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From:           Lisa S. Starks <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Thursday, 12 Feb 1998 00:34:38 GMT
Subject:        Special Issue, Shakespeare and Film

The first of two special issues of _Post Script_ on Shakespeare and film
is soon to become available.  Several SHAKSPEReans have informed me of
their interest in purchasing a copy of this issue or of ordering it for
their classes, so I thought I would post the T of C and information on
this list.  If you are interested in purchasing a copy or in ordering
the issue for your courses sometime in the next year, please send me a
message ASAP.  In the next day or so we'll be printing copies of the
issue, and it would be helpful to get an idea of how many we're likely
to need. I've also included information on the second issue, which is
forthcoming later this year.

This first issue will run $10.00 a copy, 142 pages.

Shakespeare and Film--Adaptations
Guest Editor, Lisa S. Starks

Lisa S. Starks, Introduction.

Courtney Lehmann, Indiana University. "Kenneth Branagh at the Quilting
Point: Shakespeare Adaptation, Postmodern Auteurism, and the
(schizophrenic) fabric of 'everyday life.'"

Ann C. Christensen, University of Houston.  "Petruchio's House in
Postwar Suburbia: Reinventing the Domestic Woman (Again)."

Stephen Buhler, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  "Double Takes: Branagh
Gets to _Hamlet_."

Samuel Crowl, Ohio University. "Changing Colors Like the Chameleon: Ian
McKellen's _Richard III_ From Stage to Film."

Lisa S. Starks, Texas A&M University-Commerce. "The Veiled (Hot) Bed of
Race and Desire: Parker's _Othello_ and the Stereotype as Screen

Lisa S. Starks, "An Interview with Michael Maloney."

Margaret A. Varnell, "A Note on _Richard III_ (1912)."

Jose Ramon Diaz-Fernandez, University of Malaga (Spain).  _Shakespeare
on Screen: A Bibliography of Critical Studies_.


The second special issue of _Post Script_ on Shakespeare and Film
(forthcoming, price TBA) will include the following articles (not
necessarily to appear in this order):

Shakespeare and Film-Off-Shoots
Guest Editor, Lisa S. Starks

Lisa S. Starks, Introduction.

Paul Arthur and Naomi C. Liebler, Montclair State University.  "Kings of
the Road: _My Own Private Idaho_ and the Traversal of Welles,
Shakespeare, and Liminality."

Lia Hotchkiss, University of South Alabama. "Incorporating Word as Image
in _Prospero's Books_."

Michael M. Holmes, Georgetown University. "New Romantic Shakespeare:
AIDS, Poetry, and Community Survival in Derek Jarman's _The Angelic

Douglas Lanier, University of New Hampshire. "Now: The Presence of
History in _Looking for Richard_."

Laurie E. Osborne, Colby College. "Mixing Media in Shakespeare:
Animating Tales and Colliding Modes of Production."

J. Lawrence Guntner, Technische Universitat Braunschweig (Germany).
"Expressionist _Hamlet_: The Gade/Nielsen _Hamlet_ (1920) and the
History of Shakespeare on Film."

Byron Hawk, University of Texas at Arlington.  Review of Peter S.
Donaldson, _Shakespearean Films/Shakespearean Directors_. Boston: Unwin
Hyman, 1990.

S. Michael Bowen. Review of Shakespeare's _Macbeth_. Ed. by A.R.
Braunmuller. With commentary by David S. Rodes. The Voyager Shakespeare.
Irvington, NY: Voyager, 1994. CD-ROM for Windows and Macintosh.

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