.
                  *Reclamations of Shakespeare* (Editions Rodopi:
                  Amsterdam and Atlanta, Ga., 1994).

Shakespeare Centre

     Address:      Henley Street
                   Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire
                   CV37 6QW, England
     Telephone:    (0789) 20-4016
     Affiliation:  Independent

     Director:     Dr Levi Fox, O.B.E.
     Sr.Librarian: Mrs Marian J. Pringle
     Sr.Archivist: Dr. Robert Bearman

     Founded:      Shakespeare Birthplace Trust founded 1847
     Membership:   Use of the Shakespeare Centre Library facilities
                   is free to any `bona fide' student or scholar.
     Focus:        Shakespeare, the Elizabethan world, theatre,
                   local studies.

     Purposes:     The Centre provides accommodation and
                   facilities for the Trust's educational activities,
                   together with a visitors' centre for Shakespeare's
                   Birthplace.  The tasks of the Trust are to
                   preserve and maintain the Shakespearean
                   properties and to be responsible for assisting the
                   general advancement of Shakespearean

     Hours:        10:00 - 17:00 weekdays, 09:30 - 13:20 Saturdays,
                   Annual Closure: Bank holidays and Saturdays
                   preceding Bank holidays.

     Activities:   Colloquia, seminars, exhibitions, conferences.
                   Shakespeare Centre is the administrative office
                   for the International Shakespeare Association
     Courses:      A variety of courses for senior school students,
                   interested individuals, degree students, etc.,
                   arranged on request or as part of the regular
                   programme of the Centre's work.
     Library:      ca. 40,000 vols (10,000 mss; 500 rare books; 100
                   modern imprints; 500 microforms; 20,000
                   photographs; 50 journals); a Records Office, with
                   its own reading room, is attached to the library
                   Specialization: Shakespeare, theatre,
                   Warwickshire history and topography. Includes
                   the Royal Shakespeare Theatre Library
     Fellowships:  The Jubilee Educational Fund can assist scholars
                   with small financial assistance; details available
                   on written request to the Director.
     Publications: Guidebooks to Shakespeare properties; Levi Fox,
                   *In Honour of Shakespeare* (Norwich, 1983).

Shakespeare Institute (Updated by John Jowett 1/98)

        Address:                Church Street,
                        Warwickshire CV37 6HP,

        Telephone:      01789 293138
        Fax:            01789 414992
         enquiries:     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

        Affiliation:    University of Birmingham

        Director:               Professor Peter Holland
        Deputy Diector:         Dr. Russell Jackson
        Librarian:        James Shaw

        Founded:        1951
        Membership:     Institute staff and registered students.
        Focus:          The study of Shakespeare and his contemporaries,
                                with special emphasis on the plays in performance,
                                textual study, and critical history.

        Purposes:               To further postgraduate research in Shakespeare and
                                his contemporaries.

        Hours:          09:00 - 17:00 weekdays; access by application to
                        the Director.  Annual Closure: Bank holidays and
                        university closures.

        Activities:     The Shakespeare Institute is a centre for research and
                                postgraduate teaching in Shakespeare attached to the
                                Department of English, University of Birmingham.
                                Research students work towards PhD and other degrees
                                assessed by thesis.  The Institute also offers full-
                                time one-year courses for the degree of MA and for the
                                Postgraduate Diploma in Shakespeare Studies. The
                                Biennial International Shakespeare Conference
                                (attendance by invitation) is held at the Institute,
                                as is the annual Royal Shakespeare Company Summer

        Library:        120,000 vols (2500 rare books; 54,000 modern
                        imprints 60,000 vol. equivalents in microfilm and
                        microform; 70 journals).  Specialization: All
                        aspects of Shakespeare studies and English dramatic
                        literature, 1475-1700.  Special collections include
                        Renaissance Theatre Company promptbooks.

         Fellowships:   Non-stipendiary Visiting Fellowships are
                                available for distinguished scholars and critics.  The
                                Institute also welcomes applications for the status of
                                Visiting Scholar.

        Publications:   "Report of the International Shakespeare
                        Conference" (proceedings); *Shakespeare Survey*
                        (annual), edited by the former Director, Professor
                        Stanley Wells.

Shakespeare On Disk (Clinton Corners, NY)

     Update newsletter:   Shakespeare on Disk
                          Hollow Road, P.O. Box 299
                          Clinton Corners, NY 12514

     Ordering:            Shakespeare on Disk
                          Dept 29B, Hollow Road
                          Clinton Corners, NY 12514
                          tel. (914) 266-5705

     Focus:        Elizabethan and Jacobean England; Shakespeare;
                   Milton; Drama.

     Products:     Textbank for literary analysis; Unformatted,
                   untagged ASCII text.  ASCII text on 5.25" or 3.5"
                   diskettes for IBM PC.  Texts from "specially
                   revised version" of The Shakespeare Head Press
                   Edition; plays include tragedies (A&C, H, JC, KL,
                   M, O, R&J), comedies (AYLI, CE, MV, MND,
                   MAAN, TS, T, TN), and histories (R2, 1H4, 2H4,
                   H5, R3).

                   Shakespeare Complete Plays $350. Twenty
                   Favorite Plays (A&C, H, JC, KL, M, O, R&J,
                   AYLI, CE, MV, MND, MAAN, TS, T, TN, 1H4,
                   2H4, H5, R2, R3) $175.  Seven Great Tragedies
                   (A&C, H, JC, KL, M, O, R&J) $75.  Study
                   questions (new feature) available (A&C, H, 1H4,
                   KL, M, O, T) $ 49/play.

                   Complete poetic works of John Milton from the
                   1645, 1671, and 1674 editions, including Paradise
                   Lost, Paradise Regained, Samson Agonistes,
                   Lycidas, Mask of Comus, and the short poems
                   and sonnets. $97 (for PCs, Compatib., Mac)

Waterloo Centre for the New Oxford English Dictionary
     and Text Research

     Address:      Centre for the New Oxford English Dictionary
                          and Text Research
                   University of Waterloo
                   Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
     Bitnet:       <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
     Affiliation:  University of Waterloo, Ontario

     Contact:      Linda M. Jones,
                          Administrative Applications Manager

     Product:      The Transduction Toolkit comes with LECTOR
                   (system for displaying SGML marked-up text) PAT
                   (searching software), and TRUC (structured text
                   editor).  The software is capable of finding
                   strings, portions of strings, and wildcards.  Some
                   of the texts, due to permission rights, are
                   available for use only at the Centre.  Project
                   includes Oxford University Press Complete works
                   of William Shakespeare, Oxford English
                   Dictionary, second edition, and Oxford Advanced
                   Learners' Dictionary.

     Activities:   The Centre has become a focal point for
                   interdisciplinary research and information
                   exchange.  The Centre coordinates a variety of
                   publications, hosts a conference, provides
                   facilities and expertise to visiting scholars, and
                   offers intrafrastructural support for a range of
                   related research.

West Virginia Shakespeare and Renaissance Association

     Address:      c/o Sophia B. Blaydes
                   Department of English
                   West Virginia University
                   Morgantown, WV 26506, USA
     Telephone:    (304) 293-3107
     Affiliation:  Independent

     Treasurer:    Prof. Sophia Blaydes
                   (Other officers rotate)

     Focus:        Any aspect of Shakespeare and Renaissance


     Activities:   Annual conference and occasional colloquia
     Publications: *Selected Papers from the West Virginia
                   Shakespeare and Renaissance Association*.

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