The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 9.0124  Wednesday, 11 February 1998.

From:           Don Foster <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Monday, 09 Feb 1998 09:09:32 -0500
Subject:        Foster on Shaxicon (Part Two of Six)

FOSTER ON SHAXICON, PART 2, Sample Shaxicon entries.

Note: this message is intended for SHAKSPEReans, and for the SHAKSPER
List archive; not for unauthorized circulation. Don Foster

Supplied below are a few representative lexical entries from Shaxicon.
There are thousands of additional examples from which to choose.  I have
copied these few entries from my correspondence with Kent Hieatt in
January 1997 (which is, so far as I am aware, the only fraction of the
completed lexical files that he has ever set eyes on).

The confusing welter of symbols shown below will be translated into
full-text titles and authors in the published version.  Thus "FE" will
be displayed onscreen as _A Funeral Elegy_; "TragNero.Ano" will be
displayed as Anon., _The Tragedy of Nero_; "LentenSt.TNa" will show up
as Thomas Nashe, _Lenten Stuff_; and so on.

About the symbols:

"Vx[  ]" figures (from 0-12) give the number of occurrences in the
Shakespeare poems.

Dx[  ] figures (from 0-12) the number of occurrences in the Shakespeare

The symbol "<2x>" indicates two occurrences within 50 words of text,
always counted as a single instance

"stc97x[  ]" figures (from 0 - "50+") give the number of occurrences in
Shaxicon's 2,100-text STC-1 cross-sample.  STC text-citations are not
provided for those rare Shakespeare words that appear more than 50 times
in the STC cross-sample.

Occurrences in Cawdrey and other dictionaries and glossaries are not
counted in the stc97 totals.


Vx1 Dx0> defamation (n.): FE 416. {stc97x19: TragNero.Ano, Swetnam.Ano,
DuchSuff.TDr, Phoenix.WLo, Picture.PMa, CoveGard.TNa, TrialTrs.WWa,
Henry7.CAl, Mastive.HPe, 1-2Songs.Mis, BritRem.GWi, AntoRev.JMa,
FairEm.Ano, Worming.CMu, Anything.TMi, Phoenix.TMi, LentenSt.TNa,
LettrsOx.EDe, JacWomen.Mis. dict> TabAlpha.RCa.}

Vx3 Dx1> to defame (v.): 2H6-fa 3.1.123 [DkYk2-fa]. FE 40. LUC 817, LUC
1033. (2H6-q [CardB2-q].) {stc97x50+.}

Vx0 Dx4> default (n.): ERR 1.2.52 [EDro]. AWW 2.3.229 [Laf]. 1H6 2.1.60
[Chas], 1H6 4.4.28 [Lcy]. {stc97x50+.}

Vx0 Dx5> defeat (n.): ADO 4.1.47 [Leon]. H5 1.2.107 [ACnt], H5-fa
1.2.213 [ACnt-fa]. HAM 2.2.571 [Hmlt], HAM 5.2.58 [Hmlt]. (SEJ 3.1
[Sili].) {stc97x50+.}

Vx2 Dx11> to defeat (v.): AWW 2.3.149 [KgFr]. TIM 4.3.163 [Tmon]. JC
1.3.92 [Cass]. OTH 1.3.340 [Iago]. OTH-fz 4.2.160 [Desd-fz]. ANT 5.1.65
[Csr]. MND 4.1.157 [Eges]. H5-fa 4.1.166 [KgHal-fa]. HAM 3.3.40 [KgC].
ANT 4.14.68 [Atny]. H8 2.1.14 [1Gent8]. SON-a 20.11, SON-c 61.11.

Vx0 Dx1> defeated (ad.): HAM 1.2.10 [KgC]. {stc97x01: Philastr.B&F.}

Vx1 Dx2> defeature (n.): ERR 2.1.98 [Adri], ERR 5.1.300 [Egeo]. VEN 736.
{stc97x11: FatalDow.NFi, FalseOne.JFl, ThierThe.JFl, Bondman.PMa,
BashLove.PMa, FigFortn.ACo, DuBartas.JSy, ChristBS.JFo, CompRosa.SDa,
Essays.JFl, FQ4.ESp.}

Vx0 Dx1> defect (n., malap., effect): MV 2.2.143 [Gobb]. {stc97x00.}

Vx0 Dx5> defective (ad.): AWW 2.3.154 [KgFr]. H5-fa 5.2.55 [Burg-fa].
COR 2.2.50 [1SenRCr]. HAM-qqf 2.2.103 [Polo-qqf]. OTH 2.1.230 [Iago].
{stc97x35: ED3-b 2.1/552 [KgE3-b], TomLinc.ANo, Sparagus.RBr,
RoarGirl.TDe, ElderBro.JFl, Coxcomb.B&F, ThierThe.JFl, Edward4.THe,
QnAragon.WHa, RoylKing.TKg, EvManOut.THe, Rhodon.RKn, DukeFlor.PMa (3),
UnnatCom.PMa, CoveGard.TNa (3), Microcos.TNa, TotCourt.TNa (2),
UnfrtMth.TNa, Rebellon.TRa, Messalin.NRi,  VowBreak.WSa, LovCruel.JSa,
CinthRev.JSt, Fawn.JMa,) ArtPoes.GPu (7), Discovry.JDa (2), DonQuix4.TSh
(4), Edward2.Eca (4), Essays.FBa, HarvLtrs.ESp, Letter.JLo, Pammelia.TRa
<2x>, PoemsJac.Sda (2), Salve.ALa, Worming.CMu.}

Vx1 Dx3> defendant (n.): MV 4.1.361 [Port]. H5-fa 2.4.8 [FrKg-fa].
2H6-fb 2.3.49 [DkYk2-fb]. SON-a 46.7. {stc97x50: Poems.WBa,
RevMinrv.TBl,NaturEmb.RBr, TimeCurt.RBr, HerrTale.RCa, WitsBedl.JDa,
Bucolics.AFl,Poems.RGo, GoldKing.EHa, Alcilia.JC, FlowrEps.TKe (2),
PilgFare.WLi, ScotWelc.WLi, NightSe.HMi, DivinePo.FQu, PansPipe.FSa,
Aeneidos.TPh, Philmyth.TSc (2), DuBartas.JSy (4), Microcyn.TMi,
Works.JTa, OrlandoI.RTo (2), DuBartas.Ano, EpiSngs.GTu (2), AlbionEn.WWa
(2), 2MilkMds.Ano, Cutlers.Ano, Timon.Ano, LoveCure.B&F, Antipode.RBr
(6), LancWitc.THe, Salmacid.WDa, ParlBees.JDa, LadysTri.JFo,
PerkWarb.JFo, Queen.JFo (2), FortLand.THe, NewInn.BJo, NewWayD.PMa,
Rebellon.TRa, BussyDAm.GCh, OldLaw.TMi, CureCuck.JWe, Lawcase.JWe (2),
Complnt.RCr (66), Discovry.JDa (4), DonQuix4.TSh (2), Edward2.ECa,
Navigate.HMa, NewInn.BJo (4/7). dict> TabAlpha.RCa.}

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